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Hyderabad becoming a new hub for real estate projects

Hyderabad is at present the best city to live in India. Being part of a politically stable state, investors see a lot of scope in the real estate industry.

After being separated from Andhra Pradesh in 2014, there is lot more stability and certainty in many aspects. The government is also taking proactive measures to put extra efforts on infrastructural development like Hyderabad Metro Rail, strategic road development, raised corridors, etc. Even a lot of groundwork is going on in the area which is predominant by the IT companies. Hyderabad is eventually turning out to be a hotspot for the real estate investors. These efforts have all together unleashed the Hyderabad property market.


The capital of Telangana is seeing a boom in the real estate while the other cities of the country are still striving to get over the sluggish stream. Hyderabad is one of the major cities in the country which is giving a good Return on Investment and Hitech city, kukatpally, Kondapur or Kothaguda are the prime locations for the premium apartments in Hyderabad. According to the research, it is one such city that has seen sales grow by 32% from 2014 till now.

There are many reasons why people are willing to invest here:

• Fast growing city accomplished with latest technologies and industries

• Dense IT hub

• Great educational institutions

• Finest shopping centers and restaurants

• Popular hotel chains

• Irresistible beauty of city with lakes all over

• And a lot more

One can barely stop themselves by looking for real estate investment here. People who are thinking for a life time settlement, can look up for 3 bedroom flats for sale in kukatpally Hyderabad. This should suffice their needs. They should mainly focus on the newer and developed areas of Hyderabad like Hitec city, Kondapur or Kothaguda. These areas are well connected to all major parts of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is able to embrace the new housing projects as well without any burden on the city. With the great infrastructure within the city, the traffic is also fast and well-coordinated. One can easily commute from one end of the city to another in not more than 40 minutes. This is a big push for Hyderabad, which has positioned it as one of the most active residential and commercial markets in the recent times.

So, Hyderabad seems to be a destination that should not disappoint the property investors. 


Priya is an author as well as an experienced SEO expert.  She is working at PurpleSynatx Digital. It is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad. She has contributed in several blogs and websites with her powerful write-ups.

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Here are a few points which testifies why investing in real estate in Bangalore can be a prudent idea for NRIs like you:

Robust Infrastructure

Bangalore has emerged as one of the best Indian cities to live in because of the modern infrastructure it possesses. The city is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth in the real estate sector. There are various upcoming infrastructure projects, such as the Bangalore Metro Rail, which will cover around 33 kms over the North-south and East- West corridor.

Also, to ensure fast and easy connectivity from Bangalore city center to the International Airport, a Hi-speed Airport link of around 34 kms is in development, which will enable passengers to reach the Airport in around 25 minutes from different parts of the city.


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Affordable Housing

As a real estate investor, the first thing that might cross your mind is the price of the property that you’re willing to purchase. There are many apartments for sale in Bangalore that offer all basic amenities at very affordable rates. For example, Assetz 63 Degree East located at Sarjapur. It offers modern housing flats with top-class amenities at prices starting just Rs. 44 lakh.

Self-Contained Townships

As an NRI, you may be accustomed to the modern amenities. There are many residential complexes in Bangalore which offers many top-bracket amenities like gymnasium, swimming pools, landscape gardens, separate playing area, and a robust security system. You can easily afford to purchase a housing property in Bangalore with all these facilities at locations like Whitefield, Sarjapur, Uttarahalli, Horamavu etc.

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Should your Organization Lease or Buy Business Land?

Are you looking for cheap office space for lease? That is an intriguing inquiry. Either owning or leasing a New York office space accompanies its very own arrangement of advantages and exchange offs.

Before you choose either alternative, make certain you cautiously think about every single included factor. Here is a complete guide for finding the cheap office space for lease.

Upfront Costs

In case you're keen on acquiring a cheap office space for lease be prepared to make a huge upfront cost, generally somewhere in the range of 10% and 25% of the all total purchase tag. Thinking about the high estimation of business land, this will be an impressive amount. The upfront expense of lease or rent will consistently be much lower.

Opportunity Costs

At the point when your organization makes a noteworthy expense of cash-flow to buy business land, that cash is no more. It can't be utilized for working costs, pay rates, promoting, and so forth.

If purchasing office space cripples your company financially, it isn't the best choice. A long-term investment is worthless if it cripples your association for the time being. In such cases, an alternate type of speculation will probably serve your business much better.

Planning Business Expenses in the Long Term

In reality, paying rent on a space is a lot less expensive in the short run, however relying upon the market it can turn out to be pricey later on. It the market patterns run upward you may end up burdened with gigantic lease increments when it's an ideal opportunity to renegotiate your lease.

Conversely, acquiring commercial real estate will lock in your payment into the future, permitting you to make long-term financial plans with a smart thought of your overhead.

Is your Organization Getting Smaller or Larger?

If you are a young organization hoping to develop or an established business planning to increase to build your capability, you'll need adaptability in your commercial office space.

You'll need space to grow. Considering the cost of extra area in the place of business, acquiring an office space with space to develop may be cost restrictive. In these cases, prescribe that you rent cheap office space for lease, which will enable a lot more opportunity to extend toward the part of the arrangement term.

The Real Cost of Owning Goes far Beyond Mortgage Payments

At the point when your organization decides to buy commercial land, make sure to contemplate every related expense. There will be maintenance charges, fees, taxes, development expenses and more. Crises occur and you won't most likely arrangement for everything. Cheap office space for lease will reduce your financial liability.

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