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Looking forward to a home renovation project? Keep reading.

Home renovation project could lead you to an economic crisis if you don't plan it well before it gets started.

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Kitchens and bathrooms have a cult following. You can spend $24,000 on a good cedar fence, and no one will see. But spend $24,000 on your Kitchen Remodeling in Absecon NJ or bathroom remodel and everybody compliments you. These areas are imperative for a reason. Kitchens are about food, about socializing with family and companions. Washrooms are about taking care of our bodies. Kitchens and bathrooms matter.

Between the two, which one should you redesign first? Often, a deal is looming, and you need to choose which remodel will have the greatest effect on resale value. Then again, in case you've got an unexpected windfall or tax refund burning a hole in your pocket, you'll need to know where to spend that cash first.


On a national average, minor mid-range kitchen repairs run about $19,000, and major changes go for $57,000. Using the same set of information, minor mid-range lavatory repairs cost around $17,000. Major washroom additions—this implies adding 48 sq. feet of all-new space—cost approximately $40,000.


This is a close call because eating and washing (plus all those other unmentionable bathroom-related exercises) are similarly vital. In case you had to do without one of these rooms for one month, you could live without the kitchen. You do have choices, such as restaurants, fast-food, conveyance, or microwave, and hot plate. However, when the lavatory is gone, there are no options. Even if the work contract called for a portable toilet—not likely in a mid-range kitchen or lavatory remodel—you would still need to find a way to bathe.


At a minimum, count on approximately 18 days for a mid-range lavatory redesign. For the kitchen, the "best-case scenario" is one month, with a more practical time frame comprising 2 to 6 months.

Best for Resale

The kitchen is the "heart of the home," and it is also the heart of the home deal. It is no mistake that, after the exterior, the following picture on real estate websites is usually the kitchen. Moreover, the kitchen is ordinarily where the realtor sets up camp during open houses. This implies that the kitchen becomes the locus, the visual focal point, for buyers.

According to Consumer Reports, 52% of real estate specialists consider the kitchen the most imperative room to affect a house deal versus 42% who consider the lavatory to be the most vital room.

Bottom Line

Details on the kitchen vs. washroom remodeling debate are provided below so that you can make an informed choice. In any case, it can be distilled to this: kitchen remodels are more obtrusive and costly than lavatory remodels. However, rehabbed kitchens tend to provide more homeowner fulfillment and better resale value than do redesigned bathrooms.


Kitchens have more floor space than a bathroom and so require more flooring material. This drives the cost up. But unlike bathrooms, they be floored using a laminate flooring which is a cheap and dependable material. While bathrooms cannot use laminate, they can use tile or vinyl flooring. Homeowners who would never put vinyl in kitchens tend to use vinyl in bathrooms.


If your kitchen is already up to date, you will just be replacing your general lighting and replacing outlets. Your bathroom will also not need any major electrical changes if it is updated. Your bathroom fan might need replacing, you can also replace general lighting and outlets, just like in bathroom. In short, you won’t need any major changes in both kitchen and bathroom.

DIY- Friendly

This factor can have a major impact on your decision. If you are planning to save money by doing the remodeling project yourself, then we advise that you go with bathroom remodel as it is much simpler than a kitchen one. You can carry out bathroom redesign better than a kitchen renovation.


This is easy in both kitchen and bathroom remodel. It might look like that adding a water line for the refrigerator or new disposal in kitchen creates a little work, but not much. Bathroom also doesn’t need any major plumbing projects. You might think that bathroom is all about plumbing and so is complicated but let me tell you that changing a toilet is easy, with faucet replacement being even easier. Substantially changing your bathing area is what drives up work, costs, and mess.

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