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Big Data or Big Saver?

Big Data is apparently complex term with a simple explanation.

We all use Smartphones right? But have you ever given a thought that how much data it generates in the form of text, phone calls, emails, photos, videos, searches, music and etc. Approximately 40 exabytes of data gets generated by a single smartphone user. Just multiply 40 exabytes by 5 million smartphone users and pheww we cannot even imagine or process the data in mind, which is just from Smartphone users. Other things Apart!

It’s quite a lot data for traditional computing systems to handle and to put it in words, this massive data is what we term as Big Data.

Let’s peep into some interesting massive data generated per minute on internet:

Snapchat: 2.1 Million snaps are shared

Google: 3.8 Million Queries

Facebook: 1.1 Million people log on to Facebook

Youtube: 4.5 million Videos

Emails: 188 Million

To put it into simple language, it is one of an ability to make Massive amount of Data and derive a story from it. Now this is a very interesting thing since years before all of this data was mostly in a blather way. But now we can analyse this data, derive predictions and detect patters. But the entrance of distributed computing and parallel processing changed all of that!

The Three V’s of Big Data

Big data comes with three main V’s which are three defining properties of Big Data –


There are many factors which are contributing to boost the data volume. Taking example of social media, volume here can be referred to the data generated through websites, portals and applications. For B2C companies Volume circumscribes the data which is out there and can be assessed for relevance.

Volume to brief is all about:

• The amount of data which is generated

• The Offline and Online Transactions

• It is saved in Tables, Records and Files


With reference to velocity we can refer to the speed by which this data is been generated. Keeping the example of social media, every second, every minute there is nuclear data explosion. And here comes into picture the Big Data where it helps the company to hold on to the explosion and further process it rapidly to avoid creating the bottlenecks.

Velocity to summarize is about:

• The spend of generating the Data

• Online and Offline Data

• Is generated in Real Time

• In streams, bits and batches


The importance of variety in Big Data is that it refers to all unstructured (Audio recording, ECG Reading, emails, voice mails, hand written text and etc.) and structured (texts, tweets, videos and pictures) data. Variety in simple words is about classifying the incoming data into different categories.

• Machine generated Readings

• Online Videos and Pictures

• Structured and unstructured data

Which big data technology is in demand?

As per the recent Trend, Hadoop Technology is the highly demanded for Big Data.

It makes the best Technology and is important because –

The ability to store and process huge data quickly: With data variability’s and Volume which are increasing constantly especially from Social Media that’s the key consideration.

High Computing power: The computing model distributed by Hadoop processes the big data fast. The more you make use of computing nodes, the more processing power you get.

Flexibility: We need not follow the traditional ways here of pre-processing data before storing it. You can store as much data and can decide how to use it later.

Fault Tolerance: Data and application processing is protected from hardware failure. If in any case nodes goes down, the jobs are automatically redistributed to other nodes to make sure the computing does not fail and also multiple copies are stored automatically.

The Scalability: By simply adding on the nodes one can simply grow the system more to handle more data.

Low Cost: Open Source Framework is free and to store large quantity data it uses commodity hardware.

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In this hustle-bustle of our daily lives, commuting is certainly a thorn in our flesh that is hard to get rid off. Be it public or private transportation, commuting in a busy city life can never be convenient if it is not scheduled properly. With the immense availability of transit apps, knowing the nearest available transit option such as cab, bus or train is now child’s play.

Let’s take a look at some of the best transit apps available in iOS platform:


Transit is a real-time based Canadian public transit mobile app. This app is functional in over 175 metropolitan areas all around the world. Transit app displays multiple modes of transportation including bus, rail and also other modes of transport. The UI of Transit is very attractive and intuitive. Transit is a trip planner that drives the travelers with step-by-step directions to reach the required direction. Also this app displays any changes in schedules, delays, closures and much more so that the travelers stay prepared.


Travelers living in LA can make use of Go LA app to access public transport, cabs, cars, bicycle or other. Go LA is a one stop shop for the entire transportation choices in Los Angeles. Go LA app will give you a step-by-step directions to reach your destination by choosing your required mode of transport. It also gives you the estimated arrival time and cost. In case of public transportation, it shows the bus line numbers and the name of rails. With the expanding public transportation, this app will definitely be handy for all the commuters in LA.


Citymapper is a transportation and direction app that has served to be a relief to the travellers who are new in the city. All you have to do is download the app, select the city, select a commute option and set your addresses. Citymapper becomes really handy when you are abroad and do not want to use the data. It also allows you to share your journey with your friends so that you can let your near and dear ones know that you are commuting safe. Other features of Citymapper are the information regarding the calories burnt

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Moovit is a cross-platform mass transit app that has around 70 million registered users in 1,400 cities around the world. It’s a must-have app for commuters of public transit. With a clean interface that allows easy navigation. Moovit, gives you real-time alerts as well. For e.g., if you dozed off in the train or bus and about to miss you station, then Moovit can alert you with notification such as “Get Off”. Not only this, Moovit displays the actual geolocation, provides public transportation options in PDF file and the number of stops as well.

Google Maps

Google maps are one of the popular and best known app that can help you with any trip around the world. Google maps have covered more than 130 regional and city transit services. Here the user will be required to put the data such as starting and end destination. Google maps will display the transit direction along with the suggestion of the shortest route. Based on the given directions, you can decide which route to choose. The real-time traffic with delays and estimated arrival time will be displayed to the user. By knowing the shortest route, means of transport and its corresponding time taken the user can decide upon their commuting option.


ETA is another app that provides with the estimated driving time from current location to destination. This information can be shared with your friends and family as well. ETA becomes your personal assistant for driving, walking and public transit that gives you quick access to travel times, transit and driving directions to all your favorite destinations. Through ETS, you get all the information that is needed by you to navigate your city.

Apple maps

Just like Google maps functions, Apple maps are a web mapping service developed by Apple Inc. It is the default map system of iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Input the destination on the map, follow the route displayed and navigate along the same. Just like Google maps, you can choose the fastest route and best mode of transportation using Apple maps as well. It covers about three dozen U.S. cities, two dozen international cities, and some major countries, such as China.

With a myriad of apps, commuting in public transit is never a problem now. We hope that with the help of the above given app lists, you will find it easy to transit and plan your trip in a lot of big cities.

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If you have the most fabulous range of makeup and skincare items that you want to sell and promote online, getting a website designed and developed is the first step to kick start your business. You need a colorful, captivating and easy to browse and secure e-cosmetic store for piquing the interest of shoppers and facilitating them to make a quick purchase. While there are so many web design and development platforms and tools available to e-commerce retailers and service providers, Magento is the most likable of all.

E-Cosmetic Businesses and Magento Web Development Services

A webpage developed using Magento makes it easier for both the businesses and customers to carry out their endeavors. You can easily add to your makeup and skincare products by properly categorizing them. Keeping a track of product listing would also be simpler, you just have to log in and check out the inventory till date. There are several other chores that are expedited through the website that gets designed using Magento. Thus, you can make your cosmetic items worth noticing and buying for the wider target audience by showcasing them on a consumer friendly e-store.

You should avail Magento e-commerce development services from a renowned service provider that comprehends the dynamics of your business to provide you solutions according to your branding, sales and customer retention requirements. You can have a look at the sought after e-commerce web development services providing companies online and locally to make a choice you don’t regret later.

Here are more reasons for you to have your e-cosmetic store’s webpage developed using Magento!

You will be able to Boost Sales your Way

The prime and eventual purpose of every business is achieving short term and long term sales targets. Having a consumer oriented webpage will let you sell smartly. For instance, you can pitch the most popular eye cosmetics that are trending to shoppers to sway them to take action. Magento web development services should be availed from a competent development expert. A smart website will let you view the buying behavior of website visitors; you can thus do behavioral advertising and marketing to improve sales according to your expectations.

You will be able to do Targeted SEO and Content Marketing

In order to bring you SEO and content marketing efforts to fruition, you need an insightful and well-planned strategy. With the help of a Magento e-commerce development company, you will have a website that can track you results for your SEO and content marketing campaigns. You will be able to then work in the direction that is likely to get you fruitful results out of your search engine optimization plans to help your online cosmetic store and products rank better.

You will be able to Create Pleasing Customer Service Experience

If you want to get repeat shoppers for your online makeup and skincare store, it is imperative to create pleasing and unforgettable service experience for the casual customers. Having a Magento powered website, your digital consumers aren’t likely to face any issue with adding their preferred cosmetic items to the cart, making a payment and securely checking out. You can provide proactive assistance and support to the potential buyers as well who feel lost and confused with making the product choice.

E-Sparks is the Magento e-commerce development services provider you can trust. The company offers all kinds of businesses with development and technology tools that equip them to coping up with the challenges and serving to their customers in an efficient manner.

Another perk of having your e-cosmetic store’s webpage developed using Magento is that you will be able to stock up products according to web visitors’ requirements. This will make you a provider of choice for makeup junkies. You can earn your brand a distinguished market position. 

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