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Top Whatsapp Upcoming features in year 2019

Whatsapp upcoming features in year 2019 that are expected to be added in whatsapp which will enhance user experience.



Whatsapp is moving and developing as per users request and technology tend to make Whatsapp as the most used messaging app. In the process of development, whatsapp is keep on introducing new features and unlink any other year, whatsapps in upcoming year 2019 will add some features which will make the user experience more user friendly.

Here were are making you update with the whatsapp feature on which whatsapp is currently working and the release of these features can be expected in the year 2019.

Whatsapp Upcoming features in 2019

Universal PiP Mode for videos

In 2018, WhatsApp introduced the Picture-in-Picture mode for videos. The feature allowed users to view shared videos from YouTube and Facebook directly in the app on a small floating window. Users can chat in the background along with enjoying the video simultaneously. This year, any third-party video in the form of mp4 files shared by users will be able to use feature as well.

Fingerprint lock/unlock

This is the most requested feature that people are keep on demanding from whatapp. Privacy concerns have always surrounded WhatsApp. There is a news that whatsapp is working on feature that will allow users to lock whatsapp chat and to unlock whatsapp chat, user need to use finger print. I am also waiting for the release of the app. Currently i an using Gbwhstapp - two whatsapp in one android phone. which has the built in feature to hide whatsapp chat and lock whatsapp chat with password,

Dark mode

WaBeetainfo, a twitter handle had recently release the screenshot which shows that whatsapp is working on dark mode whatsapp. This feature will help the users to use whatsapp even in night without hurting eyes which will ultimately allows them to have a proper sleep at night. Currently android version updates are also working to have a dark mode in every app that are installed in android phone.

Media preview

This feature will let users preview  media files from the notification tray. Till  now, users had to open the message in order to view a photo, video or GIF. With media preview, users can check out the media content directly from the notification tray by expanding it.

Consecutive voice messages

This may be useful to those who communicate via WhatsApp's voice messaging feature. Users had to tap on every single voice message sent in order to listen to the contents. With the upcoming update, WhatsApp will keep automatically start playing the next voice message after the chosen one is finished. Don't forget to check out How to Set Blank WhatsApp Status

Sticker search

We all use stickers, and recently in 2018 whatsapp had introduced whatsapp sticker feature. Although the sticker feature was good there is a problem that we need to search for the sticker for sending it to the users and while chatting, it becomes little bit difficult to search and send stickers on whatsapp. So in 2019. there is a news that whatsapp is working on the feature that while chatting, whatsapp will automatically suggest you the sticker based on the words that you type.

Group video call

Whatsapp Group video call feature will allow users do a video call with all the members of a group. Using this feature, users can choose the member and can do a group video call. 

Wrapping Up

Hope you like the article on whatsapp upcoming features in 2019. We are excited for the lock whatsapp chat through fingerprint. Do let us know the feature for which you are excited for in comment section.

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