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Is romantic love an overrated and exaggerated feeling?

Do you think love (of the romantic kind) is overrated?

People talk about romantic love as if it’s a necessity, a need, a requirement to be considered “normal” in the society. But is love just as amazing as we hype it to be? The pop-culture or rather, our society has created this notion in our mind that romantic love is THE thing that makes us tick, that it’s the most miraculous and amazing thing that could happen to the average denizens of this blue dot. Well, I disagree. Romantic love in all its extravagance is one of the most overrated aspects of life.

Sure, we all tear up watching romantic movies. But in real life, romance doesn't seem to matter that much. In fact, it's the small, non-romantic acts of kindness and compassion that make us feel most loved. This is the case for most Americans, at least.

In today’s world where everyone is running short of patience and looking for quick fixes in life, who really has patience to actually fall in love? The time has long gone when it was said that- Love conquers all. Love is one of the strongest feelings among all but somehow we have completely ruined the magic of romantic love or maybe it never existed. It was always overrated.

Love would never be limited to one person and it should not be. Love is such a beautiful feeling, someone who understands you and appreciates you for who you are, motivates you to do something even when you are not confident about it, love is an extended version of yourself and would never be able to fit into one person.

Americans also seem to be quite unanimous when it comes to what doesn't make them feel loved. "In American culture, "it seems that controlling or possessive behaviours are the ones people do not associate with love."

In China, for instance, if a mother "punishes" a child's behavior — by not letting them play with other kids or fun toys, for example — people tend to see that as warm and affectionate, whereas in the Western world, the same attitude is seen as harsh, punitive, or unloving.

But although we may seem to have reached a consensus as a culture, individual differences still matter.

"It may not be wise to go into a relationship assuming that both of you know the same things about feeling loved and that all of the same things will make you feel loved,"

It’s important to communicate these things to each other, which can assist in being more in tune with each other and feeling loved in a relationship."



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