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Decadal Celebrations


The big Forty, the dreaded word, the scary age, the scary number....we all love our birthdays but dread our decadal milestones and say things like "ooh it's your thirtieth...oh you are forty....oh dear you turned fifty", as if these numbers mean that next morning after birthday, life will take 180 degree turn or if  not 180 then atleast 90 degree shift has to be there😊.

But the reality is next morning is same like every other morning except maybe a bit full of hangover, if we over partied the night away 😋 it's the same people, same workplace same everything. 

So why is there so much hype about tenth year of everything, birthday, anniversary anything....what is so special about a decade ?

The hype is because that decade is gone so we all give it a traditional send off aka farewell and it's another reason for a bigger gathering, more parties, gifts, fun filled days with family and friends. It's a wonderful opportunity for social connect without inhibitions Minus societal judgements and rules that we adhere by in our daily lives.

Some might argue that this is just a showoff and it wasn't there in our earlier generation, they will be somewhat correct in saying so. Primary reason being that our senior generation had a close knit social circle, neighbors knew each other, extended family lived within few miles and get togethers weren't restricted to weekend only, they sometimes happened on school nights as well 😋

But now the social equation has changed, families are smaller, family members live miles apart due to professional commitments, friends are actually the family we have now a days. Now a gathering on so called school night is almost unthinkable. Irrespective of date, we all wait for upcoming Friday night or weekend to celebrate. Neighbors don't really know each other because no one has the proverbial time to "stop and smell the roses". Time is money is the mantra now a days.

It doesn't mean that social connect is extinct but now we all cling more to digital connect. We are more in touch with each other virtually, through chats, messages, video calls and so many other apps that I myself am not aware of.

So the decadal milestones are the one where party gets bigger and better and it involves human connect aka catching up with each other minus digital screen in between. So I say go on and celebrate each birthday, anniversary in same manner, have loads of fun, enjoy the hangover next morning, for it's the wonderful remembrance of the fun evening gone by. Then after hangover subsides, crop the pics, title the videos, tag the people and upload them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp status, to share it with the world and enjoy the likes, virtual hearts, comments and compliments and a bit of virtual banter too. And let's not forget, cherry on the cake is always a little bit of green eyed jealousy of few people, which works as evil eye. 😝😋😉😊

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