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Reportgarden review | 2019 update on price and features

ReportGarden is a software that helps online ad agencies create analysis and performance reports for clients by linking with AdWords, analytics, and bing ads account using APIs and loading data into reports.

ReportGarden is a solution for cross-platform reporting with digital paid media campaigns on platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

ReportGarden offers a full range of marketing tools that integrate seamlessly with an agency's workflow. An agency account manager/executive needs to be able to start on this immediately. It is extremely intuitive. Top agencies use ReportGarden to automate most of the time - consuming tasks such as customer reporting, data dashboards, SEO keyword tracking, PPC health monitoring account, budgeting, invoicing, etc.

Report Garden breaks down many critical areas of our success: the customer's ability to segregate, track performance, creates dashboards and automate reporting. The main dashboard gives an overview of all the accounts-how they perform and what needs attention. Different customers can be allocated to various team members, and each customer account contains many different tabs/features.

Features: Health, Reports, and Dashboards.

Health: This feature gives you a customer-by-customer snapshot of performance and an insight into how each team member's customers perform. For example, to see the last seven days, or this month versus last month, or the same month the previous year, you have toggles in the data range. Even the flexibility standards and intuitive software have now soared. It also has a "customers who need attention" and a "best-performing customers" area, which draws your attention to your best and worst performers, which helps to allocate time and effort to your teams.

Reports: Report templates and a customizable front cover can be easily created. Depending on which media a client uses, you can add or remove widgets for example; one client may not use Facebook marketing, so you remove the widget and save the template for the next time. You can also automate reports, but before sending them to customers, we can review all reports. When you try to develop a culture of accountability and communication in your agency, this is imperative. All reports dating back to the insertion can be seen in the customer area, giving you a comprehensive resource for your customer activity.

Dashboards: In the same way as reporting, dashboards allow you to add more complex metrics that customers may not need. You can also combine all mediums, for example, total spending, and then total metrics. When you create a dashboard template, it is as simple as adding a new client to the dashboard. Simply add profiles, such as Facebook ads, Google Adwords or Analytics, and add the dashboard template to the dashboard area of the client. Data pulls in real time, and we have not seen any variations between the ad dashboard figures and what we see in ReportGarden to date. One word, smooth.


1. Great for reporting agencies. It allows integrations from many different sources, so it is easy to show a customer how their marketing and individual channels work.

2. Simple to use. Custom report templates can be created, and data can be extracted from different client accounts.

3. Very intuitive and easy to use. Connectors to the main products. Adapts to multiple languages and design layouts which you can include in your margin over the costs.

4. The only best thing about ReportGarden reviews is that it automatically pulls down the numbers for you, so you don't have to spend time on Analytics, Unbounce, AdWords, Bing, Facebook, etc. every month. You can automatically update the document! It saves you a lot of time.

5. Linking multiple accounts: It's an excellent platform for social media, search optimization and PPC digital marketing reports-all in one place. If you're a generalist or consultant in digital marketing and you don't want to invest in three different reporting tools, Report Garden is the way to go. Their system can provide Adwords, PPC, SEO, social, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Analytics dashboards for you and your customers or team. The reports are clean and readable. The ability to schedule, and reschedule your reports and create customer-specific dashboards/portals is essential for the management of digital marketing.

6. Google Analytics reports, AdWords, Facebook ads and other ad channels. Provides customers with a dashboard for logging into their accounts. Automated reporting with manageable report templates set to schedules.

7. Cross-platform reporting all in one place; it is impressive because only a very few software offer it. Platform layout is easy to use-everything is clean and straightforward; this is a strength because many other tools are complicated and don't look great. Well built for agencies and organizations with multiple users or multiple customers; this is a strength because it is ideal for almost all agencies.


1. ReportGarden is sometimes too simplistic. It doesn't let you get into the details for more sophisticated customers as much as you might need. Sometimes we may have problems reporting all our separate platforms/campaigns together. It would be great if ReportGarden had different levels that would allow more sophisticated agencies to buy more detailed reporting tools at a higher level.

2. The only difference with Report Garden is that, like many services that try to provide a one-stop shop for a myriad of features, it is not as detailed/flexible as those SaaS providers that focus on one service and do it well (i.e., SEO reporting). In case you are a consultant or a generalist, this may not be a problem. However, if you are a particular type of agency-social media, SEO, etc.-you may not find all you need under this one hood.

3. Sometimes a slow interface a little clunky. UI needs a makeover. It feels outdated.

4. The date range for select reports must be changed manually.

5. However, ReportGarden does not provide very detailed information that people prefer to include in their reports. It is not a problem for the customers in most cases, but agencies still want to have more granular data.


ReportGarden works very well for the agencies because it takes the human element out of reporting. Even daily reports can be automated monthly, weekly, and sent directly to customers without direct intervention. It saves a ton of time for analyzing reports rather than formatting them.

As a smaller agency, ReportGarden was fantastic for us when we need an affordable tool for multiple, smaller customers who are on many different platforms and have to report on all our metrics for a holistic picture across all tactics. With its simplified platform layout and tools, ReportGarden is also easy to use for the new employees.

With ReportGarden reviews, you can collect data from customer campaigns that display Google Analytics landing page data, Facebook Ads data and Facebook Insights in one place. You can use the chart widgets to create beautiful colorful charts and filter with keywords to view audience data from specific ad sets. ReportGarden also displays screenshots of the actual creative post if you set the dimension to "ads" in tables and you can pull in the ad set name next to it, as well as all metrics such as clicks, impressions, views.

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