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Contact Pigeon Review| Should I pick up this software for contacting my leads?

Firstly, let's define the meaning of contact pigeon. It merely is an Email Platform Service, which gathers analytics from other platforms and uses them to add value to marketing campaigns. This service offers an integrated platform which combines contact management, campaign generator and reporting dashboard. It also has the feature of an extension. It is mainly termed as Contact Pigeon Connect.

It basically links the magneto platform with the Contact Pigeon Service through a user-friendly list of features. This allows to store the data and later can be used for future campaigns. In other words, it is the service of surfing the e-shop and sending personalized messages to the customers as they are going through them in that point of time.

It is the integration of real-time insights with the ability of event-driven marketing that will allow to deliver highly targeted campaigns which are based on the actions that are taken by the visitors.

When did it launch?

The plug-in was first introduced on the 19th of October, 2016. The last time it was updated, it was on the 28th of October, 2016.

Competition in the market

There are many Email Platform Service out there these days. Among them, the one service that gives competition is the Express Pigeon when compared to contact pigeon review. It is yet another email marketing solution for the businesses. It is so easy to operate that it can efficiently address an organization's need for functional emails, and it is also very comfortable for those who are not at all acquainted or have the expertise to code HTML for building emails.

Many of the useful features make this service one of the intuitive services of the lot, and such features include drag-and-drop responsive email creator which helps to design compelling and beautiful emails on the go. Other features include customer segmentation and personalization, a powerful API and many more that can be accessed on the go.

The service also has unlimited storage space for uploading photos on the go, and one can also set a custom delivery time for each subscriber and that too in a matter of minutes. However, currently in the market, Email service is pretty much popular these days, the contact pigeon review and Express Pigeon both fare well in technical terms and as well as in quality terms.

What are some of the unique features of this software?

Some of the unique features of this software are listed below for reference:-

• Beautiful Emails: It is straightforward to create beautiful emails without the use of HTML, by using the drag and drop editor. The Editor is also linked with the product catalog allowing the newsletter to display product details dynamically. The Service is also provided with 170 pre-built templates for beginners to start customizing for their own brand.

• Web behavior tracking: Customer profiling and segmentation can be done in real time with real-time and actionable insights. It also helps to capture the customer's web behavior and also interact with the website and email campaigns.

• Powerful marketing automation scenarios: Advanced marketing automation can be customized and self-made to keep the flow of the increasing value of lifetime customers. Alternatively, one can also select a particular pre-built e-commerce scenario triggering email and push notifications.

• E-commerce integrations: Integration with the product catalog and e-commerce histories for more optimized and personalized product recommendation messages.

• Multi-channel campaigns: The combined integration of email, popups and push notifications all in one place. It also helps to run multiple messaging channels with excellent customer experience on the go. It also supports additional API integration with the 3rd party tools.


The service like all services offers a trial version of 14 days after that it is chargeable. The service is comprised of 3 versions according to the needs of the business or the organization. The three versions are the Standard version, Pro version, and Enterprise version. The Standard version costs $198 per month, but with the yearly plan, it will cost around $1980 per year which is around $165 per month.

The Pro version costs around $385 per month, but with the yearly plan, it will cost around $3840 per year which is around $320 per month. The costliest version is the Enterprise version which costs around $980 per month, but it is a bit less if enrolled yearly which is around $9780 per year which is around $815 per month.

So as per the requirements, the right version is there, and it is very much evident that the yearly subscription will cost a bit less than going for the monthly subscription. This must be kept in mind that all the billing charges are based on the period of 30 days of a month or as per the usage of the client.

Final verdict

With great features comes excellent customer support. The contact pigeon has excellent customer support along with some great features that make it a one of a kind email marketing solution. The scenarios have also been set up for every separate thing that one no longer needs to work on it. The feature-packed service also comes at an affordable price which needs to in everyone's budget, and it is comfortable and convenient to use also.

The service also works in a streamlined manner and not in a complicated way. This also helps many users to understand many things when they are appropriately implemented and showed in a systematic and streamlined manner. Some of the unique features such as the drag-and-drop editor are such a tool which allows easy building beautiful emails on the go without the need of HTML code.

This also helps for the beginners or for those who don't know about creating HTML codes for instance. So, in order to sum it up, Contact Pigeon is one of the best email marketing services with its list of unique features, and also these list of features comes at an affordable price too, so it is clearly recommended over the others. Website -> Contact Pigeon

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