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Know Best Tips for Party Wear Perfume

Whether you are in office, party or with your friends, if the perfume is not applied in a proper way, it might affect your image in front of others. Read ahead to know how you can apply the perfume in the best way to smell great.

Wearing perfume is an art, which you have to master to smell marvelous all the time, no matter where you are. Gone are the days when people used to spray on scents once while stepping out of the house and not even once after that. Especially men preferred to smell raw to depict their masculinity. In those days, women might have appreciated the stinking smell of sweat or people around you never raised an eyebrow, but today, you will be considered dirty and unhygienic if you will smell bad. With just a deodorant, achieving hat level of fragrance all day long is nearly impossible.

Perfumed body sprays are created for a fragrance for just about an hour or so, as they have only 1% of perfume essence. Henceforth, if you do not wish t be a social outcast who is ignored for his poor body smell, you need to up your perfume game with smart tricks. We have tried to help you out in this by getting some of the secret perfume tips from reputed perfumers and celebrities who have been following these for years!

Go For The 5 Spray Rule:

You might have heard several times that you should not apply more than 2 sprays of a good perfume, well this is true but for a long-lasting result, you need to follow this 5 spray rule of perfume application. In this, you need to apply one spray behind each ear, one spray behind the back, and 2 sprays on the collar. By applying the perfume behind the ear, you can avoid being annoyed by the excessive smell, as it will not go directly in your nose. This trick can come in handy when you are spraying on a strong or intense fragrance on your skin. Moreover, whenever someone will hug you, he or she can easily smell the perfume giving him or her a nice whiff of the scent.

Spraying on behind the neck will help you in leaving a fragrance trail of perfume behind you whenever you pass down. When you are going for a meeting or entering the room in the last, this trick can help you in getting everyone’s attention. Spray 2 times, one on each side of the collar of your shirt or skin, instead of the neck. This will help in reducing the burning sensation caused by shaving as well as helping in avoiding redness on the skin. This 5 spray rule is also apt at the Party Wear Perfume and office wear perfumes.

Moisturizing Is A Must:

Going rough and tough is good for your personality, but not for your skin. So, never skip moisturization no matter how late you are or in a hurry, you are. This helps in providing essential nourishment to your skin making it soft to touch and a great base for the perfume. Regardless of how expensive or cheap perfume is or how long-lasting perfume is, it works great if the skin is nicely moisturized. Moisture helps in providing an adhesive to the perfume molecules, giving them something to stick on the skin. If your expensive perfume is not able to last long on you, this might be the reason behind it. So, right after a bath, wipe off the extra water from the skin, slather it with require moisturizer or body oil and spray on the perfume on it. You will be amazed to see how lasting your perfume becomes.

Spray On Skin And Clothes:

No one will tell you about this trick which almost every celebrity follows. Spraying the perfume on the skin is great and has good results, but spraying the perfume on the clothes can help in enhancing the fragrance to the next level. Your clothes are quite absorbent and they will easily hold the perfume molecules intact in the fibers giving off a gentle whiff of scent throughout the day for long hours. Especially cotton and wool are some of the fabrics, which tend to hold the scent for really long. However, make sure to avoid spraying the perfume on delicate and gentle fabrics.

To get the best benefits from your perfume, you should always invest in a good quality perfume from a trusted brand. Fragrances with high perfume essence such as Eau de parfum and parfum are considered to be ideal for long-lasting results as they can stay on your skin for about 8-10 hours. Similarly, eau de toilette is the one that can give you an aroma for about 4-6 hours at a stretch. Applying them properly on your neck, back and collar can really help you smell amazing throughout the day and night.

Even for parties, you can spray on your handcuff if you are going to meet new people and going to shake hands with them. Try to choose the ideal perfume that is suitable for the time of the day when you are applying the perfume. Keeping all this in mind and by following the simple tips for applying the perfume will help you in getting the best out of your international perfume. 

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