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Arm Lift: Explain the Preparation tips, Procedure, and recovery time of arm lift procedure?

An arm lift is additionally called as brachioplasty, which is the type of cosmetic surgery. It is basically designed to smoothing tissues, tightening the skin, and also useful for excess fat removal. This type of procedure gives you more tender and better look which you desired.

What is an arm lift?

Majority of people face this condition due to genetic factors and over-age which further results in sagging skin. You cannot give improved results with the help of physical exercise or weight loss techniques. In this situation, you have to go through arm lift surgery.

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 Preparing for an arm lift procedure

There are several things which you have to keep in mind if you are going to take arm lift treatment. These include-:

• You must quit smoking if you are a regular or passive smoker because this can lead to complications and side effects. You should also limit down your consumption of liquor because drugs harm your internal parts of body and skin as well. If you are still in doubtful on how to quit smoking and want to know the effects of smoking on your procedure then you must visit us once so that we can guide you.

• Moreover, you must take all the test and evaluation in order to find the reasons and aging effects on your skin. In this way, your surgeon is able to give the best treatment which desired early.

• You have to go through below-mentioned evaluations include-:

i. A chest x-ray

ii. lab work

iii. a prescription for preoperative medicines and you have to follow only prescribed medicines.

iv. An Electrocardiogram.

v. Moreover, you must stop the medicines named as Advil and Motrin, because these both are anti-inflammatory medicines.

The procedure of arm lift

The procedure of an arm lift is too simple and secure because your surgeon will perform it with careful consideration. In addition, in this procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision on the back or inside the arm in order to improve the appearance of your arm. After this, your surgeon performs the further process with the goal to re-shape or tighten your sagging skin. All this process is done under local or general anesthesia according to your procedure type. At last, he will close the incision with stitches so that you can recover fast from this treatment.

Avoid driving a car or any other vehicle immediately after the arm lift procedure because you may feel little weakness. You must take proper rest and sleep after the procedure for the next 2 days. No doubt this procedure has less recovery time so don’t worry you can go back to your work early.

Recover from an arm lift cosmetic procedure

You have to follow all the instructions from your doctor so that you can recover fast. You can also wear the compression garments for better results or these are useful to protect you from infections and swelling. Moreover, you have to quit smoking even after the treatment for fast and easy recovery. 

Source: Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre

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