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A Comprehensive Guide To Clean Your Home On Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Basis

It is normal to get freaked out when it comes to house cleaning. It might sound an easy job for people who don’t do it, but it is far from being an easy task. Sometimes it takes ages to clean dust, dirt and rust from household stuff.

Luckily we have some tips at hand to help you in this cleaning process. Nobody likes a dirty home, and by using the following tips, this cleaning job might become stress-free for you.

First of all, if you find something dirty in your home, add it to your do list straight away. Do not wait until you see a few more things. By doing this, you will keep the to-do list short and easy to handle.

It is good to remember that cleaning instructions are only for general use. Few things might need extra attention and cleaning. Follow your cleaning routine as required and do not follow all the instruction blindly.

The Cleaning Schedule

Here is a list for your convenience to do the professional house cleaning on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. So that you have peace of mind and cleaning time allocated for everything in your home.

Everyday Cleaning

• Make bed.

• Clean coffee or Hot drinks machine.

• Clean dirty dishes.

• Kitchen table and counter to be wiped down.

• Do laundry as required.

• Sweep the kitchen floor.

• Wipe down the surfaces of the bathroom and toilet.

• Clean or scrape the shower wall with a squeegee.

• Use sanitizer on kitchen and bathroom sinks.

• Vacuum the floor of the house as required.

Weekly Cleaning

• Make a mop and clean floor of the house.

• Scrub bathroom surface.

• Clean all the mirrors.

• Dust furniture.

• Change Bedding.

• Check for any expired food in the kitchen.

• Wipe down the appliances.

• Clean microwave.

• Sanitizing sponges and cleaning cloths.

Monthly Cleaning

• Vacuum all the vents and woodwork.

• Dusting and cleaning of light fixtures.

• Dust blinds.

• Clean dishwasher and vacuum.

Every 3 to 6 Months Cleaning

• Clean the fridge inside and out.

• Wash shower curtain liner.

• Clean and vacuum under and behind all the furniture.

• Clean patio surfaces and furniture of the house.

• Wash pillows and blankets or comforter.

• De-scale coffee maker.

• Vacuum mattress.

• Clean inside and outside of the oven.

• Clean all the garbage bins of the house.

Yearly Cleaning

• Clean Chimney and fireplace if you have it.

• Deep clean the carpet and upholstery in the house.

• Clean all the windows.

• Clean around vents and dryer.

• Wash curtains and clean drapes.

• Clear the gutters.

Tips for Everyday Cleaning


Everyday cleaning will help you in the future. When you are planning to do detailed cleaning this everyday wiping off the surfaces will cut down your work in half. If you do not clean anything at all on a daily basis, then be ready to face a massive task at the end of the month.

Cleaning of a coffee machine. Try to wash removable parts of the machine with soapy water, or you can use the dishwasher if the parts are suitable to clean in there. Check if there are any signs of spills and clean them.

Cleaning of dirty dishes. If you have a dishwasher, then your life is going to be much more comfortable. Today’s dishwasher does not require the dished to be pre-rinsed so you can skip that part. Always remember to buy good quality washing tablets to ensure the long life of your dishwasher and better cleaning.

Sanitise Sinks. Always a sponge or a clean cloth to wipe off the surfaces. Plug the drain and fill it with the warm water and a tablespoon of bleach around. Let it rest for a few minutes then rinse all the parts of the basin.

Tips for Weekly Cleaning


Assign each day for some specific job. Do not try to combat all the cleaning in all places at once. For example, you can allocate each day for each room or the kitchen. By doing this, your whole house will not look like a mess, and you can efficiently finish one job in one day.

Cleaning of the microwave. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and two or three tablespoons of vinegar. Heat it up on the full power until the glass of microwave become steamy. Wait around five minutes after turning off the power and then wipe off the inside with a sponge.

Bathroom Surfaces. There are good quality products available in the market for the cleaning of bathroom surfaces. Try to buy a reputable brand that can tackle limescale and leave a shiny surface.

Sanitise Sponges. Mix ¾ of bleach in one gallon of water and soak the sponges for at least five minutes. After that, just rinse the sponges. That’s it.

Tips for Monthly Cleaning

Just to remind you. Tackle one task at a day and remember you can always delegate few jobs to your husband or kids.

Clean washing machine. A particular washer cleaner cycle should be used on the newer model. You can add warm water to any cleaning product for washing machine and run a normal cycle.

Dishwasher cleaning. Fill a large glass with 2 cups of measured vinegar. Place it on the top rack and run the cycle without detergent or heat dry.

Cleaning of vacuum. Check the filter if it needs to be replaced and change the bag of vacuum when its three quarter filled.

Tips for Cleaning Every 3 to 6 Months


Wash Pillows. Simply put the pillows in the washing machine and run the cycle with warm water. Use cold water to rinse and dry them on low heat.

Clean oven. Wash all the racks in the sink and run the self-cleaning cycle in your oven after you have wiped off any food inside the oven.

Shower Curtain Liner. Wash plastic or vinyl in the washing machine with the highest level of water.

Tips for Yearly Cleaning


Carpet. Try to rent or invest in a heavy-duty carpet cleaner. You will not regret the money you spent on it.

Windows. Always clean windows on a dry or cloudy day to avoid any streaks. Remove dust or dirt first before washing the windows.

Clean around vents. Crevice tool on your vacuum should be used to clean vents. It will help to suck up the debris more efficiently. Remember, excess fuzz can cause a fire in the house.

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