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Top 10 things you need to know about 2020 ford explorer

Cars are one of the tools which faces the maximum number of upgradation or changes on an annual basis. Every well-known company out there is upgrading their old models and coming up with something new to satisfy the clients. Also, an extreme kind of competition prevails among these vehicle manufacturing companies. To gain profit companies have to continuously keep an eye on the industry and keep checking what sort of changes the rivals are incorporating in their car models and also keeping a track of all the latest innovation that is prevailing in the concerned industry. People generally do not want to compromise with the quality of cars unless they settle to buy second-hand models, but mostly everybody expects top-notch quality features which an individual wishes to purchase. Cars are almost a long time investment, and hence people are always waiting to get the best model of the vehicle for their purpose. One such amazing model which people were eagerly waiting for getting launched is the 2020 Ford Explorer. This is Ford’s best possible car model. The 2020 Ford Explorer is an improvised and innovative or upgraded form of the 2019 Explorer. With the enhancement of features and driving mode, the price of the 2020 Ford Explorer has increased as well. It will be priced at $37,770 [USD]. The 2019 Explorer is $2,275 less than the 2020 Ford.

Let’s focus on the top 10 amazing features of the brand new 2020 Ford Explorer.

1. Smart cruise control: generally cars come with speed limit sign recognition, but the 2020 explorer allows the driver to offset a speed limit above 10kmph. Also, it comes with a standard or adaptive mode. The adaptive mode makes the vehicle stop on its own without applying brakes and again controls its motion after 3 seconds of movement

2. Active park assists 2.0- previously the ford models could park themselves either in parallel or perpendicular directions only. However, in this new model the car will do all the things on its own starting from braking, accelerating to shifting as well. The driver just has to press a button, and the car will do the necessary movements to park itself. Unfortunately, there is no option where the driver can stand outside the car and watch it park itself.

3. Smart rear seat belts- this car comes with innovatively designed rear belts which are devoid of any inflated air bags which created an uncomfortable situation. The care has digressive load limiting front seat belt pre-tensioners which control the second seat as well.

4. Innovative seats- all the seats come with eight-way adjustable modes along with a heater and cooler options to incorporate in your seats; also it provides five massage options as well.

5. Cleaner for rear view camera- the car comes with inbuilt washing system which automatically washes the rear view mirror making the whole experience extremely convenient.

6. Automatic emergency braking- the automatic emergency braking is an essential element of the car. The company has especially emphasized on incorporating this element in the car thinking about the road safety of their clients. This braking feature stops the car immediately before a collision starts or if any such probability arises.

7. LED headlights- a clear view in front of the road while driving is a necessity, it is one of the most essential factors in road safety measures. LED lights help in providing bright luminous light during the night hours.

8. Manageable steering wheel- the steering wheel helps in maintaining the posture and alignment of the car in crosswinds.

9. Fuel efficiency- this car possesses a smart feature of covering the longest possible distance by spending a limited amount of fuel.

10. Environment safety conscious- since this car spends a limited amount of fuel the automobile smoke production is really less compared to any other model of Ford. This is a huge step taken by the company in the contribution of maintaining the environment to stay safe and pure. Air pollution is a massive concern in current situations happening due to the increment in the exhaustive smoke in the air; one of its primary sources is of course automobiles. Hence the company despite incorporating such upgraded features in the car they have made sure it creates the least possible pollution to the environment.

Other features of the car:

• Noise cancelling glass to keep a quiet environment.

• Rotary Shifter.

• The torque of 380-pound-feet.

• Enhanced off-road capabilities.

• More space for passenger and cargo.

Pricing of 2020 Ford Explorer.

The starting price of the car is $37,765. This extends up to $58,250. The company also brought up a few limited editions which were even more expensive.

Considering all of its pros it can be said that the car is quite worth the money one spends on buying it. It has got every aspect which will make anybody's driving experience smooth and effortless. This is an extremely good choice for beginner drivers since it possesses all sorts of fantastic auto features. Like the auto parking feature, a beginner driver will know the struggle they face while parking so this feature will definitely ease that pain as well.

Image credits -> Ford

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