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Guide to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate Form

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is being used by several agencies and is a mandatory requirement in some application.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is being used by several agencies and is a mandatory requirement in some application. This certificate allows you to sign and encrypt a document digitally and is widely used for validation purpose. You can also use them to present your proof of identity in digital documents.

Who Provides the Digital Signature Certificate?

Under section 24 of the Indian IT Act 2000, some agencies have been given the license to allot digital signature certificate. The exhaustive list of these certifying agencies is available on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ official website by visiting the given link You can go any of these agency’s website and apply for digital signature certificate form.

Types of Digital Signature

There are two types of digital signatures. The first one allows you just to sign, and the other one provides signing as well as encrypting.

• Sign Only: The level of security in these signatures is quite lower than the other type. You can just sign any digital document using this type of signature.

• Sign and Encrypt: These signatures provide you a high level of security using encryption. Encryption is basically a mathematical technique which is widely used in increasing the security of online data. They are mainly used for registration of companies and filing Income Tax/GST Returns.

Process to Apply for DSC Form

To apply for DSC, you need to fill a digital signature certificate subscription form from the certifying authority’s website and send this form along with your identification proof and proof of address. Detailed steps are mentioned below.

• Choose the certifying agency and log on to their official website.

• Download the digital signature certificate form.

• Take a printout and fill the form carefully. Make sure there are no mistakes in spelling of name or date of birth or any other thing.

• You also have to choose the class of DSC. There are two classes available in India, namely Class 2 and Class 3. You can choose from these classes depending upon your need.

◦ Class 2 certificate involves a low level of identification using some pre-defined database like Adhar, PAN, or something like that.

◦ For class 3 certificates, you need to be present in front of a Regulatory Authority. And then you will have to prove your identity.

• After filling all the details, paste a recent colored photo and sign at the specified place.

• Now your digital signature certificate form is complete, and you need to make a demand draft or cheque for the payment of the subscription fee.

• You will have to get your ID proof and address proof attested by some attesting officer.

• Enclose your duly filled digital signature certificate subscription form along with attested copies of ID proof and proof of address and the cheque or demand draft in an envelope.

• Send this envelope to the Local Registration Authority. And your task is completed.

• It will take around 3 to 7 days after receiving the application form by certifying authority to issue your digital signature.

With the increasing need for digitization, the importance of digital signature is also increasing. The application process for getting a DSC is very easy and straightforward. Your signature is generally valid for 1 or 2 years, and then you need to renew its subscription.

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