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Weblium review, pricing & everything you need to know

Web designing is one of the fastest growing business in India. It is a fairly new business. Therefore, people who have the knowledge to create a website are few. Also, the charge of excellent website builder is high due to the scarcity of the same. In this scenario few companies like weblium are servicing the public with great efficiency. In this piece of writing I will try to do a weblium review.

What is web design?

First let me explain what it is meant by web design. Web design can be considered as the combination of various aspects concerned with creating and maintaining the website of the clients. Web design includes numerous corners of web design like graphic design, interface design, authoring, UI or user interface design, user experience design and many more. So, to sum up you can think of a website builder as the one who makes and manages your website. Many of the times groups of people are engaged for handling assignment of huge mass. Web designing also overlaps web engineering in larger aspects.

Role of weblium web designing firm

As I said web designing is a work of tremendous effort and time. So, it is evident that the price of a web design will also be high. Web designing firms have immerged as an alternative way to avoid the mess of hiring a number of people and paying them. The days of paying high price to just build the website are long gone with the help of web designing firms like weblium web designers. Weblium web designing system has own many awards too viz. –

a. “Great User Experience” awarded by Finances Online in the year 2018.

b. “Rising Star” awarded by the Finances Online too, in the same year as above i.e. 2018.

Capabilities of weblium web designing

Weblium web designing has been made with a view of do-it-for-me website building. There are number of options which can be realized by the weblium web designing. To get a right weblium review we first need to understand the function available in the weblium web designing software which are as mentioned below –

1. Weblium web designing enables the user to launch a portfolio website

2. It can also help the user to come up with landing pages

3. Weblium web designing empowers the user to build CV sites too

The above-mentioned tasks can be accomplished through the weblium web designer. Although it can’t help in building blog sites, e-commerce sites, and news portals which is a downside of this platform. But the concerning authority has promised to include these features also in the system by the end of the year, so there is hope for the ones who are looking to build a great blogging, e-commerce sites or news portal sites with ease by using weblium web designing system.

Work process of the weblium web designing system

Follow these steps to build the website with the help of weblium web designing system –

1. First choose a right template according to your requirement. You will find this easy on your own as the weblium web designing system has ready-made templates to choose from which comes in real handy if you know what you want exactly.

2. After selecting the adequate template, second step is to buy the weblium web design system’s annual package for a minimal amount of charge.

3. In the third step you need to give a brief description about the way you wanting the website to come or to be operated.

4. After briefing the weblium web designing system about your needs of the website you will get an approval of the details through a personal computer success manager.

5. It will take 2 days now to build your website and make it live and running.

6. After your website is live you will be given the right to use the intuitive admin panel. This admin panel will become your best friend in handling the website now onwards as it will help you to tweak the website on your own without any hardship.

Is weblium web design worth your time?

After understanding the work flow through which the weblium web designing system works the next question which should come to your mind is “Is it worth my time?”. It is a reasonable question as in business world time is money. I will not give you the direct answer, on the contrary I am jotting down the benefits of the weblium web design and then you should decide the answer for yourself.

1. Buying the weblium web designing system is equivalent to hiring a team of experienced professionals to build, customize, and manage the website for you.

2. Uniqueness is a key factor for being one of the most preferred website builders in the market right now. Every website delivered by the weblium web designing system is based on niche information of the business provided by the client. So that means even after choosing the same template two different owner can have two diverse websites.

3. Another lovable factor of weblium web designing system is the high load speed of the web pages created by it. In a study conducted by PageSpeed insights the web pages made through weblium web designing system scored around 90 out of 100 with respect to loading speed. The speed is nearly same in both desktop and mobile.

4. After discussing about the speed now let us talk about look of the website. Because look matters. Along with elegant look weblium web designing system also empowers the website with user friendliness by the help of easy U.I. i.e. User Interface. The pages build are equally responsive on both desktop and mobile platforms.

5. Money back guarantee is provided by the weblium authority. In case of any unsatisfactory services delivered by the weblium web design system, the client is liable of full refund from the concerning authority.

6. The relief from the coding is also a factor. Codes are real irritating especially if you have to right huge lines of codes used in website building.


At the end of this weblium review I think it is customary to give you a short glance of what we have discussing up till now. With buying the weblium web design system you will get –

● A graceful website structure for your website.

● A personal manager to help you with the maintaining of the website.

● The customised design for your website as per your demand and budget.

● Free from writing any single line of codes.

● A perfect SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization ready website to be ranked first in the web results.

● An excellent copy writer for the contents of your websites.

So, as you can see with weblium web designing system you get all of this. Now the last question is of the charge. So here is the answer. Weblium web design system is available at a base value of $199. The price of the system may change depending on the package of the system. So, as I see it, by opting for weblium web designing system you will get your website ready to go live in the mere time period of two days, that even at the cost which is much lesser than hiring a web design team or organization. 

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