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Wix vs. Shopify what to choose and why? 2019 review

If you have ended up searching for this, you might think actually what these two, i.e., Wix and Shopify are. So what are they? Starting with Wix, it is a website builder which gives a simplified way to create a website whereas Shopify is an eCommerce platform which facilitates people in building their own online store with hundreds of built-in features.

So from the basic knowledge, we can understand that Wix and Shopify are quite different from each other. Both are having the main interest in varied fields. As Wix is used in building a website and has an e-commerce facility, but on the other hand, Shopify is an e-commerce platform with website building features.



To know the entire picture of the scenario you need a complete list of things which can prove to be helpful for you if you are in a dilemma for choosing one between the two. The major factors affecting the choices can be:

Payment Gateway:

Although the first option you consider when choosing an option between the two may not be this, but then also it has equal weight as any other factor. So both Wix and Shopify allow cash on delivery options to its customers, but there are varied points which differentiates them from each other.

Shopify offers the customers the choice of using over 100 payment gateways including its own but charges transaction fees which vary from 0.5% to 2%. And this fees is levied if you choose any other gateways other than the shopify's gateway. Some of the options are placed restricted and may be available if the customer is living in a particular place and is not applicable everywhere. So ultimately the options available gets reduced automatically.

Wix offers a total of around 15 gateways, and all of them work efficiently in all the places. Also, it doesn't charge any transactional fee over the regular processing fee.

Depending upon the extra charges and various other things, in the field of payment, every single person may have different choices. Being the ultimate leader in the field, people prefer Shopify. 


 Ease of using:

Wix is a platform created for the users who don't want to get involved in the coding and are not particularly developers. The drag and drop pattern enables the easy buildup of a website to the person who has little or no experience in the field of web designing. The development of a website in a professional and appealing manner by assisting the one who wants some level of customization.

On the other hand, the better option in this category as well stands Shopify. Upon opening the homepage, the setup wizard will guide all along the process of completing your ideal website and will also give you extra suggestions depending on the category of products which can be suitable for your website. Also, the required tools and options are located in one place, but they are scattered all over the screen in case of Wix.


Size of business:

Shopify is particularly made to cater to a wide range of business of e-commerce. It gives the advantage of linking social media accounts like Facebook with it so that the users can sell their products through it as well.

Shopify also makes a point to bind its customers through Shopify Plus. Every company tries to maintain the relationship with its existing customers by offering them something of value so that they tend to stick to them. If one of your old customers get successful in the field of business, losing him might hurt you very much. So making them stay while they should be a top priority for any business.

Wix targets the business which is not so big in size, facilitating in the small product catalog. It hence generates lower revenue as in comparison with Shopify. The size of any business is calculated by the revenue generated by it.

Shopify scores in this as well.

Customer support:

The reputation of any business develops according to the customer services it offers to the users especially after sales service. The reason behind it is that everyone makes efforts while dealing and scoring a client but fails to maintain it once they start having problems regarding anything while using the product.

Wix and Shopify both offer the facility of customer support by means of email and phone, forums and accounts on social media to assist for anything whereas the layout for reaching customer support is quite frustrating in the case of Shopify and very easy when it comes to Wix. One thing which is better about Shopify is that it gives chat support as well.

Due to the above-mentioned points of difference, Wix is given a point for this field. As because the customers may not want to spend time clicking on the screen before even reaching customer care.



Mobile platform:

As with the growing technology and fast pace of the business, you might want to stay in touch with all that is happening at every instance of time. Having the advantage of holding a mobile phone and controlling almost anything related to your business is the best way to deal with the problems which may arise when you're physically not present over there.

Both Shopify and Wix, have become compatible with almost everything like Android as well as iOS. But the thing which often creates an obstacle is the web browser. Some web browsers don't support both of these, and you might have problems dealing with it. So before proceeding further, have a look at all the web browsers which supports the one you are going to opt for.


Not just the features and key advantages offered to you matter, but what also matters is the amount which you are willing to pay or actually paying for the same. The value for money can only be judged when all the features relevant to you are being offered at a lower price than you have thought. Thus making it the best option.

Among these two, even though Shopify may cost a lot more on your pocket but is bound to give back to you astonishing returns for the same. The key point which can affect the users is that Wix is free of commission and hence you don't have to pay anything that is not mentioned in the plan whereas Shopify adds its own charges and fees on top of already high costs.

Wix offers a budget-friendly and value for money pack and hence surpasses Shopify in pricing.

Final decision:

Even without going through all the numerical figures and knowing in depth about each and every aspect of Wix vs. Shopify, enough points have been put forth for the users to opt for the ideal one.

And finalizing the decision depends on the personal interests as well as requirement. But from the above-mentioned factors Wix has a better opportunity of attracting the customers, as it offers better features at low costs. The layout and display can sometimes become a problem as everything is not placed together. And Shopify can offer plenty of additional features but at a much higher cost but in an organized manner.

For the best experience and to attain a feeling of self-satisfaction after making the investment, the potential customers who are in a confused state of mind, should opt for Shopify without giving a second thought. An investment in it will surely give out fruitful results in the business. 

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