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Odoo Website Builder - 2019 Review of Features and Usability

This blog is about Odoo website builder review, where we talk about how easy it is use, is it really for every business, how different is it from Wordpress and finally should you actually open your wallet for this product. Traditionally Odoo is known as all-in-one management software that provides multiple business applications that form a suite of tools for companies of all sizes. But is their website builder worth the buck? Let's find out

Odoo Website Builder Overview

Before I get into the details of the review, I will reveal the score here

SEO: 6/10

UI/UX: 4/10

Support: 4/10

Usability: 5/10

Performance: 8/10

Verdict? Do not try this.

Signup Process

To check out this product visit  https://www.odoo.com/page/website-builder it is free to try out the product. All you need to do is give your email, phone number, company name, company size, and your full name. Post signing up it takes few seconds to set up your website (which will be on Odoo.com domain). Before you can get into the dashboard, you need to pick a theme for your website. I could see 25 themes all designed for various industries. I did not like any of those themes, but if you compare them to Weebly or Squarespace; I would say they are on par with them.

You can pick from 25 themes

Let's get back to the setup process. I went ahead and picked the theme “Odoo Expert”, and due to this, the whole review went not as planned. I caught a server error and the sad part if that I can copy the error on the clipboard. What help is this to me? After this, I will also talk about the Odoo bot which was of no help for me. Coming back to the errors, what amuses me the most is that Odoo is well known for Enterprise Solutions, but cannot handle a server error cruel manner? Why did they choose to give out their mistakes? Anyways such things happened but in small startups. Let move on which this review.

Odoo Website Setup Error

Even before I proceed further, I was shown a message asking me to verify my email address. I checked my email and clicked on the activation button only to find out that I was redirected to a page that was blank. Well, this time I do not know what does Odoo’s User Experience team is trying to achieve with me. I did not find any action item, nor did it make any sense for having a blank page.

Odoo activation email



Customer Facing Bot is a joke – Live chat replaced

During the signup process, I was interrupted by a pop that supposedly is a bot that wants to help me with the signup process. I was helpful to the bot by asking “How to set up my website”. It replied asking me to send a picture of my dog, or any image. I did that; now it asked me to type”/” to access special functions. I pressed”/” and found some functions. When I typed ”/channel,” it says I am alone. Duhhh….what kind of bot does this? Instead of helping me, it is playing with me, WoW. Good job Odoo.

Odoo Customer Facing Bot

 Website Builder

Unlike Wordpress, where you log in only to find out the backend of the website which looks cramped up, Odoo’s website builder takes you to your front page/homepage design. From there you can pick and choose what elements are required on the page and how they will look together. We saw this feature in Wix, and other website builders too. People always appreciate the dragging and dropping feature.

Odoo Website Builder



Maintaining the Blog Section

The blog section reminds me of Bitrix24’s pages feature. You need to install the app to have a blog section on the website. One big challenge here is that you cannot play with any SEO functionalities here, such as a custom url, customer meta title, meta description, and more. On the contrary, you can add elements from a landing page on this. Such as, you can add a Twitter card, Facebook timeline, carousel pictures, and more. The listing page of the blog cannot be customised into sections based on category or other tags. Individual blog pages have social sharing buttons which will help with content promotion.

Odoo Website Blog 


Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO, yes it is a friend of Google, Bing and other search engines; but you do not have control on the SEO elements that we did not find in the blog section too. Regarding creating nested pages or pages with tree-like structure (all page connecting to parent pages, and parent pages linking to the home page) it is not possible here. This is a big “No No” if technology companies that have heavy content websites. You can add Google Tag Manager code here, run sitemap through external tools such as screaming frog, and expect the fastest server response time.

Customer Support

Odoo has a lot of website-building quirks and oddities. Therefore we're excited about studying some specialist advice about the Support site.

'The best way to use my own domain ','The best way to interpret my site','The best way to perform Search Engine Optimization from Odoo',''The best way to monitor your site's visitors in Google Analytics' and'The best way to monitor your site traffic out of the Odoo Dashboard.' At least this content ought to be complete and professional, right? Wrong. The material on with your for example, references the question of how to enable SSL to your Odoo instance. An excellent hosting company will provide you Let us Encrypt certificates at no cost, let you set up them out of a control panel, provide fairly-priced certificates of its own, possibly have the ability to import and set up documents you have bought previously. That will probably work. However, it is the most fundamental of solutions, rather than a fantastic fit for your more professional small business customers Odoo is trying to attract.

If you encounter trouble, then it's possible to turn into Odoo's service staff. These can be found through live chat and email, but just 24/5 (Monday to Friday), also Odoo qualifies that by stating they "provide practical support and bug fixing providers on conventional capabilities."

That could be sufficient, but it still compares poorly with a lot more consumer-oriented site builders that supply a competent web knowledgebase and 24/7 service for much less money.

Who is Odoo for?

Odoo can be used by professionals who want to get their website up and running in the fastest possible time. The overall process looks confusing and complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t think about any other platforms. We had used Odoo in the past for HR-related processes, and believe me this product is sturdy and gets the job done. The UI/UX is not upto the mark though. I would say, use this builder if you want to sell services. If you are a product or an ecommerce company, stay away from this.


Some of the benefits worth mentioning in this review are

• Interactive Blogs

• Content Import/Export

• Drag & Drop

• Landing Pages Creation

• Web Forms Creation

• Pre-built Templates

• Real-Time Editing

• Survey Builder

• Website loads fast


Pricing is unquestionably more oriented to business than home users. You will pay an initial fee of 18 Euros ($21.09) per user per month, paid yearly; the site builder is 16 Euros ($18.75) monthly in addition to that, some affiliated programs are liberated (blogging), but many other programs are priced separately (e-commerce is 8 Euros ($9.38), sending integrations for DHL, FedEx, UPS and many others are 24 Euros ($28.13), the eBay program is 64 Euros ($75).

Final Verdict

Not the best website builder in the market. I would say stay away from this one. But if you are looking for a suite of product for your organisation, then Odoo suit can be a match.

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