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Xovi Review | Everything you need to know about this tool

Online marketing can be typically referred to as a kind of marketing done through various online methods by using different online platforms. The scene of marketing has drastically changed in the last few years, while traditional marketing used to advertise products through billboard, newspaper, television etc.

Online marketing made it easier for companies and marketers to advertise their products through various online platforms such as social media, email and other digital media sources. The practice of online marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing with the growth in business, decrease in expenses, communicating with customers and emerging of new opportunities to new potential marketers and businesses.

As much pleasant and neat as it sounds, online marketing can bring you no profit if it is not done correctly. When a customer search for a product online, the search engine shows the products from marketers from highest to lowest SEO rankings. It is essential for an online marketer to stay on top of the game; to do that, the easiest way is to use SEO services.

There are various SEO services these days that companies, businesses, and agencies use. Xovi is one of the most comprehensive tools of SEO services in the present and here’s our Xovi review, exploring the different aspects of the SEO service.

What is Xovi?

Before we get into reviewing the product, let us analyse and figure out as to what Xavi actually is. Xovi is not just a Search Engine Optimization service; it’s a kind of marketing suite where different kinds of SEO features are assorted into one package. Different features that include, but not limited to, Auditing, Competitor analysis, keyword monitoring, and backlinks etc. Xovi understands the importance of staying on top search engine (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) platforms and works accordingly for client satisfaction.

Xovi supports marketers in routine online marketing and SEO, helping to keep them on top of search pages and assisting them to grow in their businesses by increasing traffic on their business page. No matter how big or small your business is, or if you are a freelancer, Xovi provides help with maximizing traffic, keeping track of essential keywords and developing it and optimizing your SEO rankings.

Few of Xovi's clients are T-Mobile, Allianz etc. with a user satisfaction score of 96%. Clients found it comfortable to use with maximum functionality for agencies and companies, with a simple yet intuitive user interface. It also helps beginners with different help functions step-by-step, free webinars and outstanding email support. It also introduces new users through their service with a quick tooltip tour. Developed in Germany, Xovi recognizes potentials, increases the capability of producing the success of online campaigns.

Essential Features: There are many features that Xovi provides, few and most important of them are listed below with a brief overview:

A. Keyword Tool: At the age where the world is connected digitally, keywords change every day. Xovi keeps track of the everyday changes and also keeps up with the changes which in turn helps marketer take the right decision on time and accomplish success in their respective fields.

B. Keyword Monitoring: Xovi offers keyword monitoring as one of its important features that helps improve an organisation’s visibility on search engine by monitoring competitors and analysing keywords that matters most to stay on top.

C. Competitor analysis: To start a business is easy; to run it successfully for over the years is just as hard. Every day, a new company emerges and using the right tools and technology they seem to get stronger and eventually acquiring the upper hand. Xovi continuously keeps an eye on competitors’ keywords and analyses social media trends and keeps you updated and optimized.

D. Site Audit: Xovi tells you what’s the strength and weakness and how to improve your weak points to maintain the highest SEO ranking. The changes in search engine have taken place majorly in the last few years, and it is still evolving. Site audit tool identifies broken links and missing elements which results in your website not ranking in SEO. Site audit of Xovi offers to help you strengthen those weaknesses of online marketing and businesses.

Pricing: Xovi offers mainly three packages and 14-days free trial. The packages are:

1. XOVI Pro – €99/month: the package offers Unlimited analysis, Unlimited competitors, 2,500/week keyword monitoring requests, weekly link update, 196 monitored countries, 1 full-access account.

2. XOVI Business – €149/month: the package offers unlimited analysis, unlimited competitors, 3,500/week keyword monitoring requests, Weekly link update, 196 monitored countries, and 3 full-access accounts.

3. XOVI Enterprise – €499/month: the package offers unlimited analysis, unlimited competitors, 10,000/week keyword monitoring requests, Daily link update, 196 monitored countries, and 10 full-access accounts.

Should one buy this? If so why?

Compared to other SEO services, Xovi has scored 96% user satisfaction, for offering different services in one package at a very reasonable price. Its easy-to-use user interface helped beginners learn about the service easily. It also offers a good amount of keyword monitoring even with it’s Pro package. The features it provides are better than compared to it’s competing SEO services. To read more detailed Xovi review, you can visit the official website of the service provider.

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