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Learn the Breathe of Love and the Music of Love.

Learn the Breathe of Love and the Music of Love.

Dear friends, today, we connect two advanced exercises for awakening, Breathe of Love and Music of Love.

Unawakened are searching for love everywhere except where it is. In us.

We are all sources of Life and also springs of Love. Relax, breath deeply through your heart and prolonged breath out. At the end of the out breathe you will feel in the heart something very nice and sweet.

That is your own and true love. That is the Breathe of Love.

Breath in and out again. This time you will feel it stronger. Blow up that little spark of love and make it bigger and bigger. Then move your attention from breathing to only love and shine it at will.

You will feel the love in your first breath out. Later you will feel it directly and without the help of breathing. You can send love to anybody you want. Those that can feel it in them will feel yours, too. Especially when you will be close to them.

When you will learn to shine the love at will, you will be able to enjoy it in the music, too. Relax, close your eyes and go to Awareness. We start to breathe with love in our hearts and we tune in with the melody of the song. We move to the Awareness and together with love we travel with the melody of the song as we would drive on the road.

That is the Music of Love.

With awareness, feeling and listening you will experience a new and really fantastic dimension of the music. With the Music of Love, you will feel even more how wonderful you are.

When you will learn the specific song, it will drive you a little bit left and right, up and down. In time, you will go swiftly with the line of the song. Some songs are all love, like Sea, Sand, and Sun.

Some songs have more of these melodics for listening and feeling with Awareness and love, some less.

I recommend you Arnica Montana, Sea, Sand, and Sun; Lara Fabian, Adagio; Sarah Brightman, many songs; Vargo, The moment.

Texts for this kind of listening is not important, because you will listen and feel love. Useful melodics is in a different kind of songs and even in folk and turbo music. If the line of the music will lead you to the pathos into the sadness, stay up and feel the sad parts high and with love.

If you are a musician create songs that will be perfect for listening and feeling with love. Especially songs with soft, tender and nice vocal. Also, the piano melodies are perfect.

You can learn the Breathe of Love in minutes and breathe the Love whenever you want. You will need more time to learn the Music of Love, but you will be very satisfied with this new superpower.

I suggest you teach your friends to breathe and radiate Love. Send them this message so they can develop their new Love Superpowers.

These two exercises are part of the advanced exercises for awakening from the 1. book of Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet. You can get it on:


I wish you a lot of Love.

All the best to all.


P.s. If you know the music that would be nice for radiating Love, post the names of the songs on my Facebook page:


Let’s create a large list of super Love songs.

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