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Hyderabad becoming a new hub for real estate projects

Hyderabad is at present the best city to live in India. Being part of a politically stable state, investors see a lot of scope in the real estate industry.

After being separated from Andhra Pradesh in 2014, there is lot more stability and certainty in many aspects. The government is also taking proactive measures to put extra efforts on infrastructural development like Hyderabad Metro Rail, strategic road development, raised corridors, etc. Even a lot of groundwork is going on in the area which is predominant by the IT companies. Hyderabad is eventually turning out to be a hotspot for the real estate investors. These efforts have all together unleashed the Hyderabad property market.


The capital of Telangana is seeing a boom in the real estate while the other cities of the country are still striving to get over the sluggish stream. Hyderabad is one of the major cities in the country which is giving a good Return on Investment and Hitech city, kukatpally, Kondapur or Kothaguda are the prime locations for the premium apartments in Hyderabad. According to the research, it is one such city that has seen sales grow by 32% from 2014 till now.

There are many reasons why people are willing to invest here:

• Fast growing city accomplished with latest technologies and industries

• Dense IT hub

• Great educational institutions

• Finest shopping centers and restaurants

• Popular hotel chains

• Irresistible beauty of city with lakes all over

• And a lot more

One can barely stop themselves by looking for real estate investment here. People who are thinking for a life time settlement, can look up for 3 bedroom flats for sale in kukatpally Hyderabad. This should suffice their needs. They should mainly focus on the newer and developed areas of Hyderabad like Hitec city, Kondapur or Kothaguda. These areas are well connected to all major parts of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is able to embrace the new housing projects as well without any burden on the city. With the great infrastructure within the city, the traffic is also fast and well-coordinated. One can easily commute from one end of the city to another in not more than 40 minutes. This is a big push for Hyderabad, which has positioned it as one of the most active residential and commercial markets in the recent times.

So, Hyderabad seems to be a destination that should not disappoint the property investors. 


Priya is an author as well as an experienced SEO expert.  She is working at PurpleSynatx Digital. It is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad. She has contributed in several blogs and websites with her powerful write-ups.

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For property transactions in Croatia the investor must hire a competent lawyer who acts solely for him. Majority of foreign nationals investing in real estate in Croatia are the individuals who have migrated to the country for business purposes. The basic provisions of the laws governing real estate ownership by foreign nationals state that if the country of origin of the foreign citizen allows a Croatian citizen the ability to own real estate, Croatia, in turn, will allow that foreign national the ability to purchase and own real estate in Croatia.

A foreign national must obtain permission from the Croatian Ministry of Foreign affairs before investing in Croatian real estate. The Ministry must verify the ultimate ownership interests when real estate is being purchased by a foreign national. The first step in the process is the execution of a sales contract between the parties. This agreement is taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with a written petition seeking approval from the Ministry. The deed cannot be filed in the Land Books of Croatia by a foreign national without the necessary papers approving the purchase as prepared and issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once you buy property in Croatia you are required to make a certain deposit when the initial agreement for the purchase of property is executed. Usually, it is 10% of the overall cost of real estate. Upon approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and execution of the final contract, the buyer is responsible for paying the balance amount due to the seller. Currently, the property transfer tax is 3% and the buyer is liable to pay this tax.

The change of ownership generally happens within thirty days. Value Added Tax (VAT) at present in Croatia is 25% of the property value but if you are buying a new apartment from a company, the seller will pay the VAT. In all other cases, buyer pays 4% tax on the purchase price. VAT of 25% is also charged on the services provided by both legal expert and real estate agent. Some builders and developers offer mortgage facility on their properties for sale which can be beneficial for both the parties depending on the logistics of the mortgage.           

Hi-tech city near Kukatpally, Hyderabad is one of the latest developments with metro lines, schools, hospitals and malls located nearby. Having multinationals organizations located at the closest vicinity, Hi-tech city has become one of the popular locations in Hyderabad. Everyone wants to have a house within the city minus the hustle and bustle of city life. At Kukatpally, people have access to their daily essentials as well as stay connected with the world. Rain bow vistas 3 & 4 bhk flats for sales near Hi-tech city Hyderabad is one such property which is away from the city but not located in the outskirts giving you everything you need.


A rainbow vista is inspired with healthy living. Our Master Architect, Hafeez Contractor has designed keeping in mind health and fitness for every generation. This remains true that the provision of green spaces like parks, gardens keep people active and healthy. Lush green landscape will leave you refreshed as you walk down along green surroundings and sprawling lawns.

Urban green spaces enhance your fitness level ensuring that it is undertaken frequently. Therefore, to facilitate the urban settings, these luxury 2 bhk apartments near Kukatpally Hyderabad are set up with tracks to keep you active. Playing you outdoor sport in a fully equipped court will never be so fun, be it table tennis, badminton or squash.

Green spaces help facilitate lifestyle which is important for senior citizens as well. Senior citizen plaza is the perfect place to unwind in the beauty of nature. In addition to this, playground for kids and pools under the blue sky is perfect for kids to unwind themselves after a long day at school. Kids play area and pavilion ensure vigorous physical activity among toddlers as well.

Mental health and well-being are also essential for residents. This gives them a personal touch with nature. Reflexology, yoga and meditation center helps to provide a buffer against the busy life. Participation in these activities within the gated community apartments in Hyderabad not only gives them physical exercise but also prevents from the traffic. These activities are offered to reduce the elevation of stress and anxiety that is a common cause of health drop these days.

Close proximity to these activities are sure to make people more active and fit. Rainbow vistas offer 2 & 3 bhk flats for sale in Kukatpally Hyderabad offers you numerous ways de-stress yourself. These heavenly facilities are sure to make you fit and healthy.

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