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Ford Fusion Energi vs Tesla Model 3

The transportation transformation throughout these years has finally reached a satisfactory level with the introduction of electric cars or plug in hybrids or all electric vehicles (EVs). The cars with gasoline engines were contagious to the environment, that's why the transformation of gas engine cars with electric cars can prove to be a very beneficial healthy change for the environment and the resources.

Electric vehicles have very low fuel and maintenance cost. Electric cars help to maintain the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere, rather than the gasoline engines which increased the amount of carbon dioxide at an extremely unhealthy level in the environment. 2018 Tesla model 3 and Ford Fusion Energi 2019 are two new electric vehicles in the world of cars.

Introduction to Tesla model 3 and Ford Fusion Energi

Tesla model 3 which has already been introduced to the world, whereas Ford Fusion Energi is still on the platform to be launched. After the introduction of Ford Fusion Energi in 2019, having the same electric model, everyone is interested in knowing more regarding ford fusion energi vs tesla model 3.

Tesla Model 3 –

Tesla Model 3 is the best electric car with its full flexing modernity features. It is all electric, compact executive car of the sedan class manufactured and sold by the strongest car company, Tesla. It was launched in the year of 2018 with all modern features that perfectly suits today's modern world. With the EPA rated all electric range of 220 miles, it has provided a new approach to the safety of the environment.

Tesla Model 3 is not a hypercar or supercar or a sports car but still it has been the most attractive sedan model of Tesla in the last decade. The rear 3 quarter view is nothing so extraordinary but still it is a good point to cover. When you open the door, you can be impressed with the minimal look of internal of Tesla Model 3 having a flat thin horizontal minimalist dashboard with a 15 inch LCD touchscreen.

Ford Fusion Energi -

Ford is a strong company providing good transportation facilities with cars, trucks and many more. Ford has started the launching of fusion hybrid cars from the year 2013 and recently in March 2019 it has introduced with the latest model of fusion brand which is Ford Fusion Energi. The Ford Fusion Energi is intended to have EPA estimated electric only up to the range of 25 miles. The most updated and latest feature in this upcoming model of Ford is the Ford Co-pilot 360. The ongoing customers of Ford fusion brand will be pleased with the introduction of more modified modern technology like the advanced navigation system in the Ford Fusion Energi 2019 model. This fusion model includes sleeker outer design with vivid color palettes in the inside.

Price Comparison of Tesla Model 3 and Ford Fusion Energi -

Ford Fusion Energi vs tesla model 3 is a comparison between two highly standardized electric cars. Their comparison stands a helpful strategy for consumers. Tesla Model 3 which was launched in the year of 2018 with full electric vehicle specifications was priced approximately $35000 as a starting range whereas Ford Fusion Energi which is just brought to the platform in the March 2019 tends to have a start with the price of $31000. Thus Ford has provided a car with whole modern specifications in a bit low price than the Tesla Model 3.

Modern features of Tesla Model 3 and Ford Fusion Energi

Tesla model 3 is an all electric vehicle cannot be considered for long distance travel because it will need an instant battery recharge after 213 miles of running per full charge, however, Ford Fusion Energi is a plug in hybrid working on electric as well as gas energy. Ford Fusion Energi is manufactured smartly enough for the customers considering an electric car as an option and providing a long distance travelling option with fuel gas for the rest of the journey after exhaustion of electric battery. It has a 550 mile range which is approximately triple to that of Tesla model 3. Tesla model has modern key features, it can be unlocked easily with a smartphone paired with its app or with a plastic key card.

Ford Fusion Energi or Tesla Model 3, what to buy, why to buy?

If you are the one who chooses the best according to the looks, then Tesla Model 3 might disappoint you. You are left with the highly attractive looking Ford Fusion Energi with the grille and headlight combination which makes it preferably a smarter choice. If Ford Fusion Energi is compared with its previous fusion models then according to the features it is not a good choice, but when compared with Tesla model 3, it is still better because the performance of Tesla model 3 on the road is not that impressive. 

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