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Should Video Games be used in Schools?

Video games for Education in Schools! Does it sound too VAGUE? Or Does it not?

Might be or might not be for people with varying mind-set and thoughts when it comes to education of their kids.

But with the changing trends in the education system and even people starting schools with an innovative ideas to promote education, yes it is true that Video games can be used in Schools for education.

Lot better than many people think of. But only when it is been used in proper way. Many parents thinks video game as an entertainment device not more than that. But studies have proved that it’s a better co-ordination between hand, eyes and brain. It brushes up many skills of the moulding brain and make students learn things like for eg -

Books will teach you to “Make Decisions” – But Video game will teach you to “Take Quick Decisions”

Books will make you understand that “Try Try but don’t cry” – But Video Games will teach you “Do or Die” It somewhere tends to show and teach the real facts of life.

But again there are many perspective of many people to look at it differently. And this is true too that not every subject or every book can be replaced by video games. But obviously an additional touch of video games can make the studies more interesting and fruitful, also it will make it easy to understand for students at school, as students will be keener to come to school and learn new things, the new way.

Here are some games which can be used in Schools for enhancing the skills of students in the whole learning process:

80 Days –

It’s an award winning narrative adventure. This game contains thousands of routes, hundreds journey. In which you can travel the whole globe by steamer, express train, hover car, hydro foil, camel, horseback, hot air balloon and other options too which vary according to the route. This games let you go through the whole globe increasing students’ knowledge about geography and history. This game has won many awards for it creativity.

Sesame Street, Once upon a Monster –

It is a cute video game with good animations where this game brings sesame street favorites like Elmo and Cookie Monster together, and they start narrating the stories and get the kids engaged and get moving through a series of fun and learning games.

Spelling Challenges –

Many students for starters needs a severe help in making the spellings, This game is a fun way to teach spellings and get them into routine practice. In total this game contains 25000 words at 100 different levels. The complex words get introduced gradually as we go to next levels.

Smarty Pants –

Every student and even their parents will love to play this game. This is a trivia game, a real treat from Electronic arts. Just like Trivial Pursuit, the game quizzes players on varying topics from History, to sports, to science, in challenging players with right answers and to show their skills

Brain Age –

This is also one of the games which both parents as well as kids at school will love to play and should be taught in schools too. This application trains the brain to become a mental athlete. From maths, to logic and word problems, there are n number of challenges that will help learners in every aspect of education. Brain age has a series of games and tests which will help students to built-up their knowledge they need to test on but in a fun way!

“These few video games are just an example to convey the message that there are too many such games developed out there for enhancement of students learning process and to make it a fun way to learn complex subjects too.”

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