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Buying Right and Healthy Gel Nail products in India

The premium collection offers you the complete foundation gels from connector adhesion application to building gels and finishing topcoats.

Nail Industry is more than ready to incorporate high-performance and Healthy Gel Nail Products in its creative arena. The safety of nail art technicians and clients have become a topic of top priority. Those technicians who always in a search of a cutting-edge nail technology are always appreciated by their customer base and gain immense popularity for their thoughtful approach.

A professional and a credible Gel Nail Company in India always try to manufacture and offer advanced formulations in the gel nail products. Making use of healthy organic chemistry, finest materials, concentrating on quality rather than quantity, and maintaining strict quality controls at the time of production and launching of products, the manufacturers bring trending and safest gel nail products in the market.

Pick from the widest range of Healthy Gel Nail Products in India

When you contact a proficient firm or manufacturer of Healthy Gel Nail Products, you can explore several collection lines. The premium collection offers you the complete foundation gels from connector adhesion application to building gels and finishing topcoats. You a check-out self-leveling fiber gels for strength and protection of natural nails before you begin with a gel polish service.

You can impress your clients with creamy color gels which have a deep luster and full coverage or add glamour to the nails with extremely pigmented true gel polish with 100% gel base with no evaporation/odor/wrinkling etc….

When you are choosing a Gel Nail Company in India, make sure you invest not only in high-quality nail products but also healthiest or safest nail items. You must ask the company whether the products are free from:-

Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin:- Formaldehyde or human carcinogen vapors can trigger asthma and Formaldehyde Resin-derivative of Formaldehyde can cause allergies.

Ethyl Tosylamide:- A chemical responsible for making your nail polish dry in seconds. It has been already banned in Europe due to its antibiotic resistance property.

Toluene:-It has paint thinner smell which when inhaled can impact the nervous system and result in nausea and light-headedness. If comes in contact with skin can lead to skin irritation.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP):-Can lead to cancer and more popularly used as a plasticizer.

Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP):- Can disrupt hormones. It is normally used as a flame retardant and as a chemical in plastic for more flexibility.

Parabens:-they have been popularly criticized for estrogen-mimicking impact and can become a cause of the hormonal problem.

Camphor:-Can make your nails yellow depriving them of nutrients.

Xylene:-Ingesting or Inhaling it can cause irritation in the respiratory tract system, eyes, skin, etc…

So to use the foundation of gels which are second to none, approach an experienced and reputed Gel Nail Company in India. By making use of green technology, these gel nail products companies assure customers that they are using chemicals free products on their nails.

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