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Top 7 things you need to know about iPhone 11

The dependency of human lives on technology is pretty much evident in current situations.

Numerous rumours or legitimate information has been leaked via sources regarding this latest iPhone. It is expected that the company will launch the model in September of 2019, but the accurate release dates are not known. Some people are also saying that this model might not be anything exclusive because Apple is literally upgrading their iPhone models every year and not incorporating any exclusive thing as such, they are basically running out of concepts and hence just to keep their business legacy on they keep upgrading whatever features they have and launch a new model. While some people are not accepting this fact and believes iPhone XS is going to be a deal breaker.

Se here are top 7 things you need to know about the brand new iPhone 11:

1. Enhanced face id- this is an old feature of iPhone where the phone unlocks detecting the face of the user. The front camera’s flood illuminator is enhanced in the iPhone 11 which automatically blurs our background elements and focuses on the face and maps the face in 3 dimensional. The face id feature is a unique characteristic of the iPhone, but most of the people find it not that fascinating and want back the thumbnail impression for unlocking their phones.

2. Triple camera- double camera feature has been a very common characteristic of numerous cell phones including the iPhone as well. So to bring out something unique in the brand new 2019 iPhone Apple is going to incorporate triple lens. This camera will be taking 3-dimensional pictures smoothly with enhanced quality which will be nothing less than the quality achieved in photos taken by a DSLR camera.

3. Incorporating Wi-Fi 6- this is going to be one of the best features of the phone since the improvement in internet quality is something everybody requires. Wifi 6 will be a fantastic feature since it enhances the internet connectivity, wastes less battery and improves connectivity in crowded areas as well. This feature is definitely better than the earlier generations.

4. Enhanced battery life- this is an exclusive feature of this phone. People who use iPhones require a longer battery life because anyway ios applications are sized bigger and require more power to run. Apple took that query into consideration and is coming up with better battery life.

5. Incorporation of Intel 5g modems: it was heard that the company was going through numerous legal issues with Qualcomm and hence in the upgraded iPhone 11 they are going to incorporate Intel 5g modems.

6. OLED screens for all three models- LED screens were one of the most common features of the previous models of iPhone, but it is heard that the latest iPhone will have OLED screen to improve the whole experience of the phone.

7. Price of the phone- Apple has been launching new versions of iPhones almost every year, and the prices also increase as the specifications get modified. The iPhone 11 is the most upgraded model will be priced at around £999. This is considered as the starting price, and it might enhance with the screen size as well.

Getting an iPhone is nothing less than making an investment. For some people, it is a fetish to buy the most upgraded version of the iPhone. Coming back to the iPhone 11 it is undoubtedly going to be a total hit just like any other models of iPhone. Getting your hands on the latest model will be really tough since every now and then whatever models were launched by Apple were sold within a blink of an eye.

So if you were planning to get your iPhone 11 do not forget to pre-order or book it.

Image credits -> Forbes

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