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Wordstream review | 2019 Update on Price and Features

The reputation of business generally depends on the quality of the website.

Advertising your business is possible with wordstream tools. It also includes a free trial. Wordstream is google premier Partner, as well as Bing Elite Partner, which provides software and services for business owners, get more profit out of online advertising. You can create a domain name and domain address for your business products and publish in search engines with the help of the traffic. As Google is a leading website and wordstream is engaged with google the amount of traffic to the business is high. Some of the tools included in wordstream are as follows- wordstream suggestion tool, wordstream negative keywords tool, wordstream keyword research tool, wordstream free tools such as PPC. You can refer to the wordstream review for a better understanding.

About the commodity

As said earlier, wordstream helps you to add traffic to your business, for a small business or a mid-range business. With an increase in technological trends, new products are emerging to meet the wants/demands of people, and more businesses are also coming up. A company/business should be unique to stand out in a crowd. Wordstream allows you first to analyze your performance so that you can analyze where you can increase/improve your business performance. Secondly, it will enable you to optimize your workflow, and grow your business performance at affordable prices. Finally, it will allow you to maximize your traffic in simple and easy steps.

The most interesting fact is that it provides 20 minute PPC worksheet. As Google recognizes wordstream, it is presented with Google ADs support, product training, tools, etc.; it also includes wordstream advisor. The wordstream advisor helps to cover keyword research and management for PPC and SEO campaigns. Guidance is also provided in case of any doubts.


Updated features of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

• Expanded Text ADs are designed to meet up today's technological world. The text ADs are twice the text ADs which were used earlier. Expanded Text ADs feature provides with 30 character headlines and 80 description line. Google introduced this.

• Apart from google Bing ADs also introduced expanded text ADs.

• Google launched new maps ad formats including promotions, business pages suggested by business owners. It helps to drive more traffic to the business.

• Responsive Display ADs this feature helps you to provide a URL, image, etc.;

• Demographic targeting allows you to see how ages and genders within ad groups. You can exclude people or make adjustments of a certain age and gender from seeing your Ads.

• Message extensions are also one of the feature included.

Features of wordstream advisor

• It includes search marketing tools, free keyword tools, keyword research.

• Tracking software, AdWords keyword tool, google keyword tools, bing tools, etc.; come under search marketing tools.

• Keyword finder, keyword generator and so on are included in free keywords tools.

• Discovering keyword, analysis of keyword are included in keyword research.

• Almost 50% of the users drive phone calls through paid search.

• The main aim of the WordStream Advisor is to make a paid search.

AdWords features

• Due to different sizes of screen or resolutions your ads aren't visible to everyone in the same way as you created, there may be slight changes. To transfer these imperfect ones to the perfect ones, this feature is a good one to use.

• Another unusual feature is the image Ad creator. You can crop, resize, etc.; using this feature.

• AdWords script is a feature which generally used for reporting, alerts for accounting, etc.;

• Search terms report feature is also available. This feature must be used daily or weekly. It accurately shows what other people are typing to search for your business.

• AdWords editor is used to making offline changes to your business account and allows to upload later on. It's a time-saving activity.

• The additional uses/features include tracking of the account, ad group quality score and so on.

The features mentioned above are all updated newly for user convenience.


• It contains many free tools which mainly shows the center of interest in accessing the keywords and provide with recommendations for developing your working techniques.

• You can outsource your paid search campaigns to wordstream experts.

• Wordstream tools are easily accessible, easy to use; productivity is high.

• It allows bringing all PPC collectively under a single platform.

• Generally it takes a couple of minutes for optimizing, analyzing but with wordstream; it can be done in just 20 minutes.

• Their main aim is to satisfy users.


Every product has some advantages and limitations.

• The utility of the SEO is limited. For the user looking for an all-in-one SEO probably, Wordstream is not the right place; it mainly focuses on optimizing paid search and keyword targeting.

• It’s a bit pricey as per the facilities offered.

• Not used for newly starting business because as it focuses on keyword, the new company doesn't need much usage of keywords, so wait until your business becomes the old one, then you can freely use it.


'Always deliver more than expected,' is the main aim of Wordstream, the software company. Of course, everyone knows wordstream, but it depends on the manner of using it, If you use all the features wisely then no one/nothing can drag your company down. Setting-up a business includes strategy, and you should know all the tactics, wordstream makes it more comfortable with all the cool features involved in it. Almost every person is using wordstream to improve their business growth. It is affordable for even ordinary people; however, to use advanced featured the prices may vary. It offers a free trial. In the beginning, you may face some difficulties of using it, but within no time you will be able to master it. Among all the tools PPC (Pay-Per-Click)is the leading one.

Almost 80% of users think it is helpful. Based on performance and reliability it is rated as 92%, based on editing and ad creation it is rated nearly 90%, based on tracking it is rated up to 90%, for advanced features 85%, for scenario planning 79%. Testimonials are also provided on their official website you can refer to them for clear understanding so that you can conclude what past users are thinking about the software. Nothing can be achieved without hard work and a little amount of patience. Improve your business and make your dream come true. Try out their free trial here->https://www.wordstream.com/

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