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On a Business Trip? Look for These Things in Your Hotel

If you’re slated to go on a business trip, here are the most few important things which you must consider to make your trip all the more productive and positive.

There lies a distinctive difference between business trips and personal trips, which begs for different needs and requirements. The business travel industry has become a lucrative market over the years, and hotels have started to take notice and cater to the individual needs of the customers. You can look for business hotels in Rajkot online booking to be sorted with your next business trip to the city of Rajkot.

If you’re slated to go on a business trip, here are the most few important things which you must consider to make your trip all the more productive and positive.

Free WiFi and other Connectivity Options

Internet is a major requirement for every individual in this day and age, and for business travelers it is of utmost importance. Look for a hotel offering free and reliable internet access when you’re planning for a business trip. The WiFi connectivity should be accessible from your room and in other areas of the hotel for a hassle-free stay. It must also be ensured that the connection is secure and offers unlimited data for usage. It shouldn’t hinder your online-meetings or conferences or delay your important mailing schedule. In addition to these, make sure that the location provides a smooth network for your phone carrier to make calls, with or without the internet.

Basic Business Trip Facilities

You must make sure that the hotel you’re choosing for your business trip is equipped with all the amenities that you would need. Your room should especially be conducive to office work and have good lighting installed, smartly placed power outlets, and comfortable seating options. The lighting in front of the bed and near tables and desks should be bright and soothing to the eyes for long hours of work. The hotel in itself should have business spaces coupled with time-saving technologies like stair lifts and printers. Look for Business Hotels in Rajkot Online Booking to get all these mentioned benefits.

Quiet and Peaceful Environment

Your work requires you to spend countless hours on a desk in front of a laptop or other gadgets, however, long hours of work require a relaxed and peaceful mindset to help you concentrate better. This mindset can only be achieved in a quiet and comforting environment. Make sure that the room you’re choosing is sound insulated, or at the very least is a quieter part of the hotel that is facing away from the main road and is not situated beside the elevator or the gym area. A quiet environment also necessary when it comes to attaining a good night’s sleep. Uninterrupted sleep ensures you to be fresh and be in a proper mindset for the next day’s work.

Dry Cleaning Facilities

All of us aware of the importance of looking presentable and sharp when going to a meeting or any other relevant office work. Quick dry cleaning services are highly necessary in this matter as this allows business travelers to look sharp throughout the day, especially in a hot and humid place like Rajkot. Make sure to look for best hotels in Rajkot city to find the preferred hotel for your stay.

Rooms should also have irons and an ironing board, which is clean and doesn’t ruin any of the clothes. Your clothes are prone to get wrinkled when traveling and an ironing option helps you to get rid of your woes when it comes to the same. 

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When we think about any trip for the relaxation so in that case we first think that where to go, to provide you the perfect answer of your question we had search the correct place for you which is south india. Here is some of the place which you can visit if you are there:

Places in south India

Hampi (karnataka)

It is one of the historical places in south India which you can visit and feel the atmosphere over there. It is one of the hindus empires in india.

Backwater (kerala)

It is one of the activity which you can enjoy in kerala here you will get the best food in the boat. Chilled bear is waiting for you to enjoy with your friend or with your loved one.


This one is also one of the main parts of south India which you can visit if you are in south India. It’s a place where you can also enjoy the beach also so it’s being the perfect combination for you to visit with your friends.

Rameshwaram (tamil nadu)

This is the place where you will find the bridge which is made by lord Rama to get his wife return from Ravan who kidnap her. This bridge connects India to Sri lanka. This place will make your tour a religious tour, because here you will surely find so many temple of lord Rama.

Toy train

This one is also one of the activities which you can enjoy if you are planning for any trip in south India. The Nilgiri Mountain railway are also one of the railways tracks which you can visit. This place will surely gives you the perfect click for your new profile picture.

Best time to visit in south India

From December to February is the most pleasant time to reach in south India because at this time humidity is too low and the atmosphere is also so much pleasant.

Food In South India

When you are in kerela, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad,Pondicherry don’t forget to taste the food of that particular place because you will surely find something different in every place. This taste will also relate you with the place. Here is some of the main food which you can taste if you are in south India.

Onion Rava Dosa

It is the main breakfast which normally you can taste in any south indian home it’s a crispy onion dosa deep fried which serve with coconut chutney and taste will always be remember.

Butter Milk Sambar

This one is the other taste or food which you must try if you are planning to taste the food in south India. This taste will be for whole life of your.

Medu Vada

This one is also a food of south India which you can taste as a snacks it also serve with coconuts chutney which will surely gives you the lip liking taste.

Rava Upma

Rava Upma is the famous food in south India which they use as snacks in the breakfast. Coconut chutney played the main role in every dish of south India.

Most Famous Activity In South India

While visiting in south India you must do these all activities if it’s your adventure trip with your friends. Here is some of the reasonable activity which you can do if you are in south India. Book your complete package from Go Booking Now.IN and get it all done.

Bamboo Rafting (Thekkady)

This activity will gives you a chance to come and be a part of the nature. You need to play with the nature it is full of thrill which will gives you the perfect holiday of this season.

Banana Boat Ride (Gokarna)

This one is one of the fun activities which you can enjoy with your family and friend. This activity can do who all is the fan of the water activity.

Paragliding (Munnar)

Munnar is the place which is full of nature beauty but this known as the best place for the adventure activity. One more activity is now added with this place which is paragliding. Adventure In Kerala Tour Packages You must enjoy this activity if you are in south India.

Rock Climbing In (Badami)

Rock climbing is the most thrill full activity which you must enjoy if you are an adventures person in your life. If it’s your honeymoon then this activity will surely create chemistry in between you and your partner.

Author By: This Ultimate blog is done by “Chetna Sharma” who wants to share some of the basic information about the place and the food which you can taste. It’s my personal experience about the place which I had share with you. You must also once travel the place you will surely get the awesome picks of your which you can post on social sites as well.

It is truly said by someone, the best way to gain experience is by walking out from your comfort zone. I totally agree with this fact because the views are better and amazing outside. Being a traveler, I always gained so many experiences by traveling to different places. This year, I’ve decided to explore the hippie inside me. I chose Kasol-Kheerganga as my next trip.

You already heard a lot of tales about the trippy place Kasol and the serene tranquil place Kheerganga. I am so obsessed with the place because the vibes of the place are magical. With a planned weekend I decided to embark on this adventure in October month. I booked my bus tickets from Delhi to Bhuntar and packed all the necessary and essential stuff in my backpack. I took an overnight bus and had a tight sleep.

The next day, in the morning I arrived at Bhuntar bus stop. From there I took another HRTC local bus for Kasol. Kasol is just 30 km away from Bhuntar and the journey is a scenic one via the spiritual spot Manikaran. I reached Kasol in one hour. I booked my Kasol-Kheerganga package with BanBanjara which are good tour operators in terms of price & reviews. I reached the campsite at the given time and met the trek leaders and team. After taking some rest, I got freshen up and step outside to explore Kasol. I must truly a paradise. The streets, the places, the greenery around all was so mesmerizing and soothing. Before starting for my experience, let me tell you something about Kasol.

Kasol is a small beautiful village in the alluring Parvati Valley in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh. The

Village is perched at an elevation of 1,580m above sea level. The smell of Marijuana and trippy vibes will pinch you & say welcome to Kasol. The place has no tourist attractions but still, it attracts travelers, backpackers, and nature lovers from all over the world. Kasol is also called Mini-Israel because there are a lot of Israelis live here than Indians. The place is full of delicious cuisines like Israeli, North Indian, Italian, and local food. Markets here are colorful & vibrant. You will all kind of boho and hippie-traveler stuff here like bags, jewelry, hukkas, chillums, and wooden handicrafts. I bought a Bob Marley t-shirt from here and a cool bag with a cannabis print.

In the evening after cafe-hopping and exploration, I came back to the campsite. As I was so tired I took my dinner and spent some time near the bonfire. I slipped into my tent and took a deep sleep.

The next day was all about trekking to the Kheerganga top. Kheerganga is perched at an elevation of 2,960m in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The place is famous for its natural hot springs. Every year a lot of Hindu and Sikh pilgrims visit Kheerganga and take a dip into the hot waters. Kheerganga is a spiritual spot and the pilgrims believe that the water is sacred and has some healing properties in it.

The trek to Kheerganga is 12km and it starts from Barshaini. Barshaini is a quaint hamlet that comes between Kasol and Kheerganga and near the spiritual spot of Manikaran. A short drive of 1 hour took us to Barshaini and we started the trek. The trek to Kheerganga was a scenic one which took us to the dense jungles of deodars & fir, cascading waterfalls of Rudranag, steep climbs, tricky trails, exotic variety of flora & fauna, along with the view of the snow-capped mountains. After a long hike of 5-6 hours, we reached the top of Kheerganga. All my tiredness was gone after watching the beauty of lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains, and tranquil aura. The place has some kind of magic which will make you stay there for longer. Camping at the top was another great experience. We did an overnight stay at the top and the night was so alluring and star-glanced. The next morning, we wake to the mesmerizing sunrise and took a dip into the hot waters. It was all peaceful and soothing around. Then, we offer prayers to Lord Shiva at an old temple located at the Kheerganga top. Then said a harsh goodbye to this amazing place.

We trek back from Kheerganga to Barshaini via Rudra Nag and Natkhan village. After reaching Barshaini, we were allowed to explore the surroundings and villages on our own. Small villages like Tosh, Malana, Pulga, etc. then we all came back to Kasol and said goodbye to this wonderful adventure.

Here, my amazing Kasol-Kheerganga trip ends. It was so magical and beautiful to stay in the laps of nature for a weekend.

Here are the important travel tips:

- Always carry minimum weight and travel light.

- Always carry a water bottle and handy snacks in your bag.

- Do not take shortcuts or wander alone on the trek.

- Take adequate breaks and keep yourself hydrated.

- Always trek with a certified trek leader.

- Eat healthy and stay healthy.

- Always carry an ID proof with you.

- Do not litter

- Do not misbehave and respect the people and places

- If you are suffering from any kind of disease like asthma, diabetes, etc. then do not undertake this adventure.

- Always check the weather conditions before going on the trek.

- Pack according to the season.

Live. Travel. Explore!!

Visiting different parts of the country to explore its geographical and historical significance, society and to experience the best that our culture has got to offer must have been in your wishlist since long. However, while packing for the journey, domestic travel insurance should be at the top of your list. The reason being, they keep you guarded against the range of travel-related contingencies.

However, before you step inside the travel insurer’s office, you must be aware of the most eminent features of a domestic holiday insurance policy so that you can make an informed purchase. Read on to find out what inclusions should you look for in the best domestic travel insurance in India:

Personal accident cover

Since the benefits of a mediclaim policy are included to some extent in a domestic travel insurance, the insurance company provides accident coverage to you while travelling. Thus, should an unfortunate circumstance arise, you can avail financial protection against the accidental demise or disability.

Emergency medical expenses cover

Unplanned medical emergencies have the potential to break the spirit of even the best. It can throw your entire budget off-gear and make you vulnerable to uncertainties. The healthcare costs in certain cities may be many times higher than that of your home city. It can leave you with limited financial resources to combat a medical contingency.

However, by availing domestic travel insurance with coverage for medical expenses included, you can be shielded from such situations. With a broad spectrum of medical costs covered, from minor treatments to even complex medical procedures, it ensures that you can enjoy complete peace of mind throughout the trip.

Pre-existing disease cover

If you have got any pre-existing diseases, a travel insurance plan takes care of it. In case the pre-existing ailment hits during the trip, the insurer provides full coverage for the necessary treatment. This ensures that you do not need to worry about shelling out money from your travel budget in order to get the treatment for any existing medical condition.

However, you should observe total transparency in declaring the pre-existing illnesses while buying a holiday cover plan. If you suppress the details, your insurer might reject the claim.

Delay or cancellation of flight cover

From technical glitch to unpredictable weather conditions, there can be many reasons for flight delay or cancellation. If you incur additional expenses during the trip due to delay or cancellation of flight for some reason, the insurance company will provide compensation for the same through your domestic travel insurance policy.

Loss or theft of baggage cover

In the event of loss of luggage due to mishandling or theft while travelling, your travel insurance will provide necessary reimbursement for the additional expenses and the loss incurred.

Personal liability/Third party cover

While travelling, you may get involved in unfortunate events inflicting damage on third parties and you may have to bear the costs for the same. For such cases, some travel insurance in India includes a feature called personal liability cover. The feature will cover the cost of damages to third parties.

For example, while availing a self-driven car service in a different city, you may get involved in a car accident. In such a case, the third-party cover of your travel insurance may come to your rescue.

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