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Everything You Should Know About Tesla Model Y

With amazing performances, cars such as the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, is finally succeeded by the amazing Tesla Model Y, which is one of the most innovative cars ever made by the company so far.

This new generation car of the Tesla Company is said to be a crossover, though no one outside Tesla knows anything much about the car. The Company CEO, Elon Musk has made many comments on the Tesla Model Y, and it is a crossover.

• When is it being Lauched?

Though nothing more than a handful of general information has been revealed about the car, last year the Company CEO Elon Musk joked about disclosing the car on the Ides of March. Was he really joking? Because this new Tesla Model Y is all set to be revealed in March, you would know if you are following Musk's tweets recently.

Last year in May, Elon Musk announced that the car would be unveiled on the March 15th. But with the Ides of March, he decided to unveil it a day earlier, on March 14th, and it will be revealed at Tesla’s design studio in LA. And with these tweets, Musk also promised to reveal the other detailed specs and the prices that day and also give test rides.

• Price and Production of Tesla Model Y

We might see the Tesla Model Y early, but its production will not start before 2020. It is expected that Model Y will be similar to Model 3, in terms of its width, length, the wheelbase, but it would be a bit taller than Model 3. While in terms of the price, the Model Y will cost 10% more. The Model Y is said to be a small cross over SUV. It will fill out the cheaper end of Tesla’s line up of cars.

• Design and Appearance

Though all will have to wait till March 14th to see this new Model Y, Tesla has just released a teaser sketch, but from that it seems, that the Model Y will look like a slightly baby version of the Model X. The company also released a cryptic image at the shareholder meeting last June. From what it seems, Model Y has surely taken some cues for its design from the Model 3 and Model X. Tesla is winning with the crossover formula, so we have a lot to expect from the car in terms of its design. Musk had also said that this Model Y would share as much as 75% of its components with the Model 3. Thus making this crossover quicker and costing a slightly less range. Size wise, the Tesla Model Y will be 10% bigger than the Model 3.

With its manufacturing starting the next year, Musk has promised not to delay the production like how it happened in case of the Model 3. The production line for this model will be outside of the Reno, in the Company’s Gigafactory. It is estimated that the model will be built in the Nevada and the China factories. 

Image Credits ->AutoExpress

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