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Fluid UI review, pricing & everything you need to know

So, you want to build up your own application which is platform independent? Yes, you can create your own application in the simplest way avoiding all the multilayered processes. The multilayered processes include designing, coding and managing the project. These all tasks can be done in a very simple way using the Fluid UI.

Fluid UI is a mobile app that has an extensive wireframe tool and material design library for both web and OS application. This is a platform independent app that runs on Android, Android Tablet, iPhone and iPad. It is a responsive and cohesive platform which prototypes and executes the mobile app ideas very quickly. It is developed by an Irish Company named Fluid Software.


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Here are some Fluid UI reviews that makes it popular among all other prototyping tools are:

• Advanced text editing- In Fluid UI text editing menu allows the user to customize the text style. There are plenty of options in the text editing menu such as text color, opacity, text type(Bold, Italics, Underlined), font and Alignment of text (left, right, centered, justified). Apart from these basic customizable options there are advanced options like text shadows, line heights, letters spacing, and text case settings. These features give a magnificent outlook to your design. The shadow feature allows the shadow to be moved along x and y axis according to your need. You can also blur the texts by choosing a specific value of blur for your text.

• Live preview- Fluid UI enables you to share your preview with colleagues, users, investors, and stakeholders in an easier way. You can simply open your project and click on ‘live' option in the top right corner to share a live preview. The audience can enter the live preview by just entering the email and user id. It is not necessary for the audience to have a fluid account. It helps you to understand whether they are making any contribution or not. It helps you to view all other interactions and also let you interact with others.

• Technical details about Fluid UI- It runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and web-based apps. It supports the language, English. The pricing model is divided into three major categories such as free, monthly payment and annual subscription. You can choose your own pricing model according to your needs. Fluid UI is best for small business, large enterprises and medium businesses. It is a cloud-hosted app which means all your data are stored in cloud storage.

• Ease of Use- Based on online, Fluid UI is the best app prototyping tool which is relatively easy to use. It is a wireframe tool designed to open iOs and Android mobile and tablet sites at a faster rate. It has a clean interface which makes it user-friendly. There are simple drag and drop options, FAQs, live demos and tutorials that help you to get started. This prototyping tool helps you to learn even if you are not so experienced. You can also find out and use the advanced features of Fluid UI by taking help of the forum support if you face any difficulties.

• Real-time collaboration- Fluid UI enables you to collaborate with your teammates in real time. The collaboration in Fluid UI is a very easy process. You just need to add the colleagues' email address in ‘add to team' option. Real-time collaboration allows you to share your project with your teammates. You will be able to see any changes your teammates are making and your teammates can see any changes that you are making. You need to invite the team members individually to get access to your projects. The team members automatically do not get access to the project unless the admin invites them.

• Fluid UI guide and tutorials- The quick guide helps you to use Fluid UI and create excellent prototypes of the desired app for the first time very quickly. There are four steps to create a prototype in Fluid UI which includes creating pages, adding widgets, adding links and previewing. There are tutorial videos which may help you to get a better idea of Fluid UI. You can learn the advanced customization skills after the basic customization. Also, customers can get in touch for support via email, posts and live chats. Fluid UI has its own blog and also official media pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+.

• Work using your preferred platform- Fluid UI enables you to access your prototypes, collaborate with people with similar interest and share your work via any web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari. You also have the option to install the desktop client only if you want to have a robust and whole screen prototyping experience. You and your teammates can preview the prototypes using your Android and iOS devices. Accordingly, you can make a list of what you want to change, add, remove or apply. This website and mobile prototype builder enhances your experience by creating web and mobile prototypes within minutes.

• Project settings- This option enables the user to control all areas of the project. The project settings have features like setting the resolution of each screen, cloning projects and managing the projects. The option ‘project setting’ can be easily located in the home menu. The project setting dialogue screens helps you to control all settings related to your project. You can change the name of the project, change the devices, change the gestures, change the transition effect, change the orientation, clone project, customization of the loading screen and archive projects.

• Adding links in Fluid UI- It is a very easy task to add links to Fluid UI. You just need to select the blue link icon that appears on the right-hand side of the widget menu. The screen will zoom out to the entire project. Click again to drop the link on the page you want to link with. There are several options available like new, clone, start page, previous page, and URL on the right side of the canvas. The new option creates a new page and adds links to it. Clone option clones the current page and links to it. Start page links to the first page of the project while the previous page links to the previous page. The URL option links a URL outside of the project.


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There are some stunning features of Fluid UI that help the user to create mockups, prototypes, and wireframes for the mobile app. The Fluid UI review says about this tool, how much compatible and user-friendly it is for the first time users. It is the best prototyping app for the beginners who are guided by tutorials videos as well as for the professionals who want to customize the apps in an advanced way. It works well for both an individual and a team. The Fluid UI comes with different pricing depending on how you are going to use it and for what purpose.

Moreover, it has capabilities like powerful collaboration tools, immediate access via web, preview mode, integrated review, feedback and remote user tests like no other website and mobile prototype builder. With this information in hand, you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won't regret later.

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