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RFP Review | 2019 update on Price and Features

RFPs have been playing a crucial role since years in the business and hence has been used by almost every business whether it is small, medium or large.

RFP 365

RFP 365 is a complete proposal management solution that helps teams not only with a platform for creating RFPS but also with a vast library of approved templates. The users can use and customize these templates so that they can immediately author such documents. With vast features such as vendor selection and task management, RFP 365 is one of the widely used proposal management solution that helps teams to manage end-to-end RFP. One of the best features of RFP 365 is that it allows users to control RFP versions, permissions as well as the templates. All thanks to RFP 365 being a cloud based platform, all the information stored in the system can be accessed by the users around the clock and also the users are kept up-to-date all the time regarding the status of different projects.

Why RFP 365?

Now since we know what RFP 365 is, the major question that arises is why we must implement it. One of the major reasons why an enterprise must go with RFP 365 is the user satisfaction. Amongst all the enterprises who have implemented this, each and every one has been satisfied with it till now. The easy to use platform based on cloud is what attracts customers to RFP 365. The reviews across all the social media sites have been exceptional which helps you to make a firm buying decision. The excellent customer support that RFP provides makes you a permanent user of it and gives you a sense of satisfaction that you will never stuck anywhere in the system thus making your life easier as an RFP user. The consolidated reporting feature that RFP has, is a huge asset for the team.

Features of RFP 365

Now as we have discussed everything about RFP, we must discuss in detail about the exceptional feature of this amazing RFP 365 which will give you an insight about all the features in-depth and help you in understanding everything about RFP 365.

• Comparison of different vendors

One of the best features of RFP 365 is that you as an organization can compare different vendors side by side and hence you can very well analyse the pros and cons of each vendor that will in turn help the decision makers of the organization to quickly take the best decision in no time. Everything you want to regarding the service provider and the product is very well organised in the system which makes it very easy for you to analyse things in a better way.

• Variety of RFP Templates

RFP 365 provides a wide variety of approved RFP templates that users and organizations can make use of. Since everything in the application is centralized, this feature the conflicts between the word files and versions is reduced too which minimises the efforts of the user. Apart from the feature discussed, RFP 365 also provides a platform for creating RPS which is an excellent feature.

• Attractive Bidding

For the vendors that offer services to organisations, everyone in the team of vendors can work collectively towards creating an attractive proposal which makes the chances higher for the vendors of winning a bid.

• Centralized Knowledge Base

Once the system is properly populated in the RFP system, it becomes extremely handy and easy to identify which vendor best suits the requirements of the business and ultimately it becomes very easy to allot the project to the best suited vendor. Also, the excellent interactive RFP dashboard makes it easy to implement the system on to your business.

• Vendor Management and selection

RFP 365 has the best vendor management system that allows organizations to analyse the proposals of different vendors who have placed a bid for the project and select the one which is most suitable to complete it in the best possible way. Hence, RFP 365 does not only help the organization to filter the best proposals from the vendors but also helps them to select the best vendor out of the rest.

• Process analysis capability

The enhanced process capability of RFP 365 helps the organizations to gain insight on the pace with which the proposals are created as well as who is responsible for them which aids organizations in ensuring that the work is continued in a productive manner.

• Cloud -based knowledge system

The cloud-based knowledge system in which RFP 365 is based helps the organizations to create and respond to RFPs much faster and as they simply have to pull out the data from past transaction from the cloud and view different proposals from the vendors for the same project and analyse them properly.

Technical Details

RFP 365 is supported by most version of Windows and Mac OS as well. RFP 365, is also operating system independent and can be used on web very efficiently. Also, the only language it supports and comes with is the English language which makes it widely usable across the globe.


RFP 365 is a very useful tool both for the organisation who want look for the vendors for their projects as well for the vendors who look to offer bid to the organisations for projects. Enterprise pricing for the RFP 365 begins at $6500 per year and you can either directly contact their support team to purchase the license or can leave your contact details on their website to get a call from the team.


The RFP 365 gives a support through phone as well as through email and the support team is one of the best in the industry. From purchasing the license to implementing it and providing real time support, RFP 365 support team excels in all departments.

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