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How is it Possible to get rid of External Hemorrhoids in 48 hours!

The laser-based treatments of external hemorrhoids offer faster healing, better chances of permanence, and fewer chances of complications or recurrence. If you are suffering from external piles or facing piles symptoms, get a daycare surgical treatment from the pioneer of laser treatments in India

As a part of human anatomy, every one of us has hemorrhoids (aka piles). They are the clusters of veins that lie at the lowest part of the rectum and anus. One simple fact with every bit of our body is that increased pressure, strain or trauma anywhere leads to complications. The same thing happens with piles. They turn into the condition we know as ‘piles’ when the veins get swollen. The condition progresses if not stopped at the beginning and becomes more complicated to resolve.

Differentiating Internal and External Hemorrhoids!

Most people are aware of this but I am mentioning here. Hemorrhoids can be internal that are present in the lower rectum, or external (more severe) that are present under the skin around the anus.

External hemorrhoids cause a lot of discomforts, occasional bleeding, and irritation in the skin around the anus. If the bleeding results in a clot on external hemorrhoids, the pain can be sudden and severe. On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids are mostly painless, even when they produce bleeding. The bleeding is mostly little and bright red blood is noticeable on the toilet paper or dripping into the toilet bowl.

Furthermore, it's not unheard of that internal hemorrhoids also extend causing various problems. A prolapsed hemorrhoid can collect small amounts of mucus and tiny stool particles that may irritate the skin. Keeping the area clean can relieve the itching.

I have piles from last week and it not healing!

For most people, hemorrhoids go away in a week, maybe 10 days or 2 weeks. Some people say that hemorrhoids last & last and don’t go away on their own at all. The continual pain is extremely common in people above the age of 45 - 50. If you feel that your problem is persistent from last weak, the chances are slim that you have smaller hemorrhoids as they generally go away in just a few days.

It's a good practice to keep the anal area as clean as you can as it avoids irritation in your rectal area. Some hemorrhoids may not go away even after trying many home remedies and over-the-counter options without success. Undoubtedly, you will need to talk to a hemorrhoids specialist and know about the one-shot advanced laser treatment.

Can I reduce piles pain at-home?

Before you go and take aggressive treatments, there are some things you can do:

  • Avoid the use of toilet paper, use a wet cloth to clean the anal area
  • Take a sitz bath after passing the bowel or wash the anal area with soap and water
  • Try not to lift weights
  • Avoid foods that are too spicy or over seasoned
  • Too much walking or running
  • Don't force yourself while you go to the loo

I am dying form pain of external hemorrhoids! What should I do?

Hemorrhoids are really common and a lot of people have the condition. It affects pregnant women, people with a growing age, people with a sedentary lifestyle, straining during bowel movements, or in some cases, due to dietary conditions. Hemorrhoids may be treated with homemade remedies, anti-inflammatory drugs or hemorrhoid ointments. Moreover, a laser-based surgical treatment is helpful to relieve pain, thereby reducing hemorrhoids quickly.

If hemorrhoids get enlarged or occur frequently, the proctology specialist may suggest surgery. Sometimes, home remedies are effective and help relieve the symptoms such as a fiber-rich diet and about 3-4 liters of water a day can help to regulate intestinal transit and soften the stool, enables smooth bowel movement.

The best thing for you is to eat foods rich in fiber such as oats, papaya, soup or juice and drink water regularly during the day. Following these simple remedies may soften the stools and improve your health. If you are unable to follow the course, the desired results may not show and the stool may become harder, which can make the hemorrhoids worse.

Can Laser Treatment get rid of external hemorrhoids in 48 hours?

The answer is YES, it requires surgery which is a minimally invasive treatment with laser therapy. The laser surgery for external hemorrhoids is safe, most credible and effective. It is advantageous in the most severe cases. The patients have to maintain changes in diet after the surgery, hemorrhoids will keep away. They are required to continue eating a diet rich in fiber and avoid straining to prevent the appearance of new hemorrhoids.

Patients are likely to feel relief from pain, especially when sitting and evacuating, reduction of hemorrhoid swelling, decrease blood loss during bowel movements. After advanced surgical treatment, if you are no longer able to feel symptoms, indicate hemorrhoids have disappeared.

The laser-based treatments of external hemorrhoids offer faster healing, better chances of permanence, and fewer chances of complications or recurrence. If you are suffering from external piles or facing piles symptoms, get a daycare surgical treatment from the pioneer of laser treatments in India, the best healthcare service provider, Pristyn Care.

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Typically, home care is a specific type of service provided by professionally trained nurses or home health aides. These types of services are typically aimed to ensure that an elder person, suffering from medical conditions or not, stays in their home safely and independently.

These in-home care services will help the aging population:

• Meet their medical needs

• Get proper support at the right time

• Manage their chronic health issues

• Recover from any medical condition or setback and

• Live independently even with a disability.

These services are ideally provided by nurses, aides, as well as therapists in collusion with the physicians both in the short-term or long-term basis, depending on the condition of the patients, in their home.

Types of care services provided

With the type of service provider that you choose, different types of home care jobs may be provided in your place that will play a key role in achieving the highest possible quality of life.

• This type of professional care services ensures the safety and security of the patients

• It increases independence

• It eases medication management as well as ongoing medical conditions

• It will help the patients to avoid the need for any unnecessary hospitalization and

• It will help in the healing process after an illness, hospital stay, surgery or injury

The most significant fact is that all these possibilities can be enhanced within the familiarity and comfort of your home.

The jobs included

According to the set standards and rules of home care, the types of jobs and care responsibilities included in-home care are:

• Helping with daily the activities of the patient such as bathing, dressing, and eating

• Assisting with managing tasks safely around the house

• Providing companionship

• Helping in therapy and other necessary rehabilitative services and

• Short-term or long-term nursing care for any disease, illness, or disability that may even include IV therapy, ventilator care, and tracheostomy.

As said earlier, a home healthcare aide may also provide personal care and companionship services that may include:

• Grooming, using the toilet and all other forms of assistance with self-care

• Assisting with ambulation and transfer from bed to wheelchair and vice versa and from wheelchair to toilet

• Helping in preventing accidental falls, injuries and needle stick injuries

• Helping with meal planning and cooking

• Doing light housekeeping

• Doing the laundry

• Performing basic errands

• Reminding about the medication

• Escorting to keep doctor’s appointments

• Engaging in hobbies and other social activities and

• Supervising patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Another form of home health care service is the private duty nursing care services that typically include:

• Monitoring vital signs

• Administering medications

• Ventilator care

• Care for diseases such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, ALS, MS

• Tracheostomy care

• Catheter care

• Ostomy or gastrostomy care and

• Feeding tube care.

All these services may be provided through short-term nursing services, physical or occupational therapy, medical social work, speech-language pathology, and other home health aide services.

If you want to take personal care and companionship, you may not need it to be prescribed by a doctor. However, private duty nursing care will need a doctor’s prescription whether it is provided in shifts or round the clock.

Choosing a professional

There are different types of professionals you will get providing home health jobs, whether it is a caregiver or a professional nurse.

However, when you make your choice just make sure that you look for the special quality that you want to have in the nurse or the home care aide.

• Ideally, you should hire someone who knows how to take care of others without their personal feelings and incumbrances coming in the way.

• You may choose to have a professional home health care service provider who will work one-on-one or as a team in your home but make sure that you hire as per your need and medical condition.

• Also, look for the core values along with the types of home care services provided so that you can avoid the home care catastrophe especially if you are looking for anything for the long term.

In short, you should hire a service provider who is passionate and knows how to do the right thing at the right time. this will only make the things look great but will also provide great results.

Home health registered nurses

In a home care setting, nursing jobs should be provided by registered nurses only. This will ensure that the patient gets proper medication, injection, and care but will also eliminate the chances of:

• Injuries

• Unnecessary hospitalization

• Chances of spreading any infection especially if there is a need for regular wound care and dressing and

• Any miscommunication with the primary physician.

Apart from their devotion, it is their professional training that will ensure that no emergency situations arise during the course of the treatment and care. They will know about the set standards of nursing and abide by the rules and regulations for hospice and home health care.

With their ongoing clinical training, these nurses will promote health, quality of life, provide more flexibility, convenience and success.

Hire a team

If need be you may also hire an entire team for providing the proper care to the patient at home. This team will not only include trained and professional nurses and physicians from reputed hospitals and nursing homes but will also have an effective and efficient back-end support staff. They will add to the success of the acre process with their role played just as desired.

These team of professional staffs may include:

• A supervisor

• A manager

• A transitional care navigator.

Working as a team will ensure the best care process is provided and the highest quality life of the patient is ensured.

Last but not least, you must conduct thorough research about the care agency that you wish to hire so that you know that you will get exactly what you need for them. If you are looking for specialized care then check their credibility and expertise in the specific area of your needs. This will ensure that you get the highest value for your money as well as our life.

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