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How to Care for Your Joints With Yoga Exercises?

Joint stiffness, pain, and swelling make simple daily chores a big task to achieve. The post is framed for people with a joint issue to know how yoga exercises can take care of their joints forever.

A slight change or restless in the body imbalances the whole system, additionally make us struggle to perform day-to-day activities. The situation gets worse when the problem keeps on continuing and aggravating, like in the case of joint pain or arthritis.

Joint immobility or pain is unbearable, and you’re not alone in the suffering. There are many people across the globe who are suffering or have experienced joint pain or suffering from a joint related ailment that has become a leading case of disability. The situation is difficult and refrain people from doing regular movements.

But to cure and care, the ancient practice of yoga seems one of the ideal exercises to treat this modern epidemic of joint ailment. Even there are special Yoga teacher training in India programs that train teachers to help people in need.

Joint Anatomy

A joint is a place where two bones meet, an articulation that helps humans to move, bend, and twist properly. Joints are made up of two or more bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and synovial fluid- the one that provides lubrication. The lubrication reduces friction, enhances mobility, and helps with easy movement.

Cause of Joint issue?

The area that gets affected the most of the joint pain is the knee, then shoulder, and at last the hips and fingers. The biggest of many causes of joint issue is an autoimmune disease, obesity, injury, Lyme disease, physical inactivity, osteoarthritis, and more.

Clear the Myth- Yoga for Joints

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about yoga being a useful source for joint related issues. Isn’t it surprising that there has been a lot of studies and research being conducted providing contradictory conclusions? But actuality, yoga is great for joint health.

Here are some myths:

# Yoga involves bending and twisting that makes arthritis worse

Yoga has many styles that involve a gentle flow of asana practice, and people with a severe problem can use a chair or prop to perform with ease. Yoga styles like Iyengar, Hatha, and Viniyoga are best to practice.

# Yoga aggravates arthritis

People with the issue should avoid poses that require a lot of balance on one foot or bending of the joints more than 90 degrees, which can be the best to consult during Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. If the class involves long meditation or breathing sessions that requires sitting on the floor with crossed legs, in such case use chair for comfort and enjoy benefits of yoga practice. Overall, yoga doesn’t aggravate arthritis but it’s better to do yoga poses that don’t cause any pain.

Benefits of Yoga Exercise for Joints

• Yoga helps to move the joints through their full range of motion

• Yoga increases the blood and oxygen flow to the joints

• Yoga promotes the flow of synovial fluid that allow smooth movements

• Yoga keeps joint cartilage healthy and keeps it nourished

• Yoga strengthens the muscles and bones for proper support and stabilization of the joints

• Yoga loosens the muscles and connective tissues surrounding the bones and joints

Start With Yoga

Who doesn’t want to stay fit, happy, and lead a disease free life with yoga? The dream can be turned into a reality that helps us to create a wonderful lifestyle. The golden rule of yoga practice is to start where you are, and with proper guidance, learn the poses of yoga in Rishikesh (due to place’s authenticity) or from a qualified yoga teacher to avail benefits for the long run.

Yoga Exercises: Poses for Joints Care

There are plenty of poses that benefit your joint and keep them healthy and moving.

To start with:

Sun Salutation - The poses are calming, meditative, and connect you to yourself, providing a flexible body, strong spine, and healthy joints.

Balasana - A restorative relaxing posture. Balasana is gentle and provides a deep stretch to the lower body with lots of benefits.

Marjaryasana/Bitilasana - The sequel is beneficial for the spine, shoulders, and puts pressure on the wrist joints to make them strong. Use block if you can’t put pressure on the wrist.

Tree Pose - Placing pressure on one leg at a time surely tones the leg, stretches the muscles, improves balance, and strengthens the knees and joints.


• Bridge Pose

• Mountain Pose

• Seated Half Spinal Twist Pose

• Supine Twist

• Downward Facing Dog

• Warrior Pose

• Forward Fold

• Bound Angle Pose

Yoga is therapeutic for your aches and swelling. It shows new ways to calm down and deal with the pain and gradually relieve it.

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Our way of living today is so demanding of our limited time, effort, and energy. Most of us need to work more than eight hours a day to produce the results required by our jobs. There are days when tasks are overwhelming causing us a lot of stress. The more we become busy with our jobs, the less time and attention we give to ourselves.

All of us want to be successful in life and build a career in the field we are passionate about. However, it is important not to take our health for granted. We may be too busy dealing with a lot of things, but if you take a step back and look at your daily life, you will soon realize that there can be negative effects. We may be enjoying the modern lifestyle we have today, but we are, at the same time, often failing to do the things we should be prioritizing.

To be able to keep up with the hectic lifestyle, our health must be in peak condition. Proper diet, relaxation, and regular exercise are all factors that contribute to overall wellness.

In this article, you will learn how regular exercise can help to achieve fitness and healthy living.

Regular Exercise: The Benefits You Can Get

When you decide to become healthy, you must have the dedication and discipline to make that decision a success. Regular and proper exercise is a wonderful thing you need to include in your daily fitness habit. The perks and benefits you can get are undeniable, such as the following:

It changes the chemistry inside your brain. This is by far the most important benefit that regular exercise can offer to you. Depression and anxiety are common mental diseases which originate in the neurotransmitters of the brain cells. When you run for a few miles, you release endorphins in your brain cells that give the message of happiness and relaxation to your body. With no more than half an hour of exercise twice a week you will get a great boost to your mood. You will no longer need to take anti-depressant pills which can contribute to memory loss.

Exercise can bring you back to Nature. For people whose lives are confined only in their jobs, their valuable connection to Nature is sometimes lost. An outdoor activity could increase your self-confidence and fill you up with energy. Fresh air and sunshine contribute to achieving a healthy and glowing skin, which are both offered to you absolutely for free. An outdoor exercise can develop a more friendly and outgoing personality that's why team activities such as canoeing or water rafting can be a good choice as well.

It creates a natural shield against memory loss. While most of us have experienced some minor memory loss every once in a while (don’t worry, everybody forgets where they put their keys every now and then), cognitive diseases often get established after the age of 45 and risks increased by a sedentary lifestyle. As strange as it may look, exercise can activate parts of your brain that support your memory. So running a few miles every day could be miraculous for your brain cells.

Regular exercise can adequately adjust the levels of anxiety in your body. If you are feeling lazy and keen on laying on your sofa, then think again. Exercise can release chemicals in your brain that send a message of instant calm and relaxation to your body. Say goodbye to your anxiety crisis by switching to daily exercise.

When you exercise regularly, you have better control over your addictions. Our brain is releasing a powerful chemical substance called dopamine to reward you for doing certain activities like gambling, sex or alcohol consumption. That is why you can’t easily just cease bad habits. With the right type of exercise, you can quickly get rid of your addictions finding a natural way to increase your dopamine levels and be happy. Shorter or longer exercise sessions can have multiple positive effects on your mood and well being.

You will stay fit and healthy. With the help of a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will shed those extra pounds and stay fit. You will find yourself enjoying a reduced body weight, better blood pressure and circulation levels and enhanced overall health. A pretty good way to start the 2020’s!

Regular exercise can also help you get rid of bad habits like smoking. Even trying to run for a couple of miles can be a challenging issue for most smokers. However, exercise could easily reverse your respiratory disturbance caused by cigarettes and quickly restore your health to an unprecedented level. Exercise would increase your blood flow to the vessels and improve your endurance to perform all the demanding tasks in your daily life.

Regular exercise can help prevent osteoporosis. The thinning of bones and automated fractures are the main effects of osteoporosis, and proper exercise can help prevent them. While exercising for a long period, your bone cells create more bone substance and strengthen your muscles as well.

Exercise can help in sexual enhancement. It is proven that regular aerobic exercise helps the improvement of blood circulation. During arousal, all blood goes to your genitals, and everything that facilitates that function can make your sexual performance a lot better. Not to mention that exercise is boosting your libido through the channel of mood enhancement.

Exercise is an effective antidote for insomnia. Exercise can help you sleep better. The improvement of your blood circulation can also enhance your sleeping quality. So exercise more to enjoy a good sleep.

Exercise helps in the better functioning of your digestive system. If you don’t move often, chances are that you will suffer from constipation at some point in your life. While exercising, you help your bowel to perform its movements to complete the digestion process.

Anti-ageing effects are included at the top list of exercise benefits. Regular exercise can increase blood and lymph circulation in your facial skin and help you look a lot younger and refreshed. You certainly can’t find your natural youth, but you will look fresher than your age just by adding some hours of exercise to your daily checklist.

How could you introduce exercise in your life?

After analyzing all the potential benefits that exercise can give to you, it would be proper to discuss how you can put training in your daily life especially when you are working around the clock.

Try to find an exercise companion. A willing colleague that could share part of his break and join you in a quick run at the park would motivate you more to start exercising.

Get a personal trainer. It has become a trend for people who need to start exercising, and it can help you to set goals and instill discipline while exercising. A personal trainer could show you all the necessary cardio and isometric exercises that you should follow to lose weight and feel healthier.

Think about buying a standing desk. This innovative piece of ergonomic office furniture can facilitate your standing posture while working and promote gentle natural movement in the workplace. Raise the height adjustable desk when you want to stand and be more active, lower the height adjustable desk when you want to sit. No need to go to the gym. You can exercise even while working on yoursit stand desk(especially effective with a walking treadmill), so there are no more excuses for your lazy self.

Get yourself a bicycle to ride back from work. Primarily when you work close to your house, you can leave your car behind and commute to work on a bike. In that way, you can exercise your arms and legs while saving for fuel expenses.

It is evident that switching to an active lifestyle has a lot of benefits to offer you. Have a regular exercise routine to stay fit and energized to perform daily activities. Don’t forget that you can achieve everything as long as you want it. Invest in yourself, and you shall see the gains vested upon you.

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