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Burgeoning development and the thriving companies across are a great deal of matter in today’s world. Nowadays companies, business organizations are indulged in a lot of work from management to dealing with clients, report making, keeping records of all sorts of office as well as clients data, scheduling their work, deadlines, meetings and many more. A lot of time it happens that being a human being, people tend to forget a lot of things under so much pressure or due to slipping of mind they forget to complete a few works. Hence such tool or ad management must be adopted that would lessen the burden and make life easier.


Opteo is the answer to the question. Founded in 2013, Opteo is such an AdWords management platform that imbrutes and streamlines all the management related aspects of the company's AdWords accounts, through one-click improvement, continuous monitoring and many more. It is primarily designed for small and midsize business. It analyzes various trends and figures to identify a relevant pattern in users AdWord account. This software is generally used by pay-per-click managers in digital marketing agencies, Google advertisement freelancers and search engine marketing managers. It continuously monitors the AdWord account of users to track significant patterns. Opteo always suggests necessary improvement backed up by sufficient and real data; it contains tools that help to manage users' accounts, browsing segments, budget-related issues, and leaves you an alert when there is a query, etc.

Opteo offers four pricing plans:





Based on the Opteo review, it is renowned for managing accounts in one unified table; it has complete command over budgets and bids. Now forget all those days of dreadful developer scripts, and pivotal tables, Opteo automatically surveys performance of the data, searches keywords terms and make necessary amendments from the allotted data. Thus amongst tons of AdWord tools Opteo rises to the top to manage the day-to-day workflow.


• ACCOUNTS MONITORING: It continuously surveys accounts, looks after the ongoing projects, alerts about the things happening, and suggests a list of necessary amendments sorted by the priority. It tends to follow a significant pattern. Hence surveys done by Opteo are always backed up relevant data.

• OPTIMISE BID: It examines the organization's test budget: how much it can invest, and then it provides a well-structured plan to do so. Opteo takes into considerations and suggests the most intelligent bid possible.

• TASK PRIORITIZATION: Opteo jots down the task according to its priority; it informs the clients about the required work according to the allotted priority of that task.

• AUTOMATED TASKS: Automated tools are essential as they improve day-to-day processes and allow to allocate time to more strategic work, Opteo gives AdWord people more time to work on high-level tasks that have a more significant effect on the overall performance of an account

• COMPARES PERFORMANCE: Opteo compares the performances based on the data provided, it suggests all possible measures which need to be adopted to enhance the performance.

• CHECKS KEYWORD BID: It is the most time-consuming part of day-to-day work, it invites lots of complexities, and hence Opteo is the key solution to this as it manages to reduce this complexity.

• CALCULATES STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Calculating statistical significance is essential and necessary part of ad testing, Opteo does a detailed analysis and takes care of all the calculation whereas you can focus on critical tasks that will make a difference. It enables clients to spend more time on complex issues.

Along with its features it also deals with several pros and cons, based on Opteo Review, here are few of them:


1. User-friendly: It is straightforward with no complexities and highly user-friendly, its interface is excellent, it retains a very clear overview while making any suggestion.

2. Saves time: It is most useful in terms of time-saving, and it has an analysis algorithm that examines the keywords, ads, strategies and resolves all the time-consuming issues. It provides excellent value at a minimal price.

3. Reduces error: A human being tends to make mistakes under many circumstances, whereas Opteo appropriately does its work with no chance of making mistakes, it analyses all the issues and resolves them.

4. Budget-friendly: Opteo is very budget friendly. It suits the small size businesses, freelancers as they cannot afford expensive automated tool, Opteo is easily accessible to them, and it also provides 60 days free trial.

5. Performance oriented: It is hugely performance oriented; it continuously recommends issues that are needed to be fixed. It also provides an excellent recommendation to improve performance.

6. Favored by clients: The users highly prefer it as it optimizes clients best interest, Opteo enhances the relationship between marketer and account.

7. Enriched with features: Opteo has a continually growing feature list, new functionality is continuously added to make it more efficient and user-friendly. It is smarter, pleasant and productive.


Improvements made are not up to the mark, as campaign and group list are not alphabetically arranged.

The application is not user-friendly as it is not appropriate for tablets and mobile phones, as there is the absence of feature to export a report. Therefore, the lack of responsive design reduces the popularity of the application.

Reporting tool of Opteo lacks advanced features needed for enhancing the performance.

Performance recommendations don't always work out for all people, as it works on a state basis

Lack of exportable reporting option

It occasionally crashes or hangs.

Thus everything has advantages as well as disadvantages. They are two sides of the same coin, amongst enormous Google AdWord management tools, Opteo secures a high position. Its continuous account management, task optimization skills, and single click optimization and 40 different optimization skills have made it stand out from all the competitors, and hence following the Opteo Review, it is the most ideal and preferred AdWord management tool across the world. Try out the product here->

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