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Badminton: benefits and contraindications

Often practiced as an outdoor game, badminton is an intense sport that needs technique and endurance.

What is badminton?

Badminton is a sport that is played between two players or in pairs (ie, 4 players). It is played with a badminton racket and a feather or shuttle (semi-spherical cork with 16 feathers around) instead of a ball.

Badminton: the social benefits

It is a sport that can be practiced at any age, even during childhood. In addition, it is practiced in teams of two or four people, so it favors social skills. It is a good option to develop reflexes, agility and visual acuity.

Emotional benefits when playing badminton

Like many sports, badminton helps us to release stress and, being an activity that involves being in constant movement, is very useful to be in shape and tone the body. It also promotes fat loss and helps us feel better about ourselves both inside and out.

What are the rules

It is a sport that is played with rackets, very similar to those of tennis. It is also played with a net and the goal is to earn points. Players must hit the feather with their rackets so that they cross the track over the net and fall into the opposing sector. The point ends when the steering wheel touches the ground, after exceeding the network.

The history of badminton

This game was born in Asia, in India, where it was called Poona. Towards the year 1875, some officials who belonged to the British army took it to England and in 1890 arrived at the United States and Canada. At that time the rules were reunified.

How to play badminton

The players are placed on the opposite halves of a rectangular track divided by the network. The players hit the wheel with their rackets to go to the opposite sector. A point is reached when the wheel touches the opposing ground after passing the net.

The benefits of badminton

Badminton improves coordination, breathing and balance. In addition, it makes the muscles of the buttocks work (through accelerations), as well as the abdominals and dorsals (by means of the receptions and returns of the steering wheel or pen). It also reinforces joints, develops perception in space, visual acuity and resistance, combat obesity, stress and anxiety.

When we consider its long-term benefits, we find that badminton improves endurance, reflexes, perception, coordination of movements, technicality and the center of gravity.

The contraindications of badminton

Badminton exercises most of the muscles and joints of the body, it is not a dangerous sport. However, some precautions should be taken at the level of the lower extremities, especially the ankles (risks of sprains) and the knees. Attention should also be paid to tendonitis, bruising and the risk of back pain and deltoid (in the chest).

Medical exam to play badminton

An annual consultation with your doctor is advised to verify that there is no contraindication and verify cardiac, respiratory, ophthalmological and joint functions. From the age of 35, a cardiac test is required in the case of competitions.

Badminton for children

Badminton is, above all, a fun sport, easy and accessible to all ages. It allows the child or adolescent to practice an intensive sport while taking care of their joints thanks to the lightness and the manageability of the material. It improves their psychomotor abilities by the originality of the trajectory of the steering wheel or the pen and refines his concentration and his visual functions. In short, badminton is a practical sport for everyone, outside or indoors, with greater or lesser intensity, as it clearly improves well-being and physical fitness. 

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You should always keep your gun in an amazing condition, else, you will be frustrated with its action. Additionally, a gun that is in an awful condition isn't protected. To keep your gun in its most ideal condition, you ought to intermittently do your gun cleaning.

To check the gun's parts and clean them regularly is an absolute necessity. In the event that parts are old, better consider to purchase new or do them independent from anyone else with a gunsmith machine. To finish the job effectively, you are prescribed to buy the best gun cleaning kit that incorporates all fundamental parches, mops, and other tools.

When you need to purchase the best gun cleaning kit, you should search for a wooden or metal case that keeps all devices in a single spot. All cleaning instruments must be shielded from harm. There are distinctive kits that incorporate from 60 to in excess of 200 apparatuses.

Additionally, you have to purchase unique cleaning items, for example, glues, fluids, or ointments that will viably clean parts from rust and water and improve your gun's execution after the principal cleaning method.

Typically, such kits incorporate cotton cleaning patches, twofold finished nylon cleaning brushes, metal cleaning brushes of the more important for your rifles, shotguns, guns, and pistols.

5 best gun cleaning kits to buy in 2019

Here, I have listed down the 5 best gun cleaning kits to buy in 2019 that will assist you with keeping your gun in the best condition and make the most of its incredible execution.

1. Otis M-16/Small Caliber Patches

This is a reasonable and viable ar cleaning kit that comprises of little patches for cleaning gauge. The patches are exceptionally intended for .17 gauge to .22 bore edge fire.

The patches are made of 100% cotton and are layered, along these lines, each fix can be utilized something like multiple times utilizing an alternate gap, which causes you to get a good deal on purchasing another pack.

It is exceptionally simple to utilize patches, you simply need to take a squeeze on the cushion and slide gauge through the opening. The patches structure a superbly roundabout cleaning swab to take into account 360-degree inclusion.

You can utilize the fix just or absorb its ointment. The offered patches flawlessly suit cleaning otis cleaning lines just as strings from different makers.

2. Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

This is one of the best gun patches set with every single important instrument for cleaning guns, rifles, shotguns, and guns.

The set incorporates in excess of 200 pieces: е-handle, huge deterrent remover, little obstacle remover, shotgun brush connector, little and extensive fix savers, .22 gauge opened tip, .30 bore opened tip, shotgun opened tip, a bore and load brushes that come in defensive cylinders.

The set arrives in a delicate side dark zippered nylon case with a lock that you will almost certainly transport or keep in a vehicle without losing a solitary device. Keep the kit at home, in your office, or in a vehicle. Spotless and clean your gun with the best devices.

Otis fabricates the most exceptional gun cleaning frameworks and embellishments on the planet since 1985.

3. Gunmaster Wooden Toolbox with Universal Select Gun Cleaning Kit

This is yet another best gun cleaning tool compartment with 63-piece general select fancy gun cleaning kit with included additional cabinet. The set incorporates garments, mops, cleaning patches and more to keep your gun in the best condition and spare its extraordinary search for more.

The kit comprises of two arrangements of 3 strong metal poles, 14 brushes, 10 mops, 4 plastic opening tips, 2 sets of cleaning patches, a cleaning fabric, 3 utility brushes, 2 breech/collector/gag cleaning brushes, 2 multiplied finished parts cleaning brushes, 13 strong metal jags and a twofold finished nylon pick.

Mop and garments are conceivable to utilize alone or with an extraordinary cleaning fluid for cleaning. The item made of wood and will turn into a pleasant accomplice to keep in your home or office.

This is the reinforced form of the first Gunmaster wooden tool kit. You will most likely sort out all apparatuses and extra embellishments that assistance you to keep your gun in an incredible condition in the additional cabinet.

4. Froglube CLP Cleaning 2-Pk

This is a unique glue and fluid with incredible capacities for cleaning guns. An extraordinary premium recipe breaks down carbon on contact. Use it to keep up the best execution of your gun.

The glue and fluid don't contain poisonous vapor, repulses water, or season's metal. The cleaners additionally can be utilized for blades and devices. Overly incredible and solid cleaning equation greases up and shields instruments and parts from rust, water, fouling, and carbon.

The cleaning items function admirably even in solidifying cold water. Delicate glue does not cause scouring and scratching. It is prescribed to utilize a miniaturized scale fiber material for the most delicate and best impact.

For the best outcome, it is encouraged to apply the glue or fluid and abandon it medium-term, at that point clean it with a mop or fabric.

5. iSonic® Ultrasonic Brass and Gun Cleaner P4820-WSB25

This is another recommended and incredibly effective ultrasonic gun cleaner model to cleans guns perfectly. This cleaner is basically featured with 25 minutes digital timer i.e 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.

There is a substantial tank with 2.5 liters limit. The unit gives 110V 160W power including the warmer. The item accompanies a full-estimate treated steel wire work bushel. The cleaner is prescribed to use without fluid blanches.

The producer suggests restarting the cleaning procedure a few times in the event that you need to clean metal. The item accompanies an uncommon cleaning powder that should be blended with water. The bottle of powder is sufficient for making to 10 gallons of cleaning fluid.

In this manner, it will last you for some cleaning sessions. Generally speaking, the item gives an extremely helpful and simple cleaning of gun's parts and metal since you don't need to do anything physically.

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