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Engagebay Review-Should You Use This For Nurturing Leads?

Engage Bay is an all-in-one marketing and sales service platform. It helps you manage all your customers with an efficient customer relationship management. Get your businesses growing with intelligent and powerful email marketing.

Engage Bay stands strong on four pillars that are:

1. Nurturing your leads.

2. Growing web traffic.

3. Simple to use.

4. Affordability.

Unlike other portals, Engage Bay is a web portal that has a good CRM- Customer Relationship Management. It helps you to very easily organize all your emails contacts, and track the deals and sales accurately. Thus an efficient customer relationship management system helps you to manage all your contacts and build customer relationships. Engage Bay also offers marketing assistance, with which you can grow your business hassle free.

Why to use Engage Bay?

With the growth and awareness of social media and its increasing power over the marketing, the buying patterns of customers have changed in the recent years. The social media has influenced the marketing strategies and has forced people to come up with more creative and efficient marketing tools.

And with so many new strategies and platforms coming up with marketing tools, it becomes hard for the companies to juggle in all those platforms. And sometimes it results in the fact that you end up not getting the proper customer relationship management or the marketing right.

So here comes Engage Bay with its unified marketing management. It will help you integrate and use the same platform for all your marketing. Engage Bay will help you run email marketing strategies that help you create emails and track the customer leads. Not just this, you can also run the social media marketing strategies and customer analytics under just one platform. This creates less fuss as you can manage almost all your marketing on just one platform.

To top it all, Engage Bay comes at an affordable price. So small businesses wanting to grow, but can’t get hands on proper customer relationship management and marketing assistance, can easily use this platform.

What exactly is Lead Nurturing?

Lead Nurturing is a process where you build relationships with the buyers at every stage. It focuses mainly on the marketing and communication processes and having a good report with the probable prospects and existing customers, and also giving them all the information they need.

That is the job is not over after you have captured the contacts in your email. Preferably it is the point where the job really begins. Once you have the contacts, you proceed to the next step where you inform them about the product or the services you provide and persuade them to buy it, which merely means you have to nurture the leads.

To develop a lead scoring strategy, the marketing and sales teams need to get together. This lead scoring strategy is the backbone of the strong lead nurturing structure, mainly because it can identify when and how to address each customer using timely and relevant communication systems.

The lead scoring strategies of the companies may differ according to the niche of the company and the audience. Thus lead scoring can be very industry specific most of the times, but here are some of the conventional four dimensions on which it works,

1. Lead fit: It describes how well a customer matches to the company’s prospects.

2. Lead interest: It describes the tracking of online behavior of your probable lead, engaging content on social media can create interest in your product or the company service.

3. Lead behavior: Monitoring the behavior of the lead helps you get a clear view if the lead is interested in buying the product.

4. Buying stage and timing: You need to use appropriate marketing and communications with the lead, which will determine if the lead wants to buy the product or the service.

Now Engage Bay comes up with various lead nurturing campaigns. There may be many probable leads that visit your site or social media platforms. This will just increase the traffic on the web, but we want more than that. We want to convert almost all of that traffic to our customers.

So before the visitor becomes a subscriber, you have to inform and educate them about the product and convert the fresh lead into a reliable customer. These fresh leads are thus converted to customers through email campaigns. They are sent emails; these emails educate and inform the leads about the product and persuade them to buy the product or the service. These emails are called as the lead nurturing emails.

Another one of the Engage Bay's campaigns to nurture leads is the Welcome Campaign. "Give before you take" is the very first rule of online marketing. So in this welcome campaign, you offer your fresh new leads downloadable freebies and lure them to become subscribers. Once they have subscribed, you can't treat them as the old customers, and you need to be on your toes to treat them with the utmost attention to make sure they remain your customers throughout. And for this, you send them a series of welcome emails. This will be a light messaging, and accordingly, the content of the emails will be educational and informative, that gives them information about the product or the service.

The next campaign Engage Bay holds is the top of the mind or the post welcome campaign. The objective of this campaign is that the prospect has your company or brand name on the top of their mind. This phase is the post welcome phase when the customer knows all about your company or the brand. In this phase, you can communicate the value of the product or the brand you are giving to the customer. And thus, the content of the emails can be altered accordingly. These may include:

1. Blog posts.

2. Videos.

3. Webinars.

4. News about the industry.

With these campaigns, Engage Bay makes sure you nurture your leads in all the right ways.

Engage Bay versus Other Applications:

Just like Engage Bay there are many applications and software’s that provide the same service. Like the Zoho CRM, Agile CRM, DailyStory, Bitrix 24. All these applications provide you with CRM and one stop marketing services.

Engage Bay:

You get a free trial for the app, and the pricing starts from 9.9$ per month. This comes cheap as compared and is worth the value for money.

Key Features:

1. Analytics.

2. Visitor identification.

3. Marketing calendar.

4. Mass email delivery.

5. Social marketing.

The other applications also provide the same services but are not as feasible and cheap as the Engage Bay. The Zoho CRM comes with different plans and the customer can choose according to his/her requirement. The different plans have different features and the pricing varies accordingly. The Engage Bay on the other hand provides the same service plan to all of its customers.

If you want your small businesses to grow and want it at a reasonable price, you can definitely opt for Engage Bay. You can have all your marketing done at a single place with its efficient assistance. Also the CRM and different campaigns related to it help you form a solid customer base.  Website -> Engagebay

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