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Success of IVF: According to one research almost 8 million babies born from IVF since 1978

IVF is the infertility treatment which was designed in 1978. And according to one research, almost 8 million babies have been born with this infertility treatment till this date. The first baby born of this treatment was Louise Brown in Greater Manchester.

Now let’s talk about why people get this treatment. This treatment is meant for those couples who are unable to have their own baby even after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. This issue of infertility is not only experienced by women but also by men.

IVF - Dr. Sumita Sofat

The following are the possible causes:

• Poor lifestyle habits

• Poor nutrition.

• Low sperm count in males

• Endometriosis in females

• Blocked fallopian tube in females

• Hormonal changes

• Genetic reasons.

• Over-consumption of drugs.

In this situation, the they need to undergo an IVF treatment which is additionally known as test tube baby treatment. For the same, you will have to visit our Test tube baby centre in India.Our test tube center is well-equipped and known for better results. We know the value of your life and money and we wish to ensure that you can enjoy your parenthood with the help of this little infertility procedure.

Higher rates of IVF success in Russia and Spain

Till date, Russia has the highest rates of IVF procedure, according to one research. Researchers said that almost 46% of women take this treatment in Russia in order to conceive a baby.

Not only Russia, but Spain also has the highest success rates of IVF and ICSI treatment. In which IVF is designed for both couples and ICSI is the male infertility treatment for those males who are suffering from sexual problems and low sperm count.

What about IVF and ICSI?

IVF ( In-Vitro fertilization ) has 4-5 phases of stimulation of ovaries, collection of eggs, sperm collection, fertilization, and implantation. ICSI is explained as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, in which your surgeon directly injects the sperm cell into the mature eggs in female’s womb for fertilization. This procedure is generally used when the male has a low sperm count.

IVF and embryo freezing is on the rising

IVF treatment is on peak these days because majority of people are struggling to have their own baby due to certain factors. In this case, they lean towards IVF and ICSI treatment which gives them real happiness with positive and better results.

Embryo freezing

Embryo freezing is also in trend because many couples do not want to conceive at an early age. They have other priorities like career to cater to. This is the process which is useful to preserve your fertility for the future. Sperms and Eggs or Embryos are frozen and stored under appropriate conditions so that they can be utilized in future. It is an asset for people who are undergoing cancer treatment. They take this procedure so that they can conceive little later after cancer treatment is completed.

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