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Why Custom Printed Boxes Are Little Expensive Than Simple One

Custom printed boxes are used by firms to help them make more sales and get the most profits. These boxes are specially designed and structured to solve your packaging needs.

Custom printed boxes are the main form of packaging that is used by all manufacturers around the world. The whole purpose of using these boxes is to make sure that you can boost your sales and get the best possible exposure for your brand. These boxes have a special role in making your items sell more and impact the customer in the best possible way.

Custom printed boxes come in many shapes and sizes. And that is why they can be used for any sort of packaging need. These boxes have the ability that they can be designed and shaped in any way that the manufacturer wishes. These boxes can be given any sort of properties and characteristics that will allow you to get the most out of your packaging. The role of such printed cartons is evident by the fact that they are used for more than 80% of the global packaging demand. Let that sink in.

But what is the benefit of these boxes, and why are they so popular? What is the role of these boxes in making your brand more successful? And what is the cost of these boxes to the manufacturer?

Let's have a look at all of these questions and answer them in the most effective way.

Why Do We Need These Boxes?


There are many uses of these custom printed boxes. They are used primarily for two purposes. They are used to make sure that the items that we put in them are safe from harm. That is why we often use Kraft boxes as they are made of very strong materials that allow the boxes to be rigid and durable. That is one of the main functions of packaging. Without this role, we would never be able to get the items that we want. And it will also cause losses to the manufacturers.

The second purpose of using these boxes is that they are very attractive. Rather, they can be designed to look as attractive as possible. That is due to their ability to be custom designed. Hence the name, custom printed boxes. That means you can easily change the physical appearance of the boxes to make them look as unique and attractive as possible. These boxes have the ability to boost sales by impressing customers and compelling them to buy the items.

There are many other advantages of using these custom printed boxes. Based on all of these abilities, we can easily see why they are very influential in making your business grow and be successful. You must be thinking that all of these advantages must come at a cost, right?

Well, you bare right. But the cost in the matter is very insignificant. The only thing that you will be paying for is the design of these boxes. The basic structure remains the same as that of any other box. The extra charges will allow you to get an even greater advantage when it comes to making sales.

But let's see why these customized Kraft boxes have a higher price than any other box.

Why Is It A Bit Costly?

Well, there are many factors. If we are talking about why the boxes have a greater price than an ordinary brown box, the answer is simple. We have made the box extraordinary. And that is what you are paying for.

We have composed a list of some of the factors that will help you identify the reasons these boxes are costlier.

They have to be designed. That is the real reason why you have to pay more. A simple box is very cheap and cost-effective. But if you are aiming for a more custom-designed box, you will have to have it worked on. The cutting and shaping process will require machinery and labor. And you will have to pay for that. That is why you have to pay a bit extra. The cost will depend on the type of boxes that you are using. If you are having a Kraft box designed, you might have to pay a bit extra as they are more difficult to shape and cut.

They have to be printed. That is also another reason why these boxes are more expensive than any other box. The printing has to be done with special digital printers. That will also add to your costs and make the boxes more expensive. This cost will depend on the level of printing that you are using. If you are making intricate and high-quality designs on the boxes, you can expect a more costly box. Also, if you are using Kraft boxes, you will have to print the designs on a spate sheet of paper and then paste the paper on the boxes. This will also add to costs.

The suppliers will take their commission. If you are buying your boxes from a third party supplier, you might have to pay a bit extra — the ease and convenience of using a middle man to get your boxes from. But the supplier will also have a fee and charges. For example, you will get more expensive Kraft boxes if you are buying indirectly, than if you are making them on your own. And that is why you will have to pay a bit extra when it comes to getting the best boxes for your use.

These are the three main reasons why you might have to pay a bit more for your custom boxes. The prices are not different if you are using a simple box. But if you want the box to be special and unique, you will have to make this little investment. 

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