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Perfect Ways In Which Brides Can Rock Open Hairstyles On Her Wedding

An Indian bride is expected don a bun and a veil have but now the time has changed and people are very much keen on trying something new. The newest hairstyle that has been a rage nowadays is open hairstyles for bride and why not!

Such open hair looks not only beautiful but it portrays carefree nature of the bride. Plus, they look even prettier if you are getting married in winters at any of the wedding resorts. They even complement the marriage halls with fixed setups… So, here are some pro-tips on how to rock open hairstyle.

One way of doing this hairdo is flaunting your open hair with fragrant and eccentric gajras. Gajras are very much in for brides at their weddings, especially for the South Indian brides, so get inspired by them and give it a try with your open hair. You can deck up on these flowers and ditch the dupatta altogether!

Another style that has caught our attention is the open hairstyle with a side pinned dupatta. Covering head with a dupatta is one of the main tradition that people follow, which can be done with open hair as well.. Just let your hair flow and pin your dupatta on one side.

If you are really keen on going for an open hairstyle so you need to go for voluminous hair do to match with their heavy attire. You can go ahead with soft curls and a bouffant in the front on your D-day. Set a new trend with this balanced hairstyle.

For any bride who wants to balance traditions and everything new, we have the most appropriate hairstyle for her special day. Rock an open hairstyle while embracing the traditions by braiding them. You can play around with various styles and ornaments as well.

The best way to rock it for your wedding, make it bold and beautiful with a royal matha patti with several strings. This will give your entire attire a royal touch.

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