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Wix vs. Wordpress what to choose and why?

Have you ever thought of doing your business with the help of the internet? Yes, you can do it now by creating a quality website for your company to promote and sell the products. You can do all the work and manage your website by just sitting at home. You can hire a web development service for your company to create a website instead of doing all the work alone.

Digital marketing has become an integral part of the internet where you can set up your own business online by just creating a website. There are multiple web development sites on the internet which allows you to create your own website. The websites create a friendly interface between you and potential guests or visitors. Web development helps your company to increase product knowledge, increase the popularity of your product through an online advertisement, sell your product or services to a large mass of people and generate a lead for the business. It helps your business to grow very fast and increase the reach of your service to a variety of people who needs it.

Here, you are going to learn about two web development services such as Wix and Wordpress. The pros and cons of these two web developing services are mentioned below. You can choose anyone, which is the best for you to create your own business website. These web developing sites have a lot of differences on the basis of web design, information architecture, usability, accessibility, search engine optimization, mobile responsiveness, and security. So here are the comparisons between Wix vs. Wordpress:

• Flexibility-

While Wix isn’t an open source platform, Wordpress is one. An open-source platform means their codes are accessible to programmers and coders to create their own themes and plug-ins. Wordpress may lot of plug-ins and tool which may not be work accordingly or maybe a junk since it can be accessed by all. It may slow down the website performance and create other issues. But it Wix the private development team tests and controls the tools and plug-ins which you can use to create your website. The limited access to the customizability ensures proper functioning of all features and functions. So, Wix dominates Wordpress on the term of flexibility.

• Pricing-

The amount of money you want to spend on your website is an important factor when it comes to investment. In Wix, there are 5 premium plans ranging from $5.00 per month to $25.00 per month based on the annual plans. Wix can also be used for free, but there are certain limitations to it. While Wordpress ranges from $200 to $15000. It includes several services like hosting, themes, plug-ins, maintenance, and help. If you have time and money Wordpress is a better option for you, but if you want to spend both time and money outside web development, then Wix is a solution for you.

• E-commerce-

Wix is an online store where. There are plenty of options through which you can sell your product and receive the payment. But there are obstacles like limited shipping and tax options. Wordpress uses a third party plug-in. You can customize it according to your need. So for managing a small store, Wix is the best. But if you are totally relying on e-commerce, then Wordpress is hard to beat.

• SEO-

In the field of Search Engine Optimization, Wix can perform multiple tasks. It can change the page title, headings, and alt attributes. But Wix only affects the image based SEO websites by giving cryptic names to the images. For Wordpress, there are things which can be done out of the box. But for that, you need to have access to the necessary plug-ins for SEO options. Wix can serve you right with the necessary plug-ins for most projects while Wordpress offers a tiny bit more services and features with the right plug-ins.

• Blogging-

Blogging option in Wix good. It allows you to create tags, posts, categories, post scheduling, and feature related posts. The layout editor is very much impressive. But there is a limitation to decent posting features. Images, videos, links, gifs and a lot more can be added using HTML. Wordpress is mainly focused on blogging options. It is mainly recommended for hardcore bloggers. You can customize the way the blog looks linked to the theme. So, here Wordpress takes over Wix since a bit of technical knowledge can help you to create a powerful blog using Wordpress.

• Design-

Wix allows you to choose over hundreds of beautifully customizable template. But one small drawback of Wix is, it doesn't allow the user to switch templates in between the editing process. Wix templates are devices compatible, means you can change the mobile look of the website using Wix Mobile Editor. In Wordpress, templates, fonts, and themes can be downloaded from and from independent theme shops. There are both free and paid themes. Wix's theme can be customized accordingly, but in Wordpress, one needs to have the knowledge of HTML and CSS to get the desired look. So Wix wins it.

• Features-

Wordpress is primarily created as a blogging platform. Then it developed quickly into a versatile program for creating websites and web stores. It has access to a large no of plug-ins which serves the functioning of creating a good website. Wix is a versatile web site builder that supports both blogging and e-commerce. There number of free and paid add-ons which you can download from Wix App Market. In Wix, there are features like E-commerce, Blogging, Forum, Wix ShoutOut, and Smart Actions, Wix Code. So it is better to use Wix which provides you with multiple features for ease-of-use.

• Control over Functionality-

To add functionality in Wix, one needs to depend on the Wix App Market. It has only 288 apps. Wix does allow you to add customized codes in ‘Sandbox iFrame' which has a lot of restrictions. Wordpress let you add new functionalities without any knowledge of coding. It has 53000 different free plug-ins and thousand of premium plug-ins. If you are a developer, you can add any custom code to your website to enhance the website performance. So when it comes to flexibility and control over functionality Wordpress wins.

• Security-

Wordpress wins when it comes to security. Apart from choosing a good password and two-factor authentications, Wix handles the security aspect of things on their own. There is a team of experts whose job is to keep your site safe for an amount of money. But in Wordpress, you can add layers of security to your website according to your desire. So a Wordpress website is as secure as its owner creates its security protocols. There is a number of plug-ins like Wordfence whose sole objective is to keep your website safe. So, again Wordpress when it comes to the term of security.

These are some pros and cons of Wix vs. Wordpress. Both the web development platform has their strengths and weaknesses. These are two web building platforms which can be used to create a business website to sell your product. Wix is very simple to use and make your website look beautiful. But if you recommend control over design and functionality, then Wordpress is best for you. However, the choice of a particular web building platform depends entirely on you. The choice of web building platform depends on several factors like the size of business, amount of time and money to be invested and how much do you want to learn. 

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