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Ranktrackr review, pricing & everything you need to know

Keywords play a prominent role in search engine optimization. They are a fundamental building block of SEO content. Keywords are majorly a connecting node between sites and the users or readers. Keywords are nothing but words or phrases when people search anything on search engines the keywords links the viewer to the correct information being searched.

Proper use of keywords increases the chances of being located quickly. The required information will be featured on the result provided by the search engine result. Keywords tracking tools are very important for search engine optimized content, they display performance of the websites and implied strategy.

The accurate ranking of keywords is the essential prospect of marketing. The ranking detects the search trends and helps in recognizing the target audience and market demands. This ranking helps in categorizing the marketing strategies on the basis of the market response. It also highlights the strategies that need improvement and enhancement.

It also provides information about good performing keywords, describing the product and business. With these references, it is easy to implement the keywords properly and update the content to get better rank.

The keyword tracking tools help in keeping an eye on the keywords, their usage, and outcomes that they give. This helps in implementing better strategies to use keywords that are getting popularity. Keyword tracking helps in boosting accurate ranking. This can take the site to the number one positions. A good keyword tracking tool saves time. These tools simplify the procedure to find keyword statistics, analyzing the achieved results and optimizing the content uploaded on the site.

Ranktrackr, a renowned keyword ranking tool uses the cloud-based technology to track keywords. The tool has emerged as the one of the best hacking search engine optimization’s growth hacking tool. Latest technologies are implied to develop the tool that allows tracking the keywords usage. The keyword ranking tools come with unique features and functions; it also provides YouTube ranking of the user and allows customizing the information or data.

A reliable and good functioning SEO software improves the Search Engine Optimization efforts and its implementation. RankTrackr provides a good working experience. It has advanced features that yield better results. The tools are known for the customization and accuracy of the result. Ranktrackr is one of the leading tools in the industry that checks the keyword ranking.

Many other industry-leading tools are available in the market that provides great features and excellent results. Some unknown tools like WebCEO and AWR, check not only keyword ranking but also provide several other advanced features that help in SEO efforts and produced good outcomes.

Features and services provided by other leading tools :

• These tools provide options, with the help of these options many well-known search engines can be easily selected.

• They analyze the data in detail and also provide the rank tracking data of competitor which helps in improvising and making possible changes.

• These tools provide you with information and keyword ranking along with all the ranking reports done in the past. It gives detailed information about the task performed and history.

• The tools are very efficient; they allow easy comparison of the keyword tracking, they provide detailed visualization of the search results and data.

How to RankTrackr check keywords?

Ranktrackr review according to the users is quite good. The tool provides customized features, and it offers simple procedures and working. The keywords or website can be easily tracked with the help of this tool.

To begin with simply add URL, keywords, website or search engine that is to be analyzed, (the user can also give multiples data or URL). After adding the URL, you can also add the keywords. The keywords are needed to placed one time in each line. This tool also provide options to select country and language and the search will be done accordingly.

The results and ranking will differ depending on many factors like country the website is targeting. The user can also track the keywords according to place or city or a specific region they want to target.

The RankTrackr Dashboard contains many essential rank tracking data that provide convenient services. The dashboard displays the status of keyword rankings. They analyze the data and provide information about the keyword positions, average position, number of keywords, keyword change, and websites used. It also provides Alexa Rank, Google PageRank, and many more data.

A detailed list of keywords and their rank and related content is also shown on the dashboard. The dashboard provides a customized cell that can be improvised according to the user's preferences. The customization allows comparison of rank with competitor sites. It also offers an easy way to select and analyze the given data.

History of the keyword ranking is also displayed on the dashboard in the form of graphs and statistic for the effective visualization of search results. There are various cells that contain different information like last changes made in the ranking. They show the data and update done every day, weekly and monthly, thus providing a better understanding and knowledge about the changes and the improvements with the passage of time. The services are extremely convenient and provide excellent search volume, language, location, and other related data. It offers a good great preview details about individual keywords and detailed date about competitor sites and tells the user their position and ranking in regards to their the competitors.

Ranktrackr offers good services at reasonable prices. They offer the services majorly in two price categories, one for enterprises and agency and other for normal users.

Enterprise package consists of interface access and unlimited API access. The price for this package is charged as per the keywords. This cost of these packages vary from $980 for ten thousand keywords. There are several other packages for normal users and small business. Such packages are available at the pocket – friendly prices and starting from $17.60 for hundred keywords.

RankTrackr offers excellent services along with online customer support, user ‘s queries and complaints are instantly resolved. The customer care can be easily accessed through emails and offer every possible assistance to the user.

RankTrackr is an essential tool in today’s digital marketing industry, as it is used tracking keyword ranking. It lacks many features like web analytics, performance, keyword research, social media, audit tools which are provided by other leading tools in the market. Competitors like WebCEO and AWS offer great features that are essential for marketers. Yes, it’s a true fact that RankTrackr lacks these advanced features, but even after this it provides accurate rankings and good services.

It offers a simple and easy user interface; a user finds this tool way more easy and convenient. The tools and it's functioning is very flexible. The user can change the dashboard in accordance with their choice and preferences.

Ranktrackr is an affordable, simple and trustworthy ranking system that is specially designed according to the need of the user. Several changes and improvisation are made to make the tool more efficient and helpful.

Ranktrackr review is also available which helps in getting customer feedback. It also offers a free trial to the users, so that they get an idea about the functioning and performance of the tool. It is a great alternative for keyword tracking tools in the market. 

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