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Upcoming Trends In Silicone Rubber Market And Other Opportunities

Amongst various other forms of rubber available and used in the market, silicone rubber has the highest demand and is most utilized.

Sturdy, durable yet light, rubber has undeniable importance in our modern day life. Silicone rubber is a type of artificially created elastomer, composed of silicon which acts as the polymer with other elements like oxygen, carbon, hydrogen etc.


Properties and applications of silicone rubber

Silicone rubber has plenty of applications in both industrial and domestic sectors due to its intrinsic properties. The silicone rubber market share within the rubber industry is huge. Amongst various other forms of rubber available and used in the market, silicone rubber has the highest demand and is most utilized. Some of its properties include:

1. Silicone rubber has huge resistance to extreme thermal stress. It can operate under a vast range of temperature from 100 to 300 degrees Celsius.

2. It has an elongation capacity of 700%

3. It possesses unmatched cyclic flexing

4. Silicone rubber also has tear Strength to withstand pressure

5. It is also known for good compression set

6. The material is known for its excellent thermal conductivity

7. Tensile strength of 200-1500 P.S.I in extreme condition happens to be another characteristic feature of silicone rubber.

A take on different applications of silicone rubber include:

● Constructions and infrastructure: Due to its adhesive properties silicone can bind important building construction entities like concrete, glass, plastics, metal, granite etc. The application of silicone enhances the strength and durability of buildings by protecting them against moisture and pollution alongside imparting strength and thermal conductivity.

● Electronics: From sealing the inner circuits of processors to protecting the electronic gadgets from heat, corrosion, moisture or other mechanical wear-and-tear, silicone rubber is used in all.

● Aviation: Due to its resistance to extreme stress and temperature, silicone rubber in inevitable for aviation industry where it is used for sealing the aircraft doors and windows.

● Healthcare: As it is resistant to bacterial or microbial outgrowth, it is widely used in healthcare apparatus, prosthetics and infant care setups

● Domestic and miscellaneous: From kitchen utilities to paints and adhesive as well as industrial processing unit assets, silicone rubber is utilized across all sectors.

Global market

To understand the importance and impact of silicone rubber one must have an overview on the silicone market. In 2016, the global market for liquid silicone rubber or (LSR) was estimated to be quite high while the projected growth in this same industry was estimated to be 7.9% from 2017-2025.

On a regional basis in 2017, the North American market has been recognized as the largest market for liquid silicone rubber. The estimated market for global liquid silicone rubber might reach a landmark of 3.29 billion USD by 2025 while the global market is supposed to reach a milestone value.

From these statistics, it is quite evident that the global market for liquid silicone rubber is brimming with possibilities. There are various reasons contributing to this growth, and market analysts suggest that this hike in liquid silicone rubber market will continue as industrial, medical, infrastructural development improves and more environmental friendly regulations get implicated.

Other areas of application

Industry-grade liquid silicone rubber finds its robust application in manufacturing of automobiles parts like lighted panels, soft one-touch components, valves, LEDs, spare plugs, protective rings and many more. As the global automobile industry is partnering with some of the biggest companies like Honda, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, and Toyota, many more are emphasizing on light-weighted high-speed vehicles where silicone rubber is inevitable.

Uses in the healthcare sector

Another industry contributing to the demand for silicone rubber is the healthcare industry. As silicone has huge thermal, electrical resistivity and is fairly resistant to microbial growths, liquid silicone rubber is extensively used in making prosthetics. Also a wide range of infant care products and other surgical or high-end medicinal utility products have silicone rubber as a key component.

The medical manufacturing industry that primarily deals with manufacturing of pacemakers, rings, gaskets, stoppers, closures, and catheters is expected to have the highest rise in LSR demand by the end of year 2025

Assessing the markets

In the upcoming years, China is predicted to be one of the largest markets for liquid silicone followed by India. Amongst all developing nations, these two nations are having the highest infrastructural development and a rapidly growing economy.

Other than the two giants of East Asia, the Gulf countries and other Asia Pacific nations, as well as African nations are also predicted to play decisive roles in LSR market as they are rapidly revolutionizing their overall country model.

To sum it up, it needs to be mentioned that smelting and vulcanization of liquid silicone rubber have some adverse environmental effects which environmentalists have been concerned about. Although the market for LSR is on a rise and expected to explore its potential many folds, it’s imperative to keep the environmental aspect in mind. Sectors dealing with liquid silicone rubber should experience extensive growth in the coming years. 

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