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Role and Functions of Internal Auditors in UAE You Must know About It

This Article is about the Role and Functions of Internal Auditors in UAE You Must know About It.


Running a large company at its peak performance is essential as often they are public, or they have private investors to ensure that the cash flow is constant and, in the end, they run successfully. But then, these same individuals that are either shareholders or investors require the company to perform the same, and hence, audit companies come into the picture where they help in filling the many gaps between the company and its shareholders in assuring them that the company is running successfully. Hence, if you are looking forward to the various other roles and functions of audit firms in the UAE, then all of them are as follows.

Roles and function of Audit firms

Internal control evaluation.

Internal audit is mandatory because it ensures that the company is run adequately from the management level. Failure to have effective management in the company can lead to various problems. Hence, audit firms provide suitable suggestions that can increase productivity and also gain operational effectiveness form an internal point of view. Therefore, the actions of malpractice, frauds, and risks are eliminated, and the operation becomes transparent.

Provides a helping hand in improving processes and value additions.

Gaining vital input from an internal audit is essential as it helps in gaining those value additions that certainly helps in improving the practices that might be followed in the company. Also, it raises the benchmark of the company and eliminates other practices that might be providing to be a setback. Hence, implementing newer ways of doing things and helping the company grow through efficiency, productivity, and quality in the services offered.

Timely and effective management reporting.

Internal audit provides an up-to-date record of all the finances of a company. The audit helps in knowing the profit/loss margins, gross/net profit made till the point of audit, and other financial reporting, which is flawless and certainly helps the company to make crucial changes based on the financial report from these audits.

Risk management assessment.

Risk is always present, no matter how big the company might get. In this technology-driven world, having any set back in terms of financial, technical, legal risks are high. Hence, internal audits identify these problems and bring it to the company’s notice before it’s too late and help regulate these problems to solve them efficiently and improve on the functionality of the company to disable any future occurrence of such issues.

Asset safeguarding.

Often, companies do have some amount of assets that might be huge or small, depending upon the company. Safeguarding them is vital because it might be of greater importance to the company before anyone tries to steal it or even take it through legal actions. At times, these assets are the sole reason why the company might be existence and failure in safeguarding them would seize the company from existing.

Thus, the above-given functions and roles are a few that audit firms in UAE offer. Based on the audit firm that you choose, the services vary and can help your company by manifolds. 

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