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Agency Analytics Review | Features, Pricing and Competition

Agency Analytics is a reporting platform which provides reports and data for social analytics, SEO audit, mobile apps, third-party integration and more.

This platform allows users to monitor multiple campaigns from various channels. It is a great tool for tracking the keywords related to your service and products.

It lets you know the ranking which your website is securing in the search engine result pages or what we call SERPs. But ultimately what counts under the competition of such tools is the interface and the way in which the content is made available to you.

The very first thing which must be kept in mind is that it is a tool for agencies and not SEOs experts. If you are planning to get one such tool, then you must take into consideration each one of them that is available in the market.

It will not only help you in making the right decision but will also let you know about the number of such tools that are already in the market. Reading honest customer reviews about each one of them will help you to understand the pros and cons. The customers who have actually used it will be able to provide you with better Agency Analytics Review.

Features offered

The agencies are usually hired by the clients to procure services like SEO, digital marketing, social and email combined. Agency Analytics is majorly used by these agencies to achieve the best results.

This platform gives an entire overview and comprehensive outcome of the services which they are providing. With Agency Analytics these agencies get the automated reports and dashboard that can be logged into by the clients.

Not every client you work with has the technical knowledge SEO, digital marketing etc. So you need to make them understand and educate them by providing a simplified form of data.

There are a number of tools offered in total by Agency Analytics, including rank, audit, and much more.

The rank tool in itself comes with a number of customizable features, which shows how your website appears and ranks in various search engines depending on a number of factors. These reports are quite accurate and enable the companies to track their performance.

This tool also highlight problems which are present in the content of the website of your client. All such heads are displayed which needs to be fixed and that too in an efficient and easy to understand manner.

The agencies also provide their clients with backlinks. It simply means they let the clients know which anchor text or keyword has a hyperlink, which one has been visited and how many times.

A summary also shows which keyword has been searched by the people and which one is closely related to your content. Once you get the keywords which are searched the most, you can add the same in your own content to make it more SEO friendly and use the rank tracking feature to monitor the changes which may take place.

It recognizes the industry in which you are working and conveys the performance of your competitors which in turn enables you to compare it with your own.

The dashboard of the Agency Analytics contains a huge amount of data. The data of each and every client is displayed, which can be customized by using a variety of widgets and features.

Keeping in mind the preference of your client, you can delete the irrelevant data. And instead of mailing it personally to each client, you can create their account over Agency Analytics.

This gives them access to the data anytime they want. One more feature which makes this tool worth it is the white label. It helps in giving the final report a sharp and professional look. And also gives you the option of including your brand name in the report.


Despite the number of services which are made available to the user, the pricing for Agency Analytics is very affordable. Choosing this among the number of available tools will be a decision that you will not regret at any step in your work.

You will end up saving thousands of dollars which you would had spent on purchasing a variety of tools for different purposes. It allows you to send unlimited reports irrespective of the plan you chose. It has become the choice of so many people not just because of the low cost but also due to the precision and accuracy which it brings into the work.

The Ultimate Say

The complete Agency Analytics Review proves it as the best tool for agencies having a handsome number of clients, who want reports in an efficient manner which is also easy to understand. And the low price is just the added advantage, as paying a higher price for the same is also justifiable. If you want to have the edge over your competitors, this tool will surely help you in fulfilling your dream.

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