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Dataforseo Review | Features, Pricing and Competition

Before we get into the dataforseo review, what we need to understand is that what SEO really means? And why it's crucial in the world of digital marketing? In the words of Adam Audette, head of global SEO once said, SEO is not about harvesting traffic, but it is about attracting relevant traffic from the target audience. Having said that search engine optimisation is the practice of increasing the quality and the quantity of the traffic through organic search engine results, thus it plays a vital role for online business websites and other interactive sites.

What is Dataforseo?

Dataforseo is an API suite designed to help SEO software companies to gather the SEO data they need for a specific projects. It provides users with the tasks for rank tracking API, Google keyword planner API and SERP API. It comes with a 99.99% availability guarantee due to high-speed delivery and a stable and reliable system.

With this SEO software, information is always accurate and fresh, which means our customers are always working with reliable and up-to-date data and such information helps to make decisions faster and smarter which, in turn, drives business growth. Its users are SEO powerhouses like Optimonk, Crawler RankSonic, Agency Analytics, and RankActive.

Dataforseo is among the top 500 marketing software products, and it also holds 34th rank under the category of search marketing software. Different organisations have different needs, and no single software platform can be perfect for each and every enterprise. So now the question is what is the smartest thing to do in such a situation?

Well, adapting the suitable application as per your wants, budget, worker skill level and other elements would be the most reliable solution. Thus, it's essential to analyse your own requirements as there can be a trendy solution but may not be the best for your specific needs.

So it is essential to check out each shortlisted application in detail, read a few DataForSEO review, speak to the seller and then choose the product you want.

Important features

• DataForSEO provides a top class support during the whole process of implementation.

• You can opt to contact their support via the communication channel of your choice like through group chats Skype or other means.

• With the help of software's Rank Tracking API, you would know how a keyword ranks in a particular location.

• It provides the freshest position of your keyword data without comprising the accuracy.

• It helps you to know your keyword’s ranking, and it also gives you an idea of how much work is there to be done, to get to your targeted rank.

• SERP API can help you to gain insight on top 100 SERP results as per a specific keyword search. If you are focused on a particular keyword, then API gives you the list of organic and paid results.

• With keyword data, you are supplied with the data for COC and search volume.

• Comparative analysis is critical in the world of the SEO business. Thus it provides you with the information on how your competitors are doing in terms of generating traffic. Information like data sources, page views and bounce rate are delivered quickly for better user experience.

• It also provides the following tools-:

1. Analytics Duplicate Content. 8.Backlink Management

2. HTML Validator. 9.Link Anchor Text

3. Robots.txt Management. 10.Domain comparison

4. Sitemap Management. 11. Keyword report

5. Keyword difficulty analysis. 12. Outbound Link Management

6. Keyword generator 13. Competitor ranking

7. Keyword performance. 14. Number of competing sites

DataForSEO Pricing

Free Trial – Yes!!!

DataForSEO provides a flexible scheme based on a pay-per-use model. So your credits won’t expire at the end of some period, and you can use them until they go down. Credits are your internal currency and the number of credits you receive after payment, also depends on the amount of payment which was made.

For example, if you pay 500-1000 dollars, you would receive 1000 credit per each dollar, and one credit would cost you 0.001 dollar. And if you pay 1000 -2500 dollars you will get 1250 credits per each dollar, and one credit would cost you 0.008 dollar. After registration you would receive 1000 credits for free to make test and to understand what works for you; thus it has simple pricing.

Should one buy this product and why?

DataForSEO provides a lot of useful data which could be used for SEO, and you can integrate it into your platform and use for your purpose. Customer satisfaction is one of the main priorities of any type of business. Keeping that in mind, we have created a customer satisfaction algorithm that gathers customer reviews, and thus, it also shows a sense of commitment, so if you choose to buy, then you won’t regret your decision as it will benefit you in the long run.

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