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Zapier vs. IFTTT

The battle between technological equipment has always existed in the market. So much so that it has also consumed the lives of tech enthusiasts. With the advent of the internet and emerging inclination of people to use it, a lot of changes are taking place. Numerous mobile apps are coming up; some might plant a firm foot in the crowd, achieve recognition among people and the others somehow get lost.

It is not possible for one person to use multiple apps so only the ones which are useful and people can relate with mostly become famous rest are lost in the queue.

Same things happen with online task automation tools as well, if they are useful they achieve the recognition and success or else they are gone after a few months of their launching date. Here we will be focussing on the battle between two well-known tools Zapier vs. IFTTT

What is Zapier?

In simple words, Zapier is a tool that enables you to connect multiple apps that you require in daily life and utilize on a regular basis to simplify your working procedure and save your time as well. The equivalent of this tool is called Zaps.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for If this then that is a free web-based service which helps in connecting apps, devices and web services as well. This one tool also enables you to control different settings of the technological gadgets associated with your home and cars also. The equivalent of this tool is named as Recipes.

Zapier works on the principles of cause and effect, and you can filter your zaps and decide which one will run and limit the functioning as well. IFTTT which stands for If this then that generally is useful in linking one app with another and is very easy for beginners to use.

The equivalents of IFTTT are called "recipes," and that of Zapvier are called "zap."

Recipes are straightforward to obtain and are easily shared on the app itself. Also, the browser section of IFTTT is accommodating; it enables you to get ideas and find solutions if you ever run out of ideas.

Zapier is also exclusively available on web browser whereas IFTTT is available on the web itself and you can also access it via the app on your desktop, laptop, and smartphones as well. IFTTT app enables you to save notes, generate fake calls to make you skip awkward situations as well.

In short, Zapier enables their users to achieve greater customization in terms of severe works and IFTTT provides you with basic utilities and multi-purpose functions as well.

Focusing on the integrations of both the tools, Zapier provides over 500 integrations whereas IFTTT is somewhere around 271 integrations. Both of the tools enable you to connect with the usual apps like Buffer, Gmail, Facebook, Slack, etc. IFTTT also possess one useful feature which Zapier lacks that is it enables the user to integrate with programs and apps associated with your home or cars. For example, you can customize the lights in your home via one app like Hue or customize the temperature of your AC and Refrigerator via apps as well.

All these activities are regulated via your mobile phone depending on internet availability and your location as well.

On the other hand, Zapier is more inclined towards sorting all types of professional activities and tasks which IFTTT is not very much interested in only focussing in professional works, the utility of it is more casual.

Now let's focus on to the Multi-step feature of Zapier and Recipes of IFTTT.

We know Zapier fulfils every professional work need of their clients and lets them connect as many actions they want to a single trigger. IFTTT is not bothered about any of such complex activities they allow single trigger for single action.

The similar thing happens in Zap Library and Shared Library as well. Shared Library is easily navigable, easy to find and you will find many users shared recipes very quickly as well. On the other hand, the Zap library is exceptionally complex to navigate, and beginners always become confused since their zaps are not segregated properly and named as well, so here IFTTT wins the battle in this case.

Both of Zapire and IFTTT possess a clean and well-designed structure, yet IFTTT possesses a better and simplified interface without any fancy things which are the opposite in zapier.

Features in short:


• Multiple functioning zaps.

• Perfect for professional usage.

• Search system with extreme advancements.

• Zero limitations on app integration and navigation.


• Specified triggers made by filters.


• Simple design.

• Clean configuration.

• Can be accessed via smartphone, Laptops as desktops as well.

• Integrations are around 300 and enable to function for home and car features.

• Easy to learn.

• Comes with a free option that functions pretty well.

• Comes with an organized library with old processes.

• Perfect for beginners.

• Adaptable for casual usage.

Cons of both the tools comprise of the following-


• Hard to figure out the usage.

• Only accessible in the form of a web browser.

• Extremely difficult to find old processes.

• Some triggers are very slow in terms of showing actions.


• Customization is restricted.

• Can link a single account only.

• Only 2 applications are enabled to link.

User Reviews and Overall utility.

Coming on to the reviews from users both the tools got good ratings in terms of functional ability and efficiency. Zapier is very much appreciated by businesses and company heads or managers especially by people who utilized it for some professional usage. IFTTT also gained a lot of appreciation and preferences from people, who used it for casual works, there is a bit of complaint arising when accessed through the phones but the simplicity of IF This Then That is enough to win hearts of users.

Both the tools come with their own pros and cons. With technological things we apparently can never expect full-on efficiency since they run on many complex systems and might malfunction once in a while. The same thing applies to Zapier and IF This Then That as well. These two tools are divided in terms of casual and professional functions yet if judged on the basis of their own specialities they are excellent and useful as well.

If you plan to experience pro level utilities and facilities for some serious work for your office, business, etc. then Zapier is your saviour but if you plan to have a tool which will sort your everyday activities, planning your schedule or just customize stuff via apps then IF This Then That (IFTTT) is what will be fine for you. Also, it is an excellent option to start to IFTTT because the user interface is straightforward and you can learn the aspects better, later if you plan to achieve better experience in terms of efficiency you can switch to Zapier.

Price tags.

Coming to the price point in Zapier vs. IFTTT, you must be thinking why we are even focussing onto this matter since one of them is available for free only. But there is a lot more than that, hand on to know better.

In IFTTT since the whole tool comes for free, you get no option to enhance or upgrade the properties of the tool by paying or subscribing. So whatever you are getting for free persists till the end of time without any upgradation. But this does not mean their service is compromised or anything. The features they are providing are enough a person to use and explore. You can save and run multiple recipes for free, but when it comes to linking of more than one account to your app, you need a different and new account for that which is a miss for IFTTT. Also, the working process delays a little bit at times IF recipes make a delay of 15 minutes DO recipes also at times delays to save and transfer to the new app.

On the other hand, Zapier comes with multiple options in terms of prices and packages, and you can first try their free trial session before you plan to invest in it. Starting from $0 to $250 you get a total 5 packages which come with different specifications. As the price increases, the features and working capability of the tool also enhances. You get packages of the following prices-

1. $0

2. $20

3. $50

4. $125

5. $250.

The final verdict-

Considering all the above-mentioned points for both Zapier and IFTTT what can be concluded is that, if you want one pro level perfection giving tool with amazing features Zapier wins the battle. But if you want something that is user-friendly, easily understandable and performs satisfactorily well IFTTT wins the battle.

So it entirely depends on your purpose, you can use Zapier for pro-level work management in business or in some severe fields, and you can use IFTTT for your personal life's work management.

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