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Meet “Health Benefits” in a Sensational Way

The Delightful brain Tingles, who has taken social media on Storm!! A new way of relieving your stress and meeting many health benefits, Doesn’t this sound exciting?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is an overwhelming sensation which people feel after hearing some sounds. Any sound from Tapping, crinkling, whispering and even scratching are some of which creators are putting their hands on, for turning it into ASMR for everyday activities.

ASMR is a technique which is a physiological stress reducing by the means of pleasing and soul satisfying sound.

Also a research has found that it the tingles start from your brain and rapidly move through the entire body, which positively affects one’s and help in many benefits. And also those who experience ASMR frequently have increased their levels of calmness, soothing effect in their body and excitement with a decrease in levels of sadness and stress.

Concept behind ASMR

The root concept of ASMR come from “Endorphins” which are responsible for parent-child bonding, which are primary cause of sensation. The release of endorphins mimics whenever any closely bonded are closely brought together which when are transmitted to brain are perceived as trustworthy and safe.

The bond of Mother and child is the best example of ASMR stimuli which is been identified. That is why no matter what our age and however big our worries are, we always feel safe in our mother’s arms.

What Activates ASMR?

ASMR is an unprompted and autonomous feeling or sensation. It does not take any effort on your part but though brings pleasure. Hence people tend to attempt to trigger it using different means like audio, visuals or videos.

Even concentrating on a task is also one kind of a sensation and it is both way even if the task you yourself are performing and either you are observing someone doing it example: Folding towels, wrapping, painting, etc. You have to work on your stimuli, which fits best for you.

The Trending and Popular ASMR Triggers

The wide spread craze of ASMR triggers are taking over the social media and people are putting their hands into it for creating different Audio, Video and Visuals.

Here are some well-known ASMR triggers –

• Whispering:

It is one of the most strongest and powerful triggers. When used headphones, whispering creates an intense ASMR. The whispering sound is the most focused one than the words and creates best sensational ASMR. Many people prefer to listen the whispering technique as an ASMR.

• Scratching and Tapping:

It uses microphone scratching to create the ASMR and tapping on the table. Scratching nails on microphone creates an intense ASMR.

• Physical touch:

It is the best popular trigger which many of us have experienced. A gentle touch from someone can cause a strong ASMR especially when the touch is from someone with whom you are romantically involved.

• Soft Talking:

Soft talking is an ASMR trigger which is most popularly used for a good sleep. Particularly when it’s a woman voice, which is more effective.

• Page Turning:

Yeah we do this often. Taking a book near your ears and teasing the page with your fingers. It is a trigger which we unknowingly do.

Health Benefits from ASMR

Relaxing and Stress Relief: The Ultra relaxing scalp massage is a key for reducing stress, the slight scratching sound of fingers tingling on our scalp.

Reduced Heart rate: This focuses on lowering your heart rate and resulting into relaxation by the Binaural Beats Delta Waves.

Improved Sleep: ASMR is most beneficial for people with Insomnia, the soothing sensations causes’ insomniac to relax and fall asleep soon.

Weight Loss: The weight loss is also one major thing which is overcome by ASMR. Here hypnosis process is used by giving weight loss information which brain will accept quickly and start working on it.

Improved Digestion: This comprises of Stomach and Intestine Treatment by Digestion Enhancement Binaural Beats Sound Therapy.

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