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Synup Review, Pricing & everything you need to know

Synup is a citation service that provides specific tools for online marketing so that the local businesses can attract customers and convince them to avail their products and services. However, its competitors Yext and Uberall seem to be doing better. Here is a Synup review which will aid you to know which business tool is well-suited for your business requirements.


Synup's pricing policy is quite reasonable at $30 per location per month. However, Yext's pricing is more comprehensive, and it is based on the services that you require. It provides four packages depending upon your requirements. The ‘Emerging' Package is for the starters, and it is priced at $4 per week and $199 annually. The ‘Essential Package' is priced at $9 per week and $449 annually. The ‘Complete' Package provides you with the tools that can enhance the profitability of your business and it costs $10 per week and $499 annually. The ‘Advanced' Package costs $19 per week and $999 annually. Thus, Yext gives businesses the proper tools for their growth. Moreover, its packages are specially designed to cater to the needs of the company so that you do not pay for a service that you do not require. You only pay for what you use.

Uberall charges $47 per location per month for the small businesses. Its pricing is not available on their official website, so you need to pay according to per client location basis. Therefore, Synup needs to modify its packages to cater to their client companies.

Local Business Directories

It is crucial for your business to have a presence in the online local directories. Synup provides over 150 local directory listings where you can register the name of your company, its address, and the phone number. You have the liberty to update your business details in the directories by filling one dashboard at a time. Yext has immediate API connections with above 100 local directories and sites. Uberall has a global directory listing which includes 56 sites and local directories in the United States, 54 in the United Kingdom, and 26 in the United Arab Emirates. A detailed directory listing can be found on the official website of Uberall. Thus, regarding local business directories, Uberall is far superior to Synup and Yext. Moreover, Yext has a significant disadvantage over Uberall and Synup. If you unsubscribe from Yext, your business citations that are synced to your brand shall vanish. However, your listings at Synup remain intact even if you unsubscribe from the service. You also need to note that some sites in the Synup network are of low value. It also does not guarantee listing update success. Thus, the Synup review regarding local business directories seems to be quite negative.

Online Reputation Management

In recent years, every business has realized the importance of customer reviews and ratings. Synup aids the client companies in monitoring the negative feedbacks of the customers. However, its review widget requires improvement because of its simplicity. Moreover, it enables the company to send SMS and emails to the customers asking for their reviews. Branding and reputation management is an essential aspect of the overall development of businesses. Uberall Engage is a useful tool which helps the firms to manage their online reputation in their locations. It has simplified the process of reputation management by enabling the interaction of the business with its clients on multiple platforms. The brand can even post social content to specific platforms and locations. The dashboard of Uberall collects data from the official Instagram account of the company. Uberall also provides a plugin known as Store Locator for the brands that own a website. It enables the visitors to find the store locator on the front end.

Yext has a Review Management Feature which allows the company to monitor the customer reviews and ratings across each Listing that might support it. These listings might include Facebook, Citysearch, Google, and Yelp. Yext offers support via email, phone, live support, training and tickets whereas Synup only provides support through email, phone, and live support.

Types of business supported by Yext, Synup, and Uberall

Yext is an ideal platform for the small, medium as well as large business enterprises. It is also suitable for the freelancers whereas the tools provided by Synup are not practically suitable for freelancers and small businesses having a low budget. Synup has been built to cater to the marketing requirements of the local stores. Uberall is ideal for almost all types of companies since its services and pricing are customized according to their needs.

Languages supported on Synup, Yext, and Uberall.

Synup supports only one language: English. Yext supports 11 languages, namely: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and Swedish. Uberall supports three languages namely: English, French, and German. Thus, Yext helps your organization to reach out to more clients than Synup and Uberall.

The quality of SEO on Synup, Yext, and Uberall

Most of the client companies of Synup complain that there is a lack of customization on the reports that Synup generates. Although the white labeling options are deemed quite useful, the customization in the presentation of the reports would enhance the overall experience of using Synup. The most significant advantage of using Yext is that it performs the audit of active business listings so that all the inaccurate details can be edited quickly. Uberall takes an innovative turn in this aspect by providing Location Marketing across all the platforms.

Dashboard at Synup, Uberall, and Yext

The dashboard of Synup does the initial set up. It is excellent for the companies which require basic SEO, but it is not suitable for the companies which need advanced SEO services to drive traffic. It needs most of the SEO work to be done manually. Moreover, it does not have separate tiers of websites that the client companies can choose from.

Uberall’s dashboard has the name ‘Partner Marketing Solutions’ which proffers completely white labeled solutions for the organizations. Uberall has made its lead capture tool available for the agencies so that they can use it on their websites. The dashboard of Yext is convenient for use. It enables the client company to examine Yext Analytics and other marketing channels.


Synup consists of the native integration with the functions such as CRM, local marketing listing automation, and SEO service. Yext has several integrations with applications such as Apple, Bing, Facebook, WordPress, and Yahoo.

Customer Support

The customer support of Synup is slower than both Yext and Uberall. It takes almost 36 hours to respond to its client companies. Yext provides customer support via email, calls and even consultation with its representatives. Uberall provides you with the contact details so that you can submit your support request online.


In spite of having many salient features such as multi-account management, data management, data synchronization, and automatic notifications, Synup falls short of expanding the online presence of its client companies. Thus, this Synup Review depicts that Uberall and Yext are much better than Synup. It needs to improve itself in several aspects to enhance the online presence of its client companies. Although Yext is expensive, it is the best citation service to register a strong online presence. 



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