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ABAS ERP Review | 2019 Update on Price and Features

It is an enterprise resource planning and business application for manufacturers in the three types of fields.

What is ERP software?

The small business owners and manufacturers have a variety of things to be done, and they need some facilities for the same. One of the essential things is bookkeeping. It is not easy to record the business or financial transactions in actual books or registers. Also even if recorded, checking the authenticity of the records can pose a problem. The reason behind that is, it is difficult to attach the vouchers along with the entry to prove it as sometimes the vouchers may be recorded separately. It is a burden to find them at the end of the financial year. Even if kept properly, some of them might get misplaced due to which the manual method of bookkeeping was considered burdensome.

To overcome this a more automatic and efficient method was needed. It led to the introduction of software which made it possible to record each and everything with the minimum efforts. It also has the added advantage of storing the data once entered, for a long time. Every firm uses different software as per their requirement. And its uses also vary from firm to firm and business to business.

Introduction to ABAS

ABAS ERP is one among the many software which is commonly used for this purpose. It is an enterprise resource planning and business application for manufacturers in the three types of fields. Namely, assemble to order, make to order and engineer to order. It allows the company to design its process and to merge them with existing solutions to enable efficient exchange of information. It is a scalable business that tends to grow with the company. From a single office to opening up some offices in the domestic area, or even going international. The abas will scale itself to the size of the business, and because of its presence in different countries, it is easy to get help in case any issue arises.

The customization and flexibility of the software make it a user-friendly interface. Hence, it allows the user to design it as per the requirement of the information. It has a variety of options under it but aims at giving the manufacturing companies the tools as per their working. But never go after a software because it's looking good, and is offering better deals with much more features than others instead, look for customer reviews or get in touch who have already used it and then get the actual feedback from them. It will provide you with the correct opinion before you purchase it. You can get an idea of its working after contacting other users.

This software creates work orders and purchase orders as well. It helps the companies to keep track of the location at which their goods are. As soon as the order is processed, the financial transaction is also started so that both the things are done following each other. It is mainstreamed for mechanical and plant engineering in the automotive industry and trade and service companies. The system uses a Unicode character set to be used worldwide and is available for the users in 28 languages. Also, it gives the option of multi-company accounting features, which allows the user to work for various companies in one place. So it becomes quite easy for someone who is handling the work for more than a single company and can do work for both of them through a single platform. It doesn't involve any complications which may arise if the person has been working with the same software over a long time.

A thorough ABAS ERP review will tell the potential customers about the problems which they may face during the usage and also the benefits which they will get over any such similar software. When investing in the Enterprise Resource Planning software or ERP, you must go through all the competitors in the industry with whom you can get the same features at a much lower price.

Points of difference:

● The software has specific bugs which need to be updated. Others have overcome this drawback and resulted in a better outcome as compared to the ERP software.

● Starting at an extremely overpriced rate of $210 per month is very expensive as compared to any other software which also offers the same specifications of diversifying along with the expansion of the company. The price can prove to be very much for a company that is just setting its foot in the market.

● Too much of customization that is available makes it quite difficult for the people to get everything changed as per their preference as compared to any other software which gives limited access to the users to change the outlook of the screen.

● Regarding quality and out of the box additional features, other software applications turns out to be steps ahead than abas.

● Abas is developed in Germany and hence can't meet certain standards. The app doesn't match the requirements for the company based out of the US and some other countries.

● Customer support is yet another point where the ERP loses the battle to another software. Just because it applies more customization and keeps preference in mind, it doesn't mean that it provides excellent customer support to the users.

The companies which enter the market have the option of choosing among the massive pool of available software. It becomes quite difficult for them because every application has its own added features and advantages. And hence to pick amidst them, for a startup can be very challenging because they have yet to discover the challenge which they may face once they get into the competition with their rivals. They also don't know what fields can eventually come up which they have to deal with. Hence the diversification can be very problematic. It is one of the most significant disadvantages of this software.

ABAS ERP review, states that it can be even accessed over the mobile phone as well. It is a new advancement, where the people can deal with all the business-related issues which can be solved over the software through the mobile phone. It gives the user an edge over the other ones because it can be used from anywhere and the changes can be made.

It is easy to feed the information about billings and transportation into the system with a click of a button. It also consolidates the work orders into a single sheet and hence gives a complete overview of the total work orders at one place. It is therefore easy to find out the error which may occur when such all details are at one place then it becomes quite easy to identify and rectify the problem which is there in the information.

For a new user, the work of doing customization at every level and the display of so many screens at just one place can make things very complicated for the person who has been assigned the task of sorting it. It may take very much time for him to adjust to the complicated system of working. An experienced user may also make a mistake when he's exposed to such working experience, where a lot many numbers of screens are opened in a single window. He may misplace the information on other screen and hence change the entire outcome.

All in all, the other options except the ABAS are offering better work experience and easy to understand interface. The involvement of the user in designing it as per its requirements has made things worse for the ABAS system. A wizard setup which guides the user throughout would have been a better option for them because it doesn't allow much of a change but instead helps the user in getting to know the complete interface. And the competitors provide this option, and hence there also, they have overtaken the company.

Despite the prices being charged by them, the services and features provided are not up to the mark. If after charging extra, they would have provided some other elements out of the box, then the potential customers could have given it a second thought. But they are not doing this, and hence it will be a smart move to look for some other software available in the market as spending about $210 every month without getting anything in return is nothing but foolishness.

So the idea of leaving ABAS ERP would prove to be a wise one. The options available in the market are quite vast, and eliminating one of them can help you narrow down your choices. And going through the reviews of the choices you select may assist you much more in making the right decision as customers who are using it will give a better opinion of the interface and use of the software. Hence the step of going through their official website to analyze the customer's viewpoint on the software can do a great favor to you in opting the right software for your needs.

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