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Attractive mountains

In this blog u will get to know the magic of mountains.

Mountains are the beautiful and powerful creation of nature on this planet they are strong enough to destroy you approach them humbly.

Hi everyone m Shailesh semwal from uttarkashi, uttrakhand,india. a normal child of a normal family from my childhood I feel  special for mountains. because I belong to mountaineer family my father shiv prakash is also a mountaineer.first trek of my life in 2009 I was 15 years old and I get a chance to see the mountains (high mountains) first time and believe me I don't know what happened I just felt a deep connection with mountains.then after I did so many Trek's in uttrakhand Himalayas and one day 13/Oct/2015 I was in a trek called tapovan base camp of mount.shivling I wake up  so early in morning like 4:30 am automatically and it was so cold out there I came outside and I started watching shivlinga peak contiuesly. and first time in my life I felt something which is undescribable in words I have tears in my eyes I was so confused. that day i found that nature exists or super power or god.today I m in a satisfied and peaceful state so the moral of story if u really want to conquer urself which is a different world full of joy so come near to nature or mountains.today m so happy in my life no matter what happens I,ll remain same peaceful m happy because I love my work. Passion is the only thing which makes u happy and world will know you just keep going what you love to do in your life one life make it count not for others but for yourself.

I m a mountaineer belong to Indian Himalayas Mountaineering is my passion. I love to be close to nature these blogs are for those who want to conquer mountains.


Spirituality Happiness

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Isn’t it time that we move beyond religion and rules and belief into honest spirituality which is based on personal experience? Religion offers community which feels comforting and guidelines for behavior which build character. But true spirituality requires an adult’s presence to her own experience. Thinking about what an authority tells us is, at best, a jumping off point for us to assume our own authority.

Developing your personal spirituality means that you choose to participate with Life as an adult. You own your responsibility not only for your behavior but for your thoughts and for conflicts lying just below your awareness. You know that at your core you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You accept that this lifetime is a gift for you to learn some truths and, wisely, you surrender. You know that change is constant and you release your hold on everything, appreciating in this moment what you have been given but not demanding that it continue.

The emphasis is on attending. What am I supposed to learn from this frustration? What is my lesson in losing what I had loved? How am I gifted by the obstacles that block my hoped-for path? We pay attention to the details of our lives in a non-proprietary way.

Through our surrender we see pattern in our experience. We learn to listen to Life and to trust its tugs. We notice that we are asked to submit and to receive. We practice presence. We experience everything, inside and outside, and we release it. We practice gratitude, especially for what we don’t like. ‘Thank you for the opportunity to learn patience while I sit at this red light.’ ‘Thank you for showing me the part of myself I hate in another whom I find irritating.’

A Spirituality of Your Own

And we notice that the details of the day lead us deeper within ourselves. When we pay attention to what happens to us, we are led to what happens within us. We learn more by observing than by attempting to direct.

When we appreciate the unity of the outside world and the inside world, then we truly experience our own spirituality. Spirituality is oneness. It isn’t light and joy and beauty and otherworldly music. It’s the baby crying and the cat messing on the new carpet and the car that stops on the freeway and the job that doesn’t materialize. And it’s saying, “Yes, thank you. Now show me the next step.”

When we embrace our spirituality we say “Yes” to everything that happens because we know that we are one with everything. Our lifetime is not an opportunity to run our will. We are not on earth to see what we can make of ourselves. When we accept Life as an adventure and know that we are the students, then we open to learn. Openness, attention, and surrender are the hallmarks of a mature spirituality.

About Author -

Ruth Cherry, PhD

Ruth is the author of Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, Accepting Unconditional Love, Transformation Workbook, and Open Your Heart.

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