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Serpstat Review | Features, Pricing and Competition

Serpstat is an amazing SEO platform that helps in tackling competition using a tactical approach. The software is an SEO tool for revealing the strategies of the competitor in order to beat them in their own game. It consists of a number of features that can add value to your SEO and the campaign for content marketing. Referring to the Serpstat review could prove to be useful to the newbies opting to use this SEO platform.

What is Serpstat?

Serpstat was an in-house software that grew and turned into an independent product. It was used as a keyword research tool but constantly updated its features and functionalities to become a well-known product.

Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO platform which is used as a growth hacking aid by professionals working for SEO, PPC and content marketing. It is mainly used in digital marketing where professionals perform certain tasks every day that can be made simpler with the help of Serpstat. Serpstat is basically into analyzing competitors, finding keywords and working with huge amount of data. Currently, it offers 5 significant tools that can be used by professional digital marketers globally.

Important Features

Rank Tracking

It helps in monitoring your own as well as your competitor's web page ranking on a daily basis. It gets top results for the selected keywords, and with the help of its unique algorithm, it analyzes the SERPs. It then saves the data of the top 100 domains for each keyword. It can exactly find out the rankings of your keyword in Google and Yandex along with the specified city, country or language.

Competitor Research

It assists in making the strategic decision by gathering competitive intelligence. Prepares targeted digital marketing program and providing your business with customized services and products to position against the competition.

From your domain, you can get the full list of the most relevant competitors and measure their web performance to keep up to the competition. Identify, your own and the competitor's domain for the most common and unique keywords. Compare the domain’s position in paid and organic search results for each common keyword.

Keyword Research

adding top-performing keywords to the content and ads of your website helps in expanding your online presence. Collect a list of proven and profitable keywords that are used by your competitors and niche leaders to get to the top pages of search results.

Compare different performance indicators to your keywords. Consider the performance indicators such as cost per click, competition level, search volume or number of search results. You can get traffic from low volume queries of your product and services. There are a lot of potential customers who query low volume keywords.

These are known as the long-tail-keywords and drive a considerable amount of traffic on the web. Keyword research in all major languages of the countries is possible that is present in our database. Check if a page is relevant to a particular search query.

Compare the page’s relevance to competing pages. Find and decide if you want to add the missing keywords. Try to understand a user’s interest in a keyword and how it changes with time. Ad campaigns must be planned according to the trend and season.

Search Analytics

Find out the keywords which give your competitors the lead and put them on the top of the search results page. Identify competitors; understand their strengths, weaknesses and how your business can lead the competition.

Check on your domain of interest for traffic drops and visibility changes. Also, check if your campaign is moving in the correct direction. The top 100 Google results are displayed in the Search Queries section that displays each keyword that your competitor is ranking for. Along with finding the most trending pages of the domain keep an eye on the competitor's post. Find which of their content generates maximum traffic.

On-Page Audit

This feature considers the multiple ranking factors for performing an instant in-depth analysis of web pages. The data retrieved will show the efficiency of each element of your website, indicate optimization errors and also fix them.

It helps in finding gaps in the domain’s optimization and improves the crawl rate of the domain. It is efficient in finding and fixing off-site and on-site issues, checking the meta tag content relevance and its length in title and description.

It also does interlinking verification correctly as well as keeps a check on the creation or correction of page nesting level. Find image issues and investigate the presence of ‘display:none’ hidden content and frame. Verifying the links and check for duplicate contents.

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat basically provides two types of plans that are four-tiered paid subscriptions plans namely the Personal and Business plans. The two plans differ in the number of queries provided, the number of keywords and reports that the user can run and track and more extra features. Serpstat also offers a free plan.

Should One buy this? If so, why

As far as the performance of Serpstat goes, it does the following extraordinarily well:

● PPC analysis

● Competition Research

● Keyword Research

These factors help in analyzing PPC campaign, find new content ideas and keyword possibilities and perform competitor research extensively. The data obtained by using the tool serves the purpose of creating effective content and driving qualified and organic traffic to your website. Hope this Serpstat review served the purpose of being informational to the users.

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