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14 Secret Things You Didn't Know About best kilt

The rapidly increasing popularity of the kilts around the world is creating curiosity among the people about the best kilt.

The rapidly increasing popularity of the kilts around the world is creating curiosity among the people about the best kilt. They want to know important things regarding the best kilts like Macdonald tartan kilt. It is because they can easily differentiate the best and normal kilt or ok kind of kilt. Here we are going to offer you some secret things about the best kilt.

1- The kilt - no fabric scrape on this earth spreads so many flushed cheeks and bliss like this masculine, airy and far more stylish alternative to 7/8 shorts.

2- Kilts only carry men exclusively and schoolchildren in uniform, tasteless tourists and, in some tragic cases, even dogs.

3-  The kilt was/is an 8m long, thick cotton fabric that already existed with the first Scots. Initially, it was woven from raw sheep wool. It was wrapped around the hips and around the left shoulder and fastened with an English rib.

4- The kilt is already pre-wound and is closed with an invisible belt buckle, which is hidden under the thick fabric. I have never closed a kilt myself, but opening it is surprisingly fast.

5- A kilt weighs about 5kg, which is essential, because Scotland has wind and weather, and nobody wants to experience a Scottish Marilyn McEnroe. Not even me. Nobody needs such surprises.

6- In order to keep the wrapped fabric even more in place, a gym bag, made of leather and pretty ornaments, hangs in front of all masculinity. In it man can pack what man wants; a male lip balm, snuff, hip flask, everything is possible for the practical and male "Sporran". That's the name of the manliest bag of all time.

7- The knife, the 'Sgian dubh', is put into the right sock. Because every Scottish man needs a knife before he goes to the wedding reception of his cousin or graduation.

8- You may have noticed that the kilt is patterned and colored differently. That's the tartan.

9- Each clan has its own check pattern. This is, of course, a very charming way to recognize the family again and again. Today as important as before, especially at the cousin's wedding!

10- Back then, as the most masculine of all men went to battle in their wrapped blankets, she prevented the heavy material from fighting properly. It caught in English swords and swords. Everything was mixed up and jostling and fiddle with all the stuff and so you went so blank into the battles, which of course underlined the urge for freedom adequately.

11- That and only that is the answer to why Scots are not wearing underpants under their kilt. It is almost a nudity memory, mindful of the lost souls who defended their land to bone.

12- This essential nakedness has fluted over the centuries. In the meantime, the Brit is wearing bathing trunks himself in the sauna. I think we should blame Margaret Thatcher for that, but without becoming political.

13- The Gordon Tartan is the traditional garment and is, as in all beautiful countries of the world with its own costume, a landmark and is worn with pride.

14- Surely you can also buy a kilt for £ 29.99, which makes you fool around on the carnival-like a lousy clown, but then you end up in the Tradeshow Hell, where you plan your feet off the clan fathers. After all, a little better than the Bavarian forefathers to blow the snuff in the nose, because you have bought € 35.99 leather pants made of paper.

Last Words

Be true, stay real and leave the costumes to those who wear them with dignity and pride, because the costumes carry stories full of dignity and pride.

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “rockstar”? Leather jacket? Skin fit jeans? Long hair? Right? Who doesn’t gets excited by hearing the name of Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix?

Of course you do!

You can party like a rockstar. But do you know how to dress like one?

Ever felt like escaping this daily routine dressing and trying something different? In a way that you can turn everyone’s eyes on you? That your social media gets flooded with lots of compliments?

You all might have heard the phrase “the first impression is the last impression”.

So let's make this first one outstanding.

Here’s a list of things that you should include in your wardrobe if you want to dress like a rockstar.

A skinny jeans is a must

Jeans are the most important thing that can change the whole look.

Investing in jeans is never a waste, because they are durable and don’t need regular care.

The right pair of skinny jeans not only flatters giving you a silhouette, but also gives you a rockstar look.

A white, navy and a black jeans is a must. It looks fabulous and you can mix match it with any colour tops.

A leather jacket

Leather jacket never goes out of trend! They have been around for more than a century.

Wearing a leather jacket is one of the most fashionable and elegant way. Leather jackets are popular among both genders and all age groups.

It makes you look tough and classy. One of the main benefits of leather jacket is longevity. It lasts for many years so investing in it is worth it. It does not require much care as it is dust and moisture resistant.

It’s better to go for a branded jacket than a local one, though it is expensive, but it is a smart investment.

A perfect haircut

Long hair will forever be associated with funky look and rockstar. Today a rockstar hairstyle have taken a turn that old rockers may actually find a little bit disturbing.

Short hair too can give a rockstar look.

So just keep in mind that you go for a hairstyle that suits your personality, no matter short or long. It can be anywhere between subtle and extreme. Get a proper colour hair dye and use good hair care products, because it can change your whole look.

If you want something extra, you can go for some hair accessories that will make you stand out of the crowd.

Proper Accessories

So what else you need apart from a proper outfit? Accessories.

A proper wrist band, head band, finger ring and sunglasses strengthens a rockstar look.

You should go for a funky and branded sunglasses as it is the most important accessory.

Also choose a belt wisely. A shiny black coloured belt is a must to include in your wardrobe. It can go with any outfit.

Plus you should go for some bright coloured belts too that makes you look different.


Shoes are the first thing people notice in a person. So it should he proper and go with your outfit.

For a rockstar look a converse sneakers or black boots are popular.

A shoe may lead others to make an assumption about you. So make sure you wear proper shoes.

Last but not the least the most important thing is CONFIDENCE.

No matter what you wear, you should be confident enough.

To look like a rockstar you should dress and carry yourself as one.

So what are you waiting for?

Go for shopping! And let the rockstar in you should come out.

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