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Wix vs. GoDaddy what to choose and why? 2019 review

In this modern age of technology and internet, everything is available on the internet. Business has taken a new look by becoming online. A decade or 2 ago, a company used to hire a number of certified people for their website building jobs, but nowadays this website building also has become a business. In this piece of writing, we will see a comparison between two of the big giants of website building application which are Wix and GoDaddy, i.e. Wix vs. GoDaddy.

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 Before starting the comparison let me give you a little bit of introduction about what Wix and GoDaddy are. GoDaddy or Wix are known to be the popular website builders. A website builder is one the of the many SEO tools. Using a website builder for building your own website is often compared as renting an apartment. You will be the in-charge of your website, but the design, infrastructure, User interface, i.e. all the building and managing work is done by the website builders. It is not easy to say which one is best. It is you who will decide which one is best for you, depending on your requirements.

Let us now see the deciding factor of this Wix vs. GoDaddy assessment –

1. Price: the first factor of interest is the cost of the website builders. Wix has a number of plans for their customer ranging from $5 to $35 per month. Out of these range of templates, four plans are a non-e-commerce plan, and three are e-commerce. Each plan has their own functions as well as limits. Among these provided plans, the plan of $14 per month is the most liked one.

GoDaddy has only four plans namely personal, business, business plus, and online store whose range starts at $5.99 and ends at $19.99 per month. If you want a personal site with no e-commerce handles, then "personal" plan of GoDaddy website builder is made just for you.

2. Free trial: the offer of free trial by the website builders makes it easier for you to understand which one do you need. Wix offers an entire free plan, i.e. all the website building help at free of cost. That means you can try the limited versions of Wix website builder for lifelong. Although it has a disadvantage of popping random Wix advertisements on your website, once you decide your plan, you can get rid of them.

GoDaddy does not give away its utilities for free as Wix, but it has a 14-day free trial. After these 14 days, you have to choose a plan for continuation of your usage.

3. Value for money: as you can see that lesser value of price selection is lower in Wix along with providing a totally free plan. Now let us see if the premium plans are as good or not. As you can see the plan of Wix is cheaper than GoDaddy, so immediately the fear of getting less also comes to mind, right? You will be amused to know that Wix provide more features for its respective plan clients. Besides if you do not want to cost single money on the website building, you can just simply use their entirely free plan.

4. User Interface: User interface or UI, in short, is the way how the website builder software can be used with ease. It can be considered as the scale of ease of use. According to relevant studies it has been seen that people are liking the design options of UI of Wix better than those of GoDaddy for building the website. But there is a catch. The UI of GoDaddy may be complex, but it is speedier than Wix’s. So, if you want a builder with better ease of access, you should choose Wix but if you are looking to get your online stores live in real quick then opt for GoDaddy.

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 5. Features comparison: features which the website builder provide to its customers is a key point of discussion. If you are in search of a blog website, then Wix is the better one. Wix can give you the power of attaching comment section to your blogs except for that you can also categorize your blogs, put them on social media, track their performance via the analytics given by it. In GoDaddy, you can attach RSS feed to your blog in order to get more subscriber, but you can't attach the comment section via this website builder.

Wix also has better social media integration module. It helps to share the page over various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. which is accompanied with live images, galleries, follow button and many more. In the case of GoDaddy, there is no current option available to perform all this except for social buttons which can link the page to the platform.

Email marketing is also easier with Wix, as it provides you with your own email account which will be specific to your own domain. It has inbuilt tools like Wix ShoutOut to help you out in generating, sending and sharing the email campaigns with your clients.

GoDaddy also has built-in email marketing features, but it comes at an extra cost top of the subscription value.

6. Customer support: Wix has poorer customer service than GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides a 24/7 client support whether on the phone or in live chat whereas Wix only offers email support or phone support from 5 A.M. To 5 P.M. that also only from Monday to Thursday.

7. SEO strength: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method to rank high up in the search results of search engines. By strengthening your SEO, you can make it certain for your website to be featured in the top of relevant searches. Wix and GoDaddy both are more or less equal in this respect. Both offer full control to the user, i.e., editing URLs, meta-descriptions, header codes and many more. Wix has a number of apps to track down the performance of SEO whereas GoDaddy has inbuilt applications for this one.

8. Design flexibility: Wix is liked for offering its buyer with a number of templates from which he or she can choose his or her preference. After choosing your desired template, you can just drag that one out and then drop it, just like in PowerPoint.

GoDaddy has a different approach to designing the website. It will ask you some questions and then based on your given answers it will build the website. It is also known as ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence.

Now to come to a conclusion of the battle Wix vs. GoDaddy. GoDaddy is for the users who want their site to be real live fast. It has 24/7 support which makes it really dependable along with useful tools which are easy to use. But you will not get creative control over your website in GoDaddy. For creative people or people who want total or pure control over their website, Wix is the one. The benefit of this control is that the website can develop along with the user without any boundaries. Wix is cheaper also than GoDaddy. Website built with Wix is not bad for e-commerce purpose either.

So if you want a growing website as per your instruction at a lower cost, then Wix is the one for you. 

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