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10 Reasons to Get CCNA Routing and Switching Certified

Cisco Routing and Switching certification enhance your employment credibility and employability within the organization as well as in the global market.



 The success of any business nowadays relies greatly on the connectivity of everyone in the business with each other, with business partners, with customers, and with the internet. The internet gets connected to the computers and the peripherals through switching and routing. Basically, the terms switching and routing, used interchangeably, have different significance. A switch is designed to connect computers within a network while the router connects multiple networks. The market has a great demand for skilled and certified professionals who can help small and large scale companies set up their connectivity within the company and also with the outside world for business and development.

200-125 CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a composite exam associated with CCNA routing and switching technical certification offered by Cisco. The exam tests an individual’s knowledge and skill to install, operate and troubleshoot small to medium level enterprise branch network. This paves the path for a successful career in networking which by itself is a reason to get certified by Cisco but here are more reasons for getting CCNA routing and switching training followed by Cisco routing and switching certification :

1. Certified by the world leader in the field: Cisco had pioneered switching and routing technology and continues to head the technology with the highest share and largest network of installed base in the world market. The world’s greater part of networking data exchange makes its path through Cisco-based technology and types of equipment. Having a certification from the same company gives an edge in the competitive market by getting a higher demand.

2. Foundation certification for all networking careers: According to a recent survey of International Data Corporation, Cisco certification is the most preferred criteria that companies look for while selecting candidates in the IT sector. No wonder, ever since its conception, the Cisco routing and switching online certification has remained as the most sought after course by engineers and networking personnel all over the world. The need for the understanding network, its protocols and how they function has always been there. With fast pace advancement in the field and advent of the internet of things, the requirement for professionals with knowledge and skill in the field has intensified with many registering for online Cisco routing and switching certification.

3. Career Options Increase: A’s per IDC recent survey found that 70% of organizations look for certifications while hiring or promoting. With Cisco certification, you definitely have a much brighter future in the industry. With this certification, you would acquire knowledge and skill that would be useful in routing and switching and you can use your expertise in related fields of networking, data storage, cloud computing, wireless, security, and even network programming.

4. Certification keeps you updated with the latest changes: the IT industry is a fast evolving sector. Cisco is continuously involved in keeping its certification course updated with the latest developments in the field. Constant supervision of all its certification courses and vigilance at all centers ensures that the latest developments in the field are incorporated and a specific high standard of its certification is maintained all over the globe. The network infrastructure is impacted by global shifting trend towards automation in all sectors. Most of the manually operated fields of networking have given way to software-driven automated architecture that depends on virtualization, cloud service management, analytics and the ability of architecture to be open and extensible. The demand for professionals in IT engineering and architecture is definitely on the rise and Cisco has introduced its Digital Networks certification course for advanced level professionalism in the field for those having the base level of skill and knowledge. Cisco routing and switching study guide are also available free in a PDF form on the net to facilitate self-preparation. One also has the option of registering for online Cisco routing and training at a cost of approximately USD200 but this may vary with the location.

5. Certification keeps the latest developments in the field: A qualified team keeps a survey of a vast number of continuous changes impacting the IT industry. These changes impact the requirement of skills and knowledge of professionals in the field. All certification courses are kept abreast with these requirements and switching and routing fields are no exception.

The latest changes include:

• Awareness of programmable network and how the separation of control plane and data plane separation impact and how networks are provisioned. Networking administrators will need new skills and advanced knowledge around controller-based architecture as networks get driven by business-driven policies.

• Connecting branch office and mobile workers with the enterprise remains a critical issue. Keeping this requirement in line, CCNA has refocused the certification course with the most commonly used VPN technology. The course now includes Dynamic Multipoint VPN, site to site VPN and client VPN technology.

• Internet of things has made it important to bring in IPv6 with increased attention on IPv6 routing protocols, configuration, and knowledge.

• The key changes and incorporation due to the impact of data storage expansion and cloud technology.

• Knowledge of QoS concepts and concepts of prioritizing the flow of essential data is vital to achieving business outcomes. Thus QoS has been incorporated in Cisco routing and switching certification covering marking, shaping and policing mechanisms needed to manage congestion within an enterprise.

6. Appreciated by an Employer: Most of the business managers look out for employees who can initiate and incorporate digital transformation in the organization. IDC survey shows that 82% of managers believe that professionals with certification help accelerate innovations in the field. Many such managers look out for Cisco certification qualifications or use it as a search engine for prospective employees.

7. Salary Hike: The increased recognition in the field of work brings about self-satisfaction and increased self-confidence. An employee is in a better footing to bargain for a promotion or a hike in salary. The salaries in the IT networking sector have continued to increase due to more demand for qualified experts in the field.

8. Certification offers a greater range of training options: Getting a CCNA certification is not easy and requires a high amount of involvement and diligence. For the benefit of the candidates, it offers a wide range of suitable training options to choose from depending on individuals preferences like instructor-led classroom training, virtual classroom, and hands-on lab training for iCND1 and ICND 2 components of Cisco routing and switching certification exam. It also has a wide range of e-learning classes and materials available for self-paced study and a number of preparatory online exams available.

9. Recertification: To remain up to date with the latest in the field, Cisco offers recertification for its professionals who would like to harness the latest developments in their field.

10. Improve the Productivity of the organization: Routing and switching is the building block of any business communication. With the latest skills and knowledge in the field, a certified professional can improve productivity and reduce business costs, improve security and customer support. This is achieved by giving better access to all employees, even those in remote areas, access to business applications and enhancing their productivity. By giving easier access to information to those concerned and by reviewing the business strategies to take on timely interventions and decisions, the overall productivity are enhanced. By providing ready access to customer information and enabling timely response, certified networking personnel enhances customer satisfaction.

The IT networking industry is rapidly evolving and increasing at an unimaginable pace. The requirement for skilled professionals in the field has seen an upward trend in the last decade. Cisco Routing and Switching certification enhance your employment credibility and employability within the organization as well as in the global market. Armed with a vendor-free certification one has the latest knowledge, practical skills and the understanding of the latest developments in the networking field. One can face any competition in the global job market not only with Cisco firms but with any organization having the latest networking in use.

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